Will the Bible’s Number of Completion Apply to the USA and UK?

Seeing this article at ZeroHedge and following what is generally going on in the USA, it brings to my mind a theory I heard, and promptly put on the shelf, a number of years ago. And the word “crackpot” comes to mind. But some ideas won’t be put to rest until events play out. And time is going to be up in just a few days.

The theory involves a number used in the Bible. And this isn’t typically my kind of topic admittedly, but one never knows if there just might be something to it. Many different numbers are used in the Bible, and whatever the symbolism is for the number, it is applied rather consistently. If I mention “seven” what comes to mind?  “Perfection”? “Ten” seems to be “witness” and “twelve” seems to be “authority.” Forty is used quite often.

But there is another number, not used very often; it seems to be symbolic of the completion of a journey after which one may rest. That number is forty-two.

Forty-Two in the Bible

Forty-two comes up as the number of months of the Great Tribulation in Revelation 11:2 and 13:5. Forty-two months of travail and saints enter His rest. Forty-two is the number of years Saul reigned as king (1 Sam. 13:1) until God’s true designated king would rule. Israel had to go through the rule of a failed king before getting the true king. Less clear are the forty-two cities given the Levites (Num. 35:6) and the forty-two youths mauled by the two bears (2 Ki. 2:24).

Not stated explicitly in the Bible, but nevertheless there, are the forty-two places the Israelites camped between Egypt and the Promised Land – all listed in Numbers 33. Count them – forty-two. Egypt was zero, Jericho was number forty-three.  The Israelites had to stop at forty-two places before they reached the rest that was the Promised Land.

Oddly, too, the two kingdoms of Judah and Israel combined had forty-two kings.  Saul, David and Solomon were common to both kingdoms, then add Jeroboam through Hoshea for the north, and Rehoboam through Zedekiah for the south (Queen Athaliah doesn’t count in 2 Ki. 11:1-3 where she tried to destroy the entire royal family of David). Forty-two kings. Hmm…

Forty-two for the USA and UK?

I had heard from an old preacher back in the late 1990’s, who was preaching the Gospel and calling for repentance, the idea that perhaps both the USA and the UK might also have some sort of end in their current form once forty-two rulers had each ruled those two countries. Interestingly, Queen Elizabeth II is the 42nd monarch of England, where the first was William the Conqueror, starting in 1066. England has had its 42nd monarch now since 1952.

The forty-second monarch of England, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II (L), and Barack Hussein Obama, forty-second man to be the constitutionally elected president of the US, both in their official portraits.

Seen in their official portraits: the forty-second Monarch of England, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II (L), and Barack Hussein Obama, the forty-second man to be the constitutionally-elected President of the United States (R).

The preacher said that Bill Clinton, the current president at that time, was the 42nd president. Clinton is commonly labeled as our 42nd president, but I don’t think we count the men like the Bible might count them. The number 42 is used to count 42 distinct things in context in the Bible. We count presidents as administrations. So I guess it isn’t forty-two administrations that should be counted, it is forty-two individual men (or women) who were constitutionally elected.

They say Obama is president number 44. But Cleveland was counted twice, making Obama number 43. Cleveland was one man but is counted as having two administrations. And there is that “constitutionally elected” thing, which Gerald Ford does not meet. Gerald Ford was essentially a steward, appointed by the government, filling the office between constitutionally-elected presidents. That makes Obama number 42.


So what might this all mean? It could be just another futile numbers exercise, like so many blood moons and Shemitahs counted by so many. On the other hand, who knows?

But with war with Russia possibly being on the horizon, whipped up by those who would want to see war (and my personal belief is our current leftist government is whipping it falsely, stupidly and dangerously), and the Left in this country talking of riots on Inauguration Day, might the USA in its current form end on or around Inauguration Day? In all my study of American history there hasn’t been this much unrest about a new president since Lincoln and we all know what happened then.

Funny, when I heard this idea twenty years ago or so, I thought it wouldn’t work because Queen Elizabeth couldn’t possibly be around when America’s true 42nd president arrived. But there she is – the longest reigning monarch in British history. However, there are now reports that she has taken ill. Could her possible passing be near America’s Inauguration Day? Could some chain of events change America and Britain in the near future?  And we must ask – might this contribute in some way to the Second Signpost proceeding?

Probably not, but as always, we should watch and keep alert.

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  1. Very interesting to think about. Thanks for writing it. I think we are all so ready for Jesus to come, we (generally speaking) people reach out to so many things. I know most our crackpots theories, but one day Jesus will return and all the crackpot theories at that moment will be right – lol

    Praise God for giving us a spirit that anticipates His return. So many in the church do not feel this way.

  2. Dear Friends,

    Re: Paris Conference January 15-17, 2017

    Seventy years ago the nations of the world met to decide on the fate of Israel. The Yes-votes won, and a nation was born in a day (Isaiah 66:8). Now 70 years later the nations of the world meet again – this time in Paris – and yet again the fate of Israel is in the balance. Jerusalem is the specific issue. But depriving Israel of her capital is like taking out her heart. Such a move would have implications for us as Christians. Without Judaism there would be no Christianity. Who would willingly sign their own death warrant? But this is what the Christian West is doing. All this time, invisible to the human eye, another court is in session. Presiding over it is God, the Judge of the nations. How we treat Israel will determine the treatment meted out to us (Joel 3:1-2).

    We write feelingly as a ministry that emerged from post-war Germany.

    Please pray with us at this critical point in history,

    The Sisters of Mary

    For your information:

  3. Rev 13:2. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

    A form of words similar to the last sentence of that passage was used during the investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales, when the queen said “The dragon gives you your power, your throne, and your authority.”

    Prince Charles’ coat of arms contains all the signifiers of the first sentence: leopard, feet of a bear, mouth of a lion.

    And there’s lots more that points to this man as being the one we are watching for.

  4. Could President Trump make some kind of deal with Iran to persuade them to go after ISIS, and consequently start the Second Signpost?

  5. Thomas,
    Yes, you propose yet another way the Second signpost could start. For a while, it looked like Obama might to do this very thing. I would think Trump would be less likely to do this, but one never knows.

  6. I was just thinking about his statement to Iradicate radical Islam. However, we know that that won’t happen till Jesus comes back.

  7. With Clinton having served two terms, wouldn t that make Trump the 42nd?

  8. Elli,
    I explain why Trump is indeed number 42 in this post.

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