Amphibious Landings in the South?

It’s always interesting to me, watching for the Signposts in the Middle East, as to how they might unfold; how Bible prophecy will be fulfilled. For example, when the Persian ram runs south, might there be amphibious landings in addition to the troop movements down highways?

This Reuters story adds to the interest. It reports yet another massive naval exercise, including marines on Iranian shores just across the Strait of Hormuz from the United Arab Emirates. This exercise is called “Velayat 95” and it occurred in the last week of February.

The Iranian news agency Tasnim reports, “Iranian Navy commando units are carrying out special operations in the Makran region located in the southeast of the country, along the coasts of the Gulf of Oman.” It also says the exercise is for purely defensive purposes. Right – and America uses its own Marines for purely defensive purposes too. The halls of Montezuma and the shores of Tripoli were all defensive. I don’t think so.

Tasnim’s commando units are marines. Marines are typically used for amphibious landings. What might the Iranians use to carry their marines? At Kharg Island in the northern part of the Persian Gulf the IRGC has a base with hovercraft.

Iranian "marines" being deployed on a beach in an earlier naval exercise. Their landing craft is a BH7 hovercraft.

Iranian “marines” being deployed on a beach in an earlier naval exercise. Their landing craft is a BH7 hovercraft.

According to Wikipedia, Iran has some landing craft, including tank ships and hovercraft. Iran has six of the BH-7 hovercraft and an unknown number of SRN6 hovercraft. Each one can carry 60 soldiers.

How might these hovercraft be used during the Second Signpost?

Photo op during an earlier naval exercise using an SRN6 hovercraft and some marines getting into position to take a beach.

Photo op during an earlier naval exercise using an SRN6 hovercraft and some marines getting into position to take a beach.

Since they carry 60 soldiers each, have a range of only 170 miles, and there are only a dozen or two in total, the IRGC could only hope to deliver maybe a few companies of troops and also a few tanks with its tank ships. Perhaps they might be used to establish a beachhead on Bahrain or perhaps on the southern shore of the Strait of Hormuz.

Two of Iran's hovercraft: a BH7 on the left and a small homegrown model (carries only 6) on the right.

Two of Iran’s hovercraft: a BH7 on the left and a small homegrown model (carries only 6) on the right.

Though Iran’s amphibious forces are rather small, I believe we will see here yet another dimension to the coming war to be started by Iran.

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  1. The Iranians (IRGC?) have recently made a whole movie about war with the USA: “Battle in the Presian Gulf II”:

    “The nearly 90-minute film, a sequel to a production about the 1980s Iran-Iraq war, begins with a U.S. attack on an Iranian nuclear reactor. Washington has long warned it would take military action to prevent Iran from developing an atomic weapon, while Iran insists its nuclear program is entirely peaceful.
    That sets up a showdown in the Persian Gulf, where the real-life U.S. Navy has accused Iranian forces of harassing its vessels in recent months.
    In the film, a character who closely resembles Gen. Qassem Soleimani, head of Iran’s elite Quds Force, leads a single vessel against more than a dozen American warships. When a U.S. commander orders him to surrender or die, he replies: “”General, I am not a diplomat, I am a revolutionary!”
    He warns that any American soldiers taking part in an attack on Iran “should order their coffins,” before his forces destroy the whole U.S. fleet.”

  2. Mark.

    Have you given much thought to how Iran is going to invade and occupy the entire Middle East?
    Given the fact that Iraq and Afghanistan proved to be too much for the USA and it’s allies, how do you see Iran accomplishing this, and for how long?

  3. Phil,
    Scripture tells us Iran won’t be occupying the entire Middle East, but much or most of the Middle East. Daniel 8:4 says the ram will charge to the west. That word for “west” means “seaward” as I point out in Chapter 10 of Daniel Revisited. Iran will only get as far as the eastern Mediterranean seashore. So Egypt and western Turkey are excluded. Looking east of western Turkey, east of Egypt, and east of Israel there are no great militaries. The IRGC and the Basij could easily run over and occupy those areas. I show it in DR.
    As for how long date-wise, the Bible doesn’t tell us, but only until the Third Signpost begins.

  4. Mark.

    Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt all have Mediterranean coastlines.

  5. They certainly do, Phil. Technically, the ram would only need to reach the coastline in one spot to fulfill the prophecy.

  6. Have you heard of the gadfly Phil Mayo
    Who always has something to sayo?
    Your minds he would fill ’em
    With tales of Nephilim
    Till he’s swatted away with a K.O.

  7. Agreed, prismsplay. (And to all who have been visitors to this site) –
    Every question he has asked would be answered by Daniel Revisited if he would only read it. As you and other readers have plainly seen, that work is constructed methodically, layer by layer, with all verses considered carefully; indeed it took years to write that book. I’ve answered the points of his arguments on this site; his comments and my answers are posted for all to see.
    I had put it to prayer about whether to approve your little limerick. I believed it was the right thing to do.
    If he ever stops doing what he is doing – persistently pushing his position with no room for any other view, and begins reviewing and studying the answers I have given him and the Signpost message, and conducting himself more in the manner of a brother or sister where we can have a discussion, I will then take down your limerick, for he will no longer be displaying the behavior that is consistent with a gadfly.
    [Definition (Webster’s), “gadfly”: a person who stimulates or annoys other people especially by persistent criticism.]
    One more thing – if the Signpost message is proven to be wrong, as I have said before, I will post a big apology to the church at large on this site, and then take the site down.

  8. Just read on William Koenig’s site that Iran tested two Ballistic missiles and fired them into into the Gulf.

  9. Phil,
    I’ve given you many opportunities to read Daniel Revisited, as well as many arguments here on this site which you have ignored. I am not printing your last comment because besides your endless come backs, based on ignorance of the Scriptural position of the Signposts, I won’t stand for name calling.

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