Endorsements for “Iran’s Great Invasion”

Three endorsements were received for Iran’s Great Invasion and are in the book.  All are dear brothers, whom I can call friend.  Chris’s name you may recognize: he set up the video feed from the church in Denver in February.  Dr. Sonny Payne is a prophecy teacher, host of the TV show Jerusalem Chronicles, and expert on Israel.  Pastor Carl, a passionate teacher of the Gospel, has been the first of whom I hope will be many pastors throughout the Front Range here in Colorado who will wake up to the end time Signpost message.


We are quickly approaching the time where “realities on the ground” will force people to reconsider Bible prophecy. The coming Iranian invasion of the Middle East will do just that. What Mark has done is create a very quick read for those Christians who can feel something coming, but can’t put their finger on it; who know that God is in control, but in a world spiraling into chaos, don’t know where to go scripturally. I believe this will also provide a “lifeline” to non-Christians who know they are missing something and will look to an ancient book and an omniscient God for answers. As the pastor in this story does, many will have to reevaluate their understanding of Daniel 8 . . . and fast. Hand this book out to all you can.

Christopher Mantei,

Managing director, WingsOfTheEagle.com, and Northeast Region Community Voice, Voice of the Martyrs


In 2014, I ordered a book by Mark Davidson, entitled Daniel Revisited, that transformed my thinking and theology regarding Daniel’s visions in the biblical book of Daniel. I had always taught a revived and revised Roman Empire that would arise in the last days, with a European Antichrist. After reading Mark’s book, I realized the last days’ empire is going to be Islamic, with an Islamic Antichrist.

Now Mark has written a short version entitled Iran’s Great Invasion that describes the soon-coming Iranian invasion of the Middle East. He says, “The next great prophetic event is not the rapture, but a Sunni/Shia war that will affect not only the Middle East, but the nations of the world.” If you want to know the truth regarding present-day events in the Middle East, and how they will affect you and your family, you need to get the book. A major fire has been lit and few are paying attention.

Dr. W. L. “Sonny” Payne,

Founder and president of New Gate Ministries, author of the book The DNA of Jesus Christ, and host of the international television program, Jerusalem Chronicles.


I’m excited and encouraged to highly recommend a compelling book that is biblical, insightful, provocative, and hopeful as we speed rapidly into the mystery of the future. Mark Davidson’s book, Iran’s Great Invasion and Why It’s Next in Bible Prophecy, takes a deep and careful look at passages in the book of Daniel and how they line up with the events in the Middle East happening today.

Written as a story, this is a quick and enlightening read as Davidson prepares us for the next events to happen on God’s timetable. My mind was captured and my heart was warmed with the powerful combination of biblical truth measured with all the fascinating and troubling developments that are taking place in the world today.

The message in this book needs to be heard today! I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend this book. It will change the way you face the future!

Carl Sutter,

Senior and founding pastor, Foundations Church, Loveland, CO

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