“Iran’s Great Invasion” is Ready!

I am pleased to announce my new book, Iran’s Great Invasion, is ready for purchase at Westbow and at Amazon (ebook here). More retailers will have it available soon. If you buy it from Amazon, please remember to leave your review at that site.

The front cover of Iran’s Great Invasion.

Those who have already read Iran’s Great Invasion have said this book needs to go out to the friends, family, brothers, sisters and pastors who may hesitate investing the time to read Daniel Revisited. You also might want to read it so that you can discuss it with whomever you give it.

Just to be clear, Iran’s Great Invasion can be thought of as Daniel Revisited-lite, providing a quick, dialogue-style, fictional read about what Daniel 8 has to say about the Second Signpost. Those who want to know more can then go to Daniel Revisited.

Thanks go to all of you for your support and coming alongside to make the Signpost message known.

Be sure to check out the endorsements!

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4 replies

  1. ok.. i already ordered at amazon..

  2. Congrats on the release of your newest release of your first serial book set! 😉


  3. Bought and read. Good job!

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