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  1. Got it yesterday…Soft and digital. Thank you Mark Davidson!

  2. Good short read, and a great summary of the ‘next steps’ for the second signpost out of Daniel Revisited. I have been interested in reading ‘supplementary’ information on what is happening in the Syrian war, and note with interest that as syrian sunni families are being displaced, Iran is replacing them with Shia families (from Iran or Lebanon). In Daniel 8:4, the word for ‘butt’ (when referring to the ram), means to push/gore/thrust, and then goes on to mention that no-one would be able to stop the ram. With Iran currently ‘pushing’ its way into Iraq and Syria, replacing displaced families with Shia families, the future sunni-shia war will be difficult to stop, as pockets all throughout syria/lebanon/yemen/iraq will join the battle, making military opposition extremely difficult to strategise. Some dates to look out for. April – Turkish referendum. 17 May – Iran presidential elections.

  3. Ryan,
    Glad to hear you thought it was good and short. Thanks.
    You say it well – the shock from the butt will make it hard to stop.

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