Davidson to Speak at Texas Prophecy Conference in August

I will be speaking at the Understanding the Times prophecy conference taking place at Green Acres Baptist Conference Center in Tyler, Texas in August. It will take place on Friday and Saturday, August 4-5.

Here is the link – http://understandingthetimestyler.com/

I will be speaking at one of the side sessions midday Friday. Joel Richardson will be a featured speaker.

The organizer tells me that the venue will be large and if past signs are an indicator this conference will sell out quickly. If you are thinking of attending, sign up soon.

I’ve been asked to talk about the message of Daniel Revisited but with greater emphasis on Iran’s invasion.

Please pray that people’s hearts and eyes be opened.  The audience there will likely be the standard prophecy crowd who have never heard of the Signposts, nor a Muslim Antichrist.

Both myself and Nelson will each only be speaking to a fifth of the crowd in the breakout sessions.  Pray that God direct the fifth that need to hear our respective messages.  Pray also that our messages, and Joel’s message to the wider audience, find a place in peoples’ hearts and take root.

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  1. So excited for you, Mark! It is likely a crowd that has never been aware of the Islamic Paradigm let alone your signpost message. Yes, it should be a greater emphasis of what appears that is likely next which you have stated to be Iran’s invasion into the Middle East so as to start educating other Christians of what to watch and pray for as time unfolds. Should be a very good overall conference of some of my favorite prophecy bloggers.

    Please report back upon your return from the conference.


  2. Off topic, but this is again a way in which Iran wants to reach the Mediterranean:
    “Train line to connect Iran to Mediterranean Sea through Kurdistan Region, Syria ”

  3. Glad you are doing this talk. I had a thought after reading today’s news that Iran just made happy faces with Russia on trade since they are allies with Syria. What if we are looking at the big picture of a war that the Ram begin s his run, and instead it is more subtle for now, such as alliances….north, south, and west. Russia, Syria, and who would be next?

  4. Reeskylr,
    Using an interesting word from your comment, how is a charging ram “subtle”? In Daniel 8, the ram does only two things – standing around waiting for its second horn to grow, and charging.
    Iran is prepping the Shia areas so when they charge the Sunni areas the ram will get to do all it wants to do.

  5. Good point. I guess the prepping is the quieter part before the storm.

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