Ahmadinejad Out, as Candidates for Iranian President are Vetted

The list of registered candidates running for the office of Iran’s president on May 19 has been reduced to a small handful, Reuters reports.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is out. Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme leader, told him not to run but he registered anyway. Not surprisingly, the supreme leader and the vetting body removed his name.

The problem with Ahmadinejad to the regime was that he was a transparent mouthpiece of the Iranian regime while he was president back in 2005-2013. He would reveal in his speeches what the regime deeply believed: Iran’s purpose is to export their Revolution, and that by causing chaos in the Middle East their Mahdi – our Antichrist – would arise.

A recent photo of Ahmadinejad. It seems appropriate at this time – waving farewell until next time.

But he has served his purpose – he got the attention of those who study Iran, and advertised and confirmed what the Regime wants to do. What the ram wishes to do, as Daniel 8:4 says, has been revealed.

The six candidates are Rouhani (current president and preferred smiley face representing the regime who is not moderate but simply hides the fact), Mohammad Qalibaf (another former IRGC commander like Ahmadinejad), Ebrahim Raisi (the leading outspoken hardliner) and three others.

Who will win? Since it is up to a popular vote, Rouhani would likely win since he has worked the nuclear deal and has gotten further with the West. Most other candidates are known hardliners. Qalibaf might win as he is another smiley face, and current mayor of Tehran. Being a former commander of the IRGC might skewer his chances though.

Unfortunately, it won’t matter who wins, for the office of president is merely an administrator of the Regime’s wishes. The people get to vote for their administrator. The absolute power is held by the kings of Media and Persia, i.e. the supreme leader and the generals of the IRGC, the two horns of the ram.

The Second Signpost is still on; only the faces may change.

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  1. Mahmoud “Dinner Jacket” had served his purpose within God’s plan to help Christian prophecy watchers and the other few who were observant within the media such as Glenn Beck when he was with FNC to help flush out Iran’s real intentions especially as they seek nuclear armament. Without the “Dinner Jacket” flapping his mouth, prophecy watchers would have been in the dark and truly taken by surprise and unable to access what the prophetic implications were and what was to be Iran’s goal and how it advanced God’s plan to return his Son, Jesus back to earth.

    So we have much to thank the “Dinner Jacket” for in helping in this ironic sort of way.


  2. Good way of putting it, Good4u1.

  3. Nice to see that Joel Richardson mentions you and recommends both your books in his latest “Underground” Episode:


    Joel is cautious to not embrace all you write, but he certainly recommends your interpretation of Daniel 8, on which your signpost theory is built.

  4. Adamant,
    Yes it was.
    One thing Joel said that I think is most important is all students and readers need to be Bereans. Joel and I write about topics that highlight specific points in Scripture. Its up to all of you to study the Bible for yourselves to see if it makes sense, and pray and seek wisdom from His Spirit to see if it seems like truth. And of course, to watch.

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