He’s Ba-a-a-ck: The Second Signpost’s Outspoken Cheerleader, and What It Means

The election for the position of the executive face of the government having no real power – otherwise known as the President of Iran – is May 19. Someone, who many thought was done with politics, is back in the news.

Over 600 people have registered as candidates, and are awaiting the vetting process by the supreme leader. On that list is none other than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who was president from 2005-2013.

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad shows his inked finger after registering his candidacy in Tehran, Iran, 12 April 2017. EPA/ABEDIN TAHERKENAREH

He was the most outspoken of all the conservatives saying many times that Iran’s mission is to spread the Revolution, cause chaos in Muslim countries – all this to allow the Mahdi to come to power. In other words, he is a big supporter of the Second Signpost.

No one in the West took him seriously. However, if the Signposts are true he is essentially a messenger of their coming. I wrote about him in Daniel Revisited, chapter 10.

Since the office of the president has no real power except for administering what the supreme leader says, whoever ends up winning won’t affect the Second Signpost in any great significant way.

Whoever does win, I believe, will be a reflection of the mood of the supreme leader and the IRGC. If the Second Signpost is soon, will the regime want to put a smiley face on their horrific ambitions (i.e. Rouhani is reelected) or have a cheerleader for those same dark ambitions (i.e. Ahmadinejad is elected) which will then set up the dominoes to fall one after the other right up to the Tribulation? One hint we have of at least the supreme leader’s mood is the supreme leader advised Ahmadinejad not to run.

We only have to wait five weeks to find out.

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  1. Maybe Ahmadinejad is the little horn. Maybe he is in defiance of the Supreme Leader and grows in power. Just some thoughts as we don’t really know what is going on in the deep levels of Iranian politics and power.

  2. Jamin,
    I wrote about that very topic in Daniel Revisited, as to WHY Ahmadinejad could not be the second horn. I actually thought earlier it was Ahmadinejad, until the IRGC revealed itself to be a much better fit of prophecy.

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