The Goat’s Horn Becoming “Prominent-er” – Will It Be Now or Later?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (pronounced Erd’-wan) is at it again. Since he founded his Islamist AKP party in 2003 he and his allies have been winning elections, which then pivoted to grabbing more power. And now he is seeking the ultimate – dictatorial powers not unlike Hitler or any typical ancient king.

It became apparent in the last several years, that Erdoğan, first a prime minister and now the president, was seeking much greater power, viewing himself as the next Ataturk. I wrote about Erdoğan in Daniel Revisited chapter 11, and in this post.

I do believe Erdoğan to be the best candidate to be the goat’s first and prominent horn of Daniel 8. If there is any Turkish politician active today who would be the horn – and I show in DR why it is likely a Turkish leader – it would be Erdoğan. He has the ego, the popularity, and the rage to literally fulfill being the king of Yavan.

And now Erdoğan is doing what he said he would do – try to change Turkey’s constitution. He believes he has the votes to change it. The referendum vote will be on April 16. What would it mean for Turkey? US News & World Report has an excellent article on the topic explaining the details.

Turkish President Erdoğan arguing for sweeping constitutional changes, photographed like a supreme leader of a revived Turkish empire. (Side note: All four colors of the Revelation horses are visible in the photo, while he shows us how many Signposts there are.)

What does it mean for the Third Signpost? To me this is the more important question. Just as Daniel 8:20 seems to be telling us the supreme leader and IRGC commanders in Iran are indeed the kings of Media and Persia, i.e. like a king they have absolute power in Iran, so to Daniel 8:21 says the goat is a king. Therefore, to literally fulfill prophecy, the leader of Turkey would have king-like power, and that is exactly what this vote on the constitution would do. Erdoğan would have dictatorial power to dissolve parliament and take over like a dictator.

It isn’t until toward the end of the Second Signpost, in Daniel 8:5, we are introduced to the goat with the prominent horn. He appears “suddenly.” So we know that the “king” will be indeed a king at the end of the Second Signpost, after the ram has run out. Will he become king now, or some time closer to the end of the Second Signpost?

Interestingly, either way the vote goes, Erdoğan can legally hang on to power until 2029 – the date proposed in the Timeline as the end of the Third Signpost.

Therefore, the pertinent question is, will Erdoğan rise to dictatorial power now, or later, perhaps as a response to Turkish citizens clamoring for a leader who will save them from the IRGC running all over the east half of their country?

We won’t know either way until it happens. As Jesus said, “Watch!”

If it does happen now, I believe Erdoğan will have not only clinched dictatorial power in Turkey now, he will have clinched his own role in prophecy as the goat’s first and prominent horn, now.

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3 replies

  1. Very interesting- I need to read again DR-with all this recent shifts in politics in so many key nations. Exciting times!

    Thanks for your work. Darrin

  2. Hi Mark
    It looks like Erdogan received the votes needed. Supposedly Trump even congratulated him. Is it wise to have nukes on our base over there with this recent development? I’m very concerned . If I didn’t have children this would be easier since naturally I want to protect them. To let you know since I’ve been introduced to your writings I had a greater urgency to be and live like a follower of Christ. Darrin

  3. Awesome Darrin! Thanks for sharing your own discovery. This message tends to give people that urgency. Hallelujah!
    Last I heard, the 20 or so nukes were moved to Romania, but I don’t know if it’s true. I agree with you – if they stayed in Turkey that would not be good.

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