It Looks Like the King of Yavan, the Goat’s Horn, Will Arise in 2019

“. . . suddenly a goat with a prominent horn between his eyes came from the west . . .” Daniel 8:5, NIV

Our world is on the path to the Second Signpost, while the Third Signpost is being made ready. While on this path, we see many smaller events but every once in a while a great and significant event comes along. The referendum vote on Turkey’s constitution this past Sunday was such an event – this is indeed major.

President Erdoğan at his last rally in Istanbul prior to the vote. It breaks my heart to see all those small children wearing “Yes” (“Evet”) hats, not knowing what they are doing, and what is in store for them and all Turks if indeed the Signposts unfold.

This news report says, as many others do, that the “Yes” vote (as in, YES let’s change the constitution) has won 51.4% of the votes cast, after all votes have been counted. Though the results will not be official for another twelve days or so, and opponents are crying fraud, the state of emergency has been extended yet again for three months. This will probably mean that Erdoğan will continue to suppress dissent so the “Yes” outcome can be “official.”

So what does the vote mean, and why is it major to the Signposts and Bible prophecy?

This past Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017, Turks voted for eighteen amendments to their country’s constitution. This webpage and this one offer summary explanations of all eighteen points. This site has detailed wording changes of the constitution. Here are the more important points and why they are significant:

1) Amendment #3, Article 76 revised – The requirement to serve in the armed forces before being in parliament is being removed and replaced with the requirement that no one who was in the armed forces can ever be in parliament. This is a continuation of Erdoğan’s efforts to completely remove any influence in politics by the armed forces. They were the mainstay of Kemalism up to the time of Sledgehammer (Feb. 2010). Kemalism and Sledgehammer are both explained in Daniel Revisited (pp. 225-226). Parliament will no longer allow any veteran to have a say in government. Kemalists are secular and were the most powerful opponents of Turkey becoming more Islamist. With Kemalists removed from power, Turkey will slide further into Islamism at an accelerated rate.

2) Amendment #8, Article 104 revised – The president, i.e. Erdoğan, is free to appoint ministers in his cabinet of his choosing without parliament or anyone having a say. He would be free to appoint Islamic fundamentalists without any Kemalist opposition. These minsters would lead and set the tone for the various government offices. He is also free to issue edicts, like the US president’s executive orders, except the Turkish president’s edicts have the full force of law unless parliament expressly acts to void it or change it.

3) Amendment #12, Article 142 revised – The president can decree states of emergency at will but must be approved by the non-Kemalist parliament. During times of war (as would occur during the Second Signpost if Iran invades eastern Turkey), states of emergency can continue indefinitely.

4) Amendment #14, Article 159 revised – The president gets to partially stack the highest federal court where 4 out of 13 judges are personally hand-picked by the president. In other words, in any major decision where a majority constitutes 7, 4 would be hard-over Erdoğan supporters.

5) Amendment #17, Article 21 created – The president gets these new powers, for whomever wins the presidential election on November 3, 2019. All these new powers, including the prime minister’s powers (the position of prime minister is being eliminated), take effect on that day. The president becomes essentially king of Turkey, and thus king of Yavan. It is assumed at this point that Erdoğan will win. He will be allowed to serve constitutionally until 2029 (see Timeline).

6) Amendment #18 – The president is no longer “neutral” to any political party, but becomes the leader of his own party. For Erdoğan that means taking up leadership again of his AKP which he founded bac in 2001.

Already being allowed to bend rules and push his influence on Turkey’s government and society, it is likely that these new powers would allow Erdoğan to push further for Turkey becoming an Islamist state, ready to take on the aggressor of the Second Signpost.

Just as the “kings” of Media and Persia (of Daniel 8:20) are the supreme leader and the IRGC commanders who as a group have all the power in Iran (just like kings), so too whoever wins the election for Turkish president in 2019 will have great power in that country. He will declare war and states of emergency with oversight from a parliament that is run by his own party and has no more Kemalists.

At this point, the only way Erdoğan would NOT be the first and prominent horn of the goat is if he doesn’t win the election or isn’t around to run.

No single man leading Turkey since the days of the Sultans leading the Ottoman Empire will have such a concentration of power. And when the first election for president comes in 2019, Erdoğan, being by far the most popular and persuasive politician in Turkey, is almost assured to win.

The future prominent horn of the goat, starting in 2019.

So this is why the referendum vote and the transfer of greater power to the president is significant to the Signposts. The winner of the election will likely be king of Yavan. And so the goat’s horn may very well appear in November 2019.

Another part of the Signposts is falling into place. God help us all.

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  1. Yes, it appears significant stage-setting is happening with the passing of the referendum all but making the Turkish Constitution irrelevant is a major power consolidation move by Erdogan. As we look forward, it seems to me as I reason and “war game” scenarios out and using your estimated timeline as a reference point, I would think that Erdogan would need to be at the height of political influence to defeat Iran completely as the Prophet Daniel indicates.

    The Turkish Presidential election is not until November, 2019 and so continuing to reason out this scenario, Iran seems it would not “charge out” until after that election is held. You also give an outside estimated time frame for Iran to do as Daniel prophesies of September, 2022. This would give the Turkish President enough time to prepare and strike back at Iran to succeed.

    Meanwhile, we will be in another presidential election cycle here in the US right in the middle of all this in 2020. It all bears further watching for more confirmation that the Signpost theory is valid. Though this is only my best guess and the LORD knows best and we submit all to Him.


  2. Great job on the research you’ve done here, Mark. At this point I don’t see any flaws in your projections for the future with Turkey. It’s difficult to imagine someone more power-hungry and manipulative politically than Erdogan has shown himself to be. God help those who may seek to oppose him within his own country.

  3. While I don’t dispute any of your points on this, Mark – 2019 could very well be the time – in reality Erdogan is the King of Javan right now. There is literally nothing he can’t do, nobody to challenge him, and will point to this referendum result if there is pushback. “States of Emergency”, “Decrees” and “early elections” are all in his personal toolbox for use at any time. Trump’s endorsement of the victory and agreement to help Erdogan fight the Kurds tells me it is all very near indeed. In other words, the conditions are right for Ram vs Goat this year if Father says it is time. Just my 2 cents…

  4. You’re right, Chris. The only requirement on timing for the King of Yavan to appear, is some time before the end of the Second Signpost. That could be years ago, now or 2019, as you say.

  5. Dear Mark,

    I don’t think that Dan 8 refer to erdogan or turk. Turk is not origin of Asia Minor, their origin is from central asia. They conquer Asia Minor around 14th or 15th century.

    King of Yavan most likely Alexander the great and Dan 8 prophecy already fulfilled long time ago. Dragging this prophecy to the future is not appropriate and only create confusion since there are other prophecies still in progress.

    Around 332/333 BC Alexander declare himself as king of levant if we add that with 2300 years then we get 1967 when Israel capture Jerusalem.

    I read from Good4u1 on Nelson blog today about your prediction 2036-2043 war that was very interesting since from my calculation i got 2037-2044. How do you get those numbers? i could share mine if you share yours.

  6. Donal,
    Have you read my book Daniel Revisited? Your comment seems to say that you have not.
    I ask you this – How can Daniel 8 be about Alexander the Great when Daniel 8:17 and 8:19 and 8:26 all say the vision is pertaining to the end times? I say that “dragging” this prophecy to the future is very appropriate, and over due. Everything I write on this blog is based on the Signposts interpretation which carefully pays attention to all verses of Daniel 7 and 8, with history taken into account, and no other popular interpretation as far as I know does that. DR will answer your questions.
    For the dates go to my recent Timeline post. The dates are a guess based on the Signposts.

  7. Dear Mark,

    1. The word end of time should not read as our future but from future of writer (Dan 8:17-19)
    2. While Dan 9:26 refer to 2300 years so it is correct about distant future BUT
    3. 2300 years is not talking about Greece vs Persia but about holy place restore, so it is like several prophecies in one chapter need to distinguish which verse talking about what.

    Sorry bro but i didn’t buy your book, i only buy general type books like Bible encyclopedia which i found now almost obsolete since i can use Google.

    I didn’t consider ram vs goat as distant future kingdoms for below reasons:

    1. Based on Dan 8:4 i don’t think it’s talking about iran in our present day
    —- The ram will attack north (Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan), west (iraq, syria, turkey), south (saudi)
    2. Based on Dan 8:9 i don’t think it’s talking about turkey in our present day.
    —- The goat attacking everywhere including Israel.
    3. Based on Dan 8:11, how can small horn remove regular sacrifice when there is no regular sacrifice for 1900 years? or damaging holy temple which today didn’t exist?

    4. Relate to reasons 1 & 2, what UN security council would do when Iran attacking everywhere or Turkey attacking Israel? Please remember Israel is a nuclear nation, while syria is ally of Russia, saudi ally of USA.

    Considering geopolitical today i’m not sure about your Dan 8 futuristic version, i prefer historical version.

  8. Donal,
    Good to see you putting your cards on the table. Given the various facets of the problem I really think you’d be able to sink your teeth into DR – the history, scripture, geopolitics, might challenge your thinking – it has with many others. My book DR is like no other prophecy book I’ve ever read.
    That said, here’s some answers to your numbers –
    1. Agreed, but Daniel’s future can also be ours.
    2. Agreed,
    3. Don’t understand what you are trying to say there.
    Under ram and goat –
    1. You don’t give a reason for your statement. DR tells you why it is so. Ram will not attack Georgia nor Turkmenistan. North is north Iraq, eastern Turkey, and maybe Azerbaijan. South is the Saudis and all Gulf states.
    2. The goat must attack Iran to put an end to the regime by breaking the horns. Everywhere Iran occupies in the Mideast the Sunni Confederacy would have to take over because it would be sunni territory and sunni government would be nonexistent. Read DR chapte10 to find out why the regime wants to spread its revolution everywhere and what that would mean.
    3. Temple will be built between now and Tribulation.
    4. When Iran attacks, it will mean end of US petrodollar, which would cause dollar to lose value (hyperinflation), loss of credit system, UN would have no power, neither would the west, loss of one quarter of oil. Iran’s goal is NOT Israel despite its talk. Its goal is to establish chaos in Muslim nations, to spread its Shia revolution, so Mahdi will come. Its all in DR.
    Your last statement does not take into account the full geopolitics of the region.

  9. Dear Mark,

    You forget one thing bro. If what your suggest is true then there will be nuclear holocaust.

    If nuclear holocaust destroy middle east then how about Rev 20—final Gog and Magog attack? Who will attack Israel if all major enemy already destroyed in sunni vs shia gang bang war? unless you suggest that Gog and Magog are not muslim.

  10. Donal,
    Nuclear holocaust? You might be assuming here; I don’t now what you base this on. Now, Daniel 8 does tell us that as the little horn gains power his rise will be accompanied by great devastation. Jesus said the fourth thing to watch for was “seismos” which is any disaster, not just an earthquake. There might a be a nuke or two here and there but there cannot be a holocaust – you’re right. But I’m also not saying there is.
    I’m in agreement with Joel Richardson – Gog/Magog is the Antichrist-led attack on Israel of Muslim nations at the end.
    Again, everything we talked about in all our comments so far are discussed in detail in DR.

  11. Dear Mark,

    Only one or two nuke? Have you consider Iran+India alliance and pakistan+China alliance ?

    If iran/shia (ram) attacking other sunni nations do you think pakistan will do nothing? If pakistan attacking iran i’m sure India will attack pakistan since they are sworn enemy.

    Your theory about ram vs goat will end with nuclear war for sure.

    Joel suggest that Gog/Magog is turkey so if turkey destroyed during iran/Russia nuclear attack that’s automatically kill next prophecy Gog and Magog war….correct?

  12. Hi Donal,
    Please realize that the scenario and Signpost model is always based on an interpretation of Scripture. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that is not. Every detailed interpretation of the Signposts has its reason to be from Scripture.
    With that said, Daniel 8:4 gives us the answer – Iran, the ram, will get to do all it wants to do. That means to me that Pakistan or the USA or anyone else will not successfully interfere. When you say the ram vs goat war will end with nuclear war “for sure” please measure that against Scripture. I see nothing in Scripture requiring there be a nuclear war at that point. In fact, Scripture says it will be the goat with the one horn that will ultimately defeat Iran and remove the regime from power (broken horns).
    Again I say, Daniel Revisited might just be the one book that someone of your studiousness and zeal would enjoy, explaining step by step how Scripture, history and current events mesh together in great detail. I’ve learned too, that we must hold suspect just about everything we think we know since it is based on guesses starting 18 centuries ago.
    Read Appendix A from Daniel Revisited for free – you may already agree with an Islamic Antichrist, but it contains a taste of the level of scholarship of Daniel Revisited.

  13. Just noticed the hands on Erdogan and the children, thumb turned in which is the Muslim Brotherhood sign. The brotherhood was started in 1928 from memory to re-establish the Caliphate.

  14. I had a dream last night with a guy preaching and then stopping and saying the Bible reference “Daniel 8:5” – so I appreciate your insights.

  15. Prophecy says clear that it would finish after 2300 years
    It started 332 bc the time israel was invaded and goes to 1968. It says that it would be cleaned but what ? In the year 1968 in albania started persecution about religion and killing monks. Meybe have any relation to alexander the great. Comunist kingdom lasted 7 weeks. And the start of persecution was in the midle of week. It has meaning to another prophecy 69 weeks and 7 weeks. 69 weeks were under otoman empire.

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