The Sign of “Four” – The Sign of the Coming Sunni Confederacy?

Remember the sign of the kings of Media and Persia of Daniel 8:20, the so-called Red Badge of the Second Signpost? It’s the red insignia with a sword and a branch that is arranged such that it might be mistaken for a ram’s horn if not examined too closely? That icon can be thought of as making a statement that the second horn has grown, and the red horse and the sword are here.

Well, it looks like we might have an icon, or sign, for the Third Signpost. In this post earlier this week I was poking a little fun at Erdoğan’s waving because he was holding up four fingers. Then I noticed a lot of pictures show him holding four fingers up. So what’s with that I thought?

A little poking around on the internet found an answer. To understand the answer one must go back a few years.

Back in 2012 and 2013, Egyptians held an election and elected Mohammad Morsi, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist jihadist organization. Erdoğan of course, being Islamist himself and wanting to restore the glory of the Ottoman Empire, welcomed former Ottoman province Egypt as a friend and ally with Morsi as president. Here’s a photo from that time. Erdoğan and Morsi were buddies. I wrote about their meeting here five years ago.

In August 2013 the secular Egyptian army took power back. There were many protests, but one of the largest, and one of the bloodiest was at the Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque. Over 600 people were killed and 4,000 injured when the army cracked down. Al-Sisi became president, restored secular rule, and Erdoğan stopped being friends with the Egyptian government once it became secular.

The Arabic word “Rabaa” in the mosque’s name means “fourth” and so a sign of solidarity of being against the squashing of the Islamist movement became holding up one’s hand with four fingers. Here is the sign/icon that was made for it.

And here is a demonstration with people holding the sign, just days after the massacre. It is also called “R4BIA”, and the “four-finger salute.”

Erdoğan picked right up on this and so now when he waves at crowds he always holds up four fingers to express solidarity with the fellow Sunni Islamists in Egypt.

Erdoğan expressing Islamist solidarity

The fun I poked earlier was that Erdoğan holding up four fingers was telling us how many Signposts there are. This wasn’t too far off, because what if it is, seriously, an unintended icon for the four-headed leopard, the four-fold confederation that is to rule during the Third Signpost? Note the sign is yellow and black – black for the third horse of Revelation 6, and yellow and black for the color of a leopard. Weird.

What if, as Erdoğan gains power and assumes the full position of King of Yavan/Javan, he continues to use the four-finger sign until Egypt, Syria, and Albania become states of the confederacy, and everyone then uses the four-finger sign to express solidarity not just as supporting Islamism, but also being citizens supporting the four-fold Sunni confederacy?

Today, the sign is one of solidarity with Sunni Islamism. Might someday it be the sign of solidarity of the Sunni Confederacy?

This is probably just fanciful projection and speculation on my part, but I have found that the Lord uses unintended and random circumstances to speak to us. So who knows?

The only thing missing from the IRGC Red Badge is a bear – the insignia has the visuals from the second horseman and the ram. And now the only thing missing from the four-finger salute is a goat and a balance – it has the leopard colors and third horse color, and the number of heads of the leopard.

Maybe God is showing his sense of humor and thus the human players in these end times are waving the signs in front of our faces.

This is also a good reminder to us of what must happen before the Third Signpost can start, if the Signpost interpretation is true:

– Syria’s Assad must fall to allow the country to be Sunni-led to allow unification with Turkey

– Egypt’s Islamist movement must take over that country just as it is taking over Turkey, to allow unification with Turkey


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  1. It certainly does no harm to wonder out loud, Mark. Speculation by all prophecy students is just part of what makes prophecy engaging and interesting for long-time watchers. It doesn’t make it right or wrong or scriptural, just doing what makes prophecy a possibility of events.

    But the last part of your blog post IS relevant to prophecy as to what critical events TO watch for to see how God begins to implement His plan to get the church’s attention about time-markers for getting closer to Daniel’s 70th week…that is what I found important in your latest post.


  2. Anyone who is familiar with the 60 Sherlock Holmes stories by A. Conan Doyle, on seeing your post’s title “The Sign of Four,” would instantly think of Doyle’s second Sherlock Holmes story “The Sign of Four.” In that tale “the four” referred to four characters who owned a buried treasure chest: Jonathan Small, Mahomet Singh, Abdullah Khan, and Dost Akbar. According to that tale, the treasure ended up dumped into the river Thames.

    Knowing about the four signposts as they are fulfilled allows Christians to convince real persons that the Bible is true, a treasure of knowledge and wisdom that cannot be lost in the Thames.

    The happiest moment in Doyle’s “The Sign of Four” is when Dr. Watson realized that with the loss of the treasure, part of which Mary Morstan was to inherit, he could no longer be accused of wanting to marry her to become wealthy. Here is my poetic rendition of that moment:

    When she said, “The treasure is gone,”
    I then realized that I now could gain one.
    With the gems and gold
    Sunken through the cold
    Nothing could prevent my heart from saying, “Thank God!”
    When she asked me, “Why so say you?”
    I confessed my love for her now shown as true.
    Drawn against my side without slightest resistance,
    Mary whispered, “Thank God,” too!

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