June 1, 2017, Your Time, and The Second Signpost

Are you getting ready for what’s coming? It’s June 1st.

The last few weeks seem to have been a “quiet” time in the Middle East, relative to the Signposts.

Rouhani won the Iranian presidential election back in mid-May, and was re-elected without fanfare or incident. Instead of having a transparent hardliner as president, the Iranian regime has decided to keep the smiley face. The regime even allowed Rouhani to tell the IRGC and Basij not to push for a conservative candidate like they did with Ahmadinejad in 2009.

This is all just for show. It makes Rouhani look like he is telling the IRGC what’s what. Right. . .

We also saw Turkish president Erdoğan in the news a few days ago when he visited Washington D.C. American demonstrators were outside the Turkish embassy when Erdoğan’s security thugs beat up Americans on American soil.

Conservative Congressman Dana Rohrbacher had something to say about Erdoğan:

“Obviously you have a fascistic megalomaniac in charge of the government of Turkey who is so consumed with his own power that he thinks he can call people together and tell us we were wrong when we see our citizens being beaten into the dirt, American dirt.”

Reading Daniel 8 would you describe the first prominent horn of the goat as a fascistic megalomaniac? I would. It seems appropriate.

Rohrbacher also said,

“He is an enemy of everything we stand for.”

He probably doesn’t realize how true that really is.

I get the feeling a lot of the day-to-day preparation by Iran and other countries is just life for some people in the Middle East. You should be getting ready too, in your day-to-day life.

So, what have you been doing?

Have you been thinking of getting some of your wealth out of dollar-denominated assets? You know, when the Iranian invasion begins it will be too late to get out of the dollar or to switch investments. The time to leave the theater is before someone yells, “Fire!” Commodity, land and gold prices will have already shot up in paper currency terms.

Have you told your friends about the Second Signpost?

How about starting that garden, or expanding it?

Are you procrastinating? Do you realize how hard it will be to get anything once the junk hits the fan?

Personally, I’ve been concentrating on three things the last few weeks: work to pay the bills, getting the new book done (more on this soon), and our garden. Its June 1st. Rows should be overturned. Most of the seeds for your vegetable garden should be planted by now (unless you live in a cold climate). This is our third season planting. We’re figuring out which varieties work here on the Front Range. We’re developing skills.

It’s a busy time right now. It should be for you too.

This is just a reminder – do what you think you need to do, now. There may be a warning from an event like a possible Balkan war but I’m not counting on it.

Remember, the Second Signpost will not be an “armchair” event. This one will interfere with life and living.

So are you getting ready for what’s coming?

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8 replies

  1. Thanks for the push. I think there are two types of people who “prepare”. Those who prepare for “if”. And those who prepare for “when”. If we have the mindset of “when”, then we will indeed do all we can to be ready. I am trying to get 15 acres ready for planting hay and grains all summer to be able to feed my animals along with many other things.

  2. Also, i do have some long term investments that produce monthly income that i have mentioned to you over email, but do you have any quick recommendations for what all of us who read from you can do with our coin last minute that we need to keep in the us dollars for now to run our business or daily life? If something like commodities or anything with complications can you point us in the right direction so that we can get an account set up for easy transfer or something like that?

  3. Don’t forget the chickens!

    And speaking of the chickens ‘coming to roost’, has Qatar just stepped fully into the Iranian ‘flock’?! (Debka article).

    Quite remarkable really.

  4. Jesse,
    We here in America need dollars to maintain liquidity for everyday life. Investing is for those funds that do not need to be involved in daily life. I’m not aware of an easy transfer between, say, a checking account, and those accounts used for the right kind of investing.
    I made a post a while ago offering one way to invest using foreign stocks – https://foursignposts.com/2016/06/06/an-income-stream-for-the-second-signpost/

  5. MARK – are you not watching what is happening to Qatar right now ??? Saudi has cut them off from air, land & sea while demanding stuff from them. Iran is not happy about their ‘good’ friends being extorted like this – fireworks in the making. Could they charge out to protect Qatar & attack Saudi at the same time ???

  6. Shoot…iran parliament attacked by isis…you may not have time to finish that book Mark…

  7. Hi Steve,
    Yes I’m watching. Was assessing whether major or minor. When the Second Signpost comes, Iran will take out the Saudis, and Qatar, and Kuwait and the UAE and Iraq and Syria and Lebanon and likely more.

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