Davidson To Appear on “Revealing the Truth” with Rabbi Walker

Rabbi Walker will be interviewing Mark Davidson via Skype on Revealing the Truth, this coming Friday, July 14, 2017, at 11 AM MST / Noon CST.

Mark’s new book Iran’s Great Invasion will be discussed.

To watch LIVE, go to the Igniting a Nation Broadcast Network website and click Watch Live Now.

Be sure to see the Commercial video for Revealing the Truth on their home page to see how to view past programs if you cannot catch it live.

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  1. I finally got a chance to see what you look like. I was picturing someone with dark hair. I am gathering you are about my age. Wishing that there would have been more comments on what is currently going on with Syria.
    I wanted some feedback from you, after seeing a side-by-side comparison of military forces by the top 20 nations, I am not so sure Iran could really do much unless another nation like Russia got involved. The US still has a lot of forces, air power, tanks, etc. over the other nations, even after eight years of Obama. I got to thinking and wondering if the scuffle over Assad with Russia is going to result in a skirmish with them. I really don’t think Putin would go full force but he could threaten US military power centers enough where Iran could do enough of what they want. Your thoughts on this?

  2. Yup, golden hair going silver.
    The Bible says what it says. Its our interpretation that can be faulty. If the current signpost interpretation is right, then Iran will run out one way or another. The USA could be hobbled – many ways that could happen. This post showed how Turkish forces could be tied down elsewhere.

  3. Since the discussion of prophecies must take into account much besides whatever is under discussion, I should forgive the host for interrupting the guest with the host’s own understandings. I got an impression that you would have preferred explaining your understanding first and then respond to questions on how that understanding harmonizes or clashes with other understandings.

  4. Prism, Its another part of the mission. God has his reasons I’m sure.

  5. Very good interview !! Wish you would have been able to talk a little more 😊
    Thanks for all you do for the people who enjoy your knowledge of the end time studies!
    We all need to support each other and respect also
    Much appreciated
    Debbie Malcolm

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