Rocket Attack on IS: A Test for the Second Signpost

Iran claims to have launched six medium-range missiles yesterday, in an attack on an Islamic State (IS) strategic complex in eastern Syria.

It is my belief, that if the rocket attack really occurred, we have just witnessed a major test for the readiness of Iran and the Second Signpost. As far as I know, this is the first time Iran has used its missiles in a real attack, and not just in a test. This is a major piece falling into place for Iran’s capabilities.

Sometimes what seems a major event is noise to the Signposts, and what seems relatively minor is major to the Signposts. This rocket attack is the latter.

Besides being reported in Iran state news, it was reported by a few outside sources. I can think of no reason why Iran would lie about this, because a major component of their Middle East invasion plans would involve launching thousands of their missiles to targets around the Middle East to shock those targets and cause chaos.

The Zolfaqar missiles used have a range of 700 km (430 miles). They were launched from western Iran, and came down on Deir-ez Zor, a town in eastern Syria.

Map shows path of the Zolfaqar rockets used in the attack on IS positions yesterday. Zolfaqar rocket shown in inset.

The regime made the excuse for the rocket attack as retaliation for the terrorist attack in Tehran earlier in June. However, this would have been a perfect opportunity to test the accuracy and effectiveness of their missile force in a real live demonstration as one more piece of the strategy for invasion falls into place, with no one complaining.

The Second Signpost is coming. Get ready!

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10 replies

  1. Very Interesting! Hypothetically, if the
    2nd signpost happens in the next couple years, would the Trump administration stay idle militarily?

  2. I really don’t think it will be a few years from now (more like months or weeks) – the siege of Qatar is forcing everybody in the region to crank up the military footing. Somebody somewhere is going to jump the gun & start shooting like maniacs – then it will be a free for all & Iran can land missiles on everyone in sight. Should be interesting…..

  3. Steve,
    We really don’t know when it will start – could be weeks, could be years.
    “Interesting” is only one of the words I would use to describe my own reaction; but it will likely be overshadowed by both foreboding of what is coming upon the world, fear for all the people falling further away, mixed with anticipation of Christ’s approach. Please get ready.

  4. “Please get ready.” <– unless I can get off this planet & move to Mars, I don't think anything I do will help me survive. I wish Yahweh or Yeshua would send a messenger (or anyone) to instruct me what what I'm supposed to do – at this point I have no idea where to hide from what's about to happen…… oh well…..

  5. yes very interesting indeed, particularly as Riyadh is within striking distance if Iran were to launch from South-West Iran. I also wonder how difficult it would be to move the missiles into southern Iraq without Israel being aware, to prep for a strike on mecca.

    Which makes me wonder…how fast is fast, regarding the speed at which the ram moves from susa??

  6. Good take, and maybe that might be the point. You’re right, what can you do – what are you supposed to do? Maybe you, me and everyone following Him must be completely relying on Him now, so then were all relying on Him Matthew 6:31-34 style. What that means is the only true preparation one can do is be in Him and understand the signs to show others.

  7. Google Maps shows Dezful, Iran (near Susa) to Riyadh via the main highway, route 550, is 12.4 hours right now. Not long!

  8. Steve Liberty,

    If you have a relationship with Jesus, then he does not give you a spirit of fear but of faith. We are not to act cowardly and dishonor our witness of Him by shrinking back, but stand firmly before the antagonists of our Savior precisely because we DO know him regardless of the consequences so that our reward will be great when we stand before Him. I hope this helps in understanding our responsibility as the LORD’s followers.


  9. The comments about the kurds in the jpost article today are hugely interesting. I have been wondering how Turkey would allow Iran to invade North…giving permission to Iran to work over the kurds in Turkey is an opportune time to ‘look the other way’.


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