News of the Big Book of Bible Prophecy, June 2017

A milestone was reached this past week in the research and writing of this book, prompting me to provide some status here. I realize its been a while since I’ve given status and felt I owed it to you all.

Birthed out of a love for my brothers and sisters, grown through prayer, much labor, and a pacing set by God himself in the working of many circumstances in my life, the work for this book has become long and arduous, taking all my free time for the last two years (except for the 60 days taken for Iran’s Great Invasion). This is not a complaint, but an apology to all for this book taking so long to write.

I hope it is not for nothing, but is a real blessing to the ecclesia.

A Breakthrough in Prophecy?

As I wrote about in past posts, this new book is basically a survey and reference work of all chapters of the books of Daniel and Revelation, Zechariah 1-6, and Matthew 23-25, using a reading method that was used in ancient times but fell out of use, and was discovered again a couple centuries ago by seminary scholars. Since that time it has been considered only a curiosity and shelved.

A “new” (actually it’s lost and found so it’s not new) way to read may sound to some like something tricky or using some sort of code or tea leaves. There are no tricks or divinations with this new reading method.

Hopefully, Daniel Revisited showed its readers that it is important to pay careful attention to the meaning and text of all words in a given passage of the Bible. For instance, how can Daniel 8 be about Alexander the Great and the ancient Persian Empire when in three places in that chapter it says the vision pertains to “the end times”?

The reading method presented gives us another dimension to reading the words of a passage. This ancient method of reading requires noting the location of all the words in a passage. As crazy as this might sound, from noting these locations, many words stand out as producing a flow of thought and intent of the original author. It is literally as if God put a highlighter in His own Word, for us to find. I don’t say that to boast – the words of the Bible text wonderfully speaks for itself. And frankly, I’m tired after years of trying to highlight what’s important in Bible prophecy – I let the words in the Word do it now. I noticed my sensitivity, too, to the words in the Bible text were increased using this method.

This new method of reading can be used everywhere in the Bible, but it is of particular use in prophecy because prophecy can be so confusing. Who wouldn’t want to have a more in-depth picture of the flow of thought and intent of the Author of prophecy?

The Work

What took the most time was re-reading all these passages using this new method of reading, and noting the word flows and writing them down. It started with the chapters of Daniel 2 to 7 which were originally written in Aramaic. To better understand Daniel 2 and 7 one must also study Daniel 3-6. All six chapters (Daniel 2-7) must be considered together to understand what Daniel 7 (and Daniel 2!) is trying to tell us. That’s correct; we still haven’t understood Daniel 2 correctly, in my opinion. Daniel Revisited gave some hints but this new book shows the wonder of all these texts in their glory. For example there is a specific reason Islam is the empire of iron and the Hellenistic Realm is the empire of bronze. Related to this topic, there is a specific reason why the nation of Greece is still Christian but other nations in the area are Muslim, and history shows us why.

The discoveries, for me, found in Aramaic Daniel, showed me I could not stop there – what other discoveries might be found in the other prophecy books?

I then moved on to the Hebrew chapters of Daniel, on to Zechariah 1-6, on to Matthew 23-25, and then Revelation. Revelation was the trickiest, because as the number of chapters of a passage increases, the possible paths of word flow must be investigated to flesh out the dead ends and to find a word flow that continues through from start to finish. This new work has given me a new and increased respect for Revelation – I now stand in awe of it, how its very structure lends to teach us, and how only God could have made a literary masterpiece such as this. The gospel of John has always been my favorite book of the New Testament, but I now have to place Revelation right up there with the gospel.

I took brief looks at Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. There is much there but this book needs to be written and published at some point sooner than later. Who knows? If God allows, maybe a series can be created based on more books of the Bible.

The News

The good news is the investigation and survey and writing up the results, of the word flow of all the prophecy books to be presented was just completed yesterday. With my current schedule I am now aiming to have the second half of the book done by next month; ready for editing. The first half of the book, which contains the “how to read” using this new method, and a survey of Aramaic Daniel, has been written and edited.

The Sections

The book will have four sections:

Section I – The need for an organized approach to prophetic passages and teaching the reader the new reading method. (Written and edited.)

Section II – The reading applied to Aramaic Daniel and many new things discovered about Daniel 2, and confirmations (from Daniel Revisited) and new things about Daniel 7, as well as the purpose of Aramaic Daniel. (Written and edited.)

Section III – The reading applied to the other books: Zechariah 1-6, Hebrew Daniel, Matthew 23-25, and all of Revelation, along with discussion of the things found unique to each book. For example, Mystery Babylon is discussed in the chapters on Revelation. Antichrist and Antiochus are discussed in Hebrew Daniel. (Written.)

Section IV – This is a general discussion of all the wonderful things learned and putting them together across all books, to show an end time picture not only confirming Daniel Revisited, but taking everything to their logical conclusion through to the Millennium. We will look at the events including Israel, the career of Antichrist, the purpose of the Tribulation, and yes, even the Rapture (no big book of prophecy like this can be done and the Rapture be ignored). (To be written.)

The Wonderful Surprises in Store

This book seems to be already showing itself to be filled with treasure from many discoveries revealed by this reading method. I hope you find as I did the answers will just make so much sense. The answers don’t contradict the meaning of the words and text, but a new dimension is added from the word flow, and marries perfectly with the individual words themselves.

A few months ago I taught from a church in Denver and there was a live video stream of that session. Following the teaching, a sister came up to me and told me of a word, a vision, she had concerning my work and message. I hope she doesn’t mind, but I feel it is appropriate to tell here. She said that she saw me as a miner, going into a mine which was the Word, mining the Word, and bringing out treasure like a diamond. She had said this in response to the message of Daniel Revisited, but I felt in my spirit that in addition, it applied to this new book. Where Daniel Revisited first discovered the vein of precious metal or stones and we received some benefit, this new book allows us to find and enjoy the riches of the vein as it goes deeper and thicker. I am excited about the message and content of this new book.

Each section of prophecy passages has yielded some “new and/or improved” answers to questions we have all had; not all – some. Some answers are not addressed. For example, I believe we have a new and convincing answer on Mystery Babylon, but the nature of the Mark is still elusive.

Just as Daniel Revisited shook us awake with the meanings of three chapters (Daniel 7-8, Rev. 6:1-8), this new book does the same to all the prophecy books listed above. Below are some questions this new book attempts to answer. The questions are listed under the headers associated with each of the Bible books. The books are listed in order of complexity in the new reading method – from easiest to most complex. (I found that by doing this, the “laws” or “rules” for reading we see applied to the simplest cases will be learned by the reader, so that the application of these same rules can be understood by the reader as we see more complex cases.) Some of the questions answered are –

In Aramaic Daniel (chapters 2 to 7):

1) Why are the kingdoms displayed as metals and as beasts – what is the purpose for them being displayed this way at all, and why those beasts and why those metals?

2) What is the purpose and message of these six chapters as a whole?

3) What are the central themes – the items to be highlighted and must not be missed – of each chapter and of all six chapters?

4) What are we missing in understanding the statue in Daniel 2?

In Zechariah 1-6:

4) What place do each of the eight visions of Zechariah have in the overall end time prophetic picture?

5) What clarifications can be seen (especially with Zechariah 4)?

Matthew 23-25:

6) Is there any more clarification, and what is it, for the three pictures given in Matthew 25, i.e. the talents, the virgins, and the sheep and goats?

7) What clarifications might we see for Matthew 24?

In Hebrew Daniel (chapters 1, 8-12):

8) What is the message of Daniel 11, and where do the ancient fulfillments and end time fulfillments begin and end? (This is a big one. The answer surprised me. The reading clearly parses out Daniel 11 in terms of what is ancient and what is end time, but also requires Daniel 8-10 and 12 to understand. An answer is given as to the cause of why there is so much confusion about Daniel 11.)

9) What is the purpose of each of the Daniel chapters 1, 9 and 10 in the big picture?

10) What specific connections might there be between Daniel 8 and 11?

Revelation (all 22 chapters)

11) What is the main purpose and main message of Revelation 2-3 that must not be missed? (It’s right there in the words of these two chapters.)

12) Is there another passage that lends clarification to Revelation 6 and the breaking of the seals?

13) What is the purpose of Revelation 10 in relation to the remainder of the book?

14) Who or what is Mystery Babylon? (This answer surprised me also. The answer is plainly not any single political or religious entity, once the words are followed. Following the words, the answer is the simplest answer you could think of. “Mystery” means “hidden”, and it really is not hidden from us, God’s children, for the Bible tells us about Mystery Babylon all the way through the Scriptures; it is hidden from all those who are not saved.)

15) What is the relationship between the Trumpet judgments and the Bowl judgments; why do they seem to have differences and similarities?

16) Is there any additional meaning to the witnesses, the woman, the dragon, and the beasts of Revelation 11-13?

17) When is the Rapture?

Putting It All Together

Besides the word flows of the individual books and chapters, the word flows traverse through several books, connecting passages of several books together. This shouldn’t surprise us since all these books were written by one incredible God. The inter-book flow weaves together the events of the end times; in fact, the word flow is so complete between books it’s as if all the books were one book and written by one Author.

However, to my knowledge, this has never been done before with this technique of reading. It was applied in the past to each of the books individually, and in pieces, but never across books.

This inter-book cross-weave will be presented in the fourth and last Section of the book, and provides some answers in the big picture.


Only time and many readers will tell if this book is something truly revolutionary, or only the ranting of a crazy person. The first half of the book (Sections I and II) was reviewed by three people. All three had said this is amazing and one said she would never be able to read the Bible the old way ever again. So that is comforting.

This book started like Daniel Revisited. When I prayed after 9-11 I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be given a new interpretation of Daniel 7 and 8. This new book also started with a heartfelt prayer asking for another way to show the truth of Daniel 7. I hadn’t a clue I would be sent on this newest journey.

I don’t go looking for these things. It always starts within the relationship with my God. And after Daniel Revisited I honestly thought I was done with the topic of end time prophecy.

The findings in this book are not argued endlessly. The words of the Bible itself tell us the findings. I have simply laid out the reading, show the words, and highlight the things found and discuss them with other passages. Scripture confirms Scripture. The subject matter may seem complex, but it’s not, and the findings fall into place. This is why the book is actually simple in a way (for instance, only 17 pages is spent on Mystery Babylon, with most of it simply pointing out what the text and word flow is telling us).

However, one cannot skip ahead like with most nonfiction books – the book must be read in order, front to back, or you will be lost.

It is hard to contain this – I am excited about it. But I dare not leak things until the whole theory is available for scrutiny.

I started this work two years ago in June 2015. It has consumed me. I had no idea it would take this long. I guess this is the nature of the beast, so to speak. I asked the Lord for understanding after 9/11 and got the Signposts. I asked for further understanding of Daniel 7 and got it plus understanding of many, many more passages.

We serve a wonderful and good God. And I am convinced this is all in his timing.

Please bear with me and stay posted.

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  1. Amazing to hear how God is using this….if I am correct I think you mentioned that you weren’t seminary degreed, but that you labored in the Scriptures and books that a seminarian would have for years, is that correct?

  2. Gary,
    Short answer – Yes.
    Longer answer – My degrees are only in Aerospace Engineering, one of them at graduate-level, and my specialty is systems (like space station level). Apparently the Lord has gifted me with an eye and a mind to note details and connect the dots.
    Funny you mention the idea of a seminary degree. I prayed about that years ago before 9/11 – the answer I got in my heart and later confirmed in circumstances, was , “No, absolutely not.” Besides, Jesus said every student is like his teacher. I didn’t think I wanted to be like the teachers I saw in seminaries.

  3. darn it…here I was thinking that you had finished and were giving us some insight prior to publishing…looks like I will have to wait a little longer…very curious about ‘mystery babylon’ however.

  4. I do have some seminary background but not at an Masters of Divinity level. When I went toward more studying from a Hebrew Roots perspective on my own, like FFOZ and Daniel Juster I was amazed what He showed me in terms of what I was missing in my understanding. Joel Richardson takes that approach and that’s how I came across your book.

  5. Hey Mark, bonjour !

    Sounds great. Looking forward to reading your new book. When can we roughly expect it?

    Blessings from France,


  6. FX,
    Good question. I hesitate using the word “definitely” because real life keeps showing up, but I would think this Fall – the September-October timeframe. Even if I finish writing in late July, the editing and publishing process takes a while.

  7. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your feedback. Praise Yah, we have His patience dwelling in us. We’ll wait, then:



  8. Iran has done one more step in the slow build-up towards a full blown assault:
    Iran launches missiles into eastern Syria, targets ISIS.

    Meanwhile, Russia steps up its support for Iran’s ally Syria significantly:
    “Any aircraft, including planes and drones belonging to the international coalition operating west of the Euphrates river, will be tracked by Russian anti-aircraft forces in the sky and on the ground and treated as targets,” the Russian defence ministry said.
    This comes immediately after the USA shot down a Syrian bomber.

    In accordance with both of the above news messages:
    “Iran blames US for creating ISIS amid worsening Middle East tensions”

    And finally, Iran seems to build an alliance with Qatar:
    “Iran sends planes stuffed with food to Qatar”

    The dull, nothing-happens-in-the-middle-east periods seem to become rarer and shorter.

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