June 7, 2017 – Fifty Years of “Nothing”

Another June 7th has come and gone. Yesterday, June 7, 2017, was the fiftieth anniversary – by Gentile calendar reckoning – that Israeli army units captured the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. It’s amazing that half a century has gone by. Where has the time gone?

I can remember the adults around me at our church seeing this event as a major fulfillment of prophecy; the end times was here it seemed and the Rapture was next. How exciting that was!

Jewish army units on the Temple Mount, June 7, 1967. It was thrilling to see the Israelis occupying and standing on the geographical center of their faith.

This event in June 1967 launched a new prophecy industry headed by people like Hal Lindsey. The Roman Antichrist model was made popular again (it had been around for eighteen centuries). And why not? It really was the only prophetic model outside of Preterism. In The Late Great Planet Earth, on p. 55 , it says one more event must happen and that is the building of the Third Temple. This is true, but it has not happened yet.

In fact, its been fifty years and no Temple, and, nothing has happened.

Think about it – what else has happened in the old prophecy models – that is a direct fulfillment or seen as development directly supporting a fulfillment? The EU surpassing ten nations is one. Anything else? I can’t think of any. (The desert blooming in Isaiah 35:1 doesn’t count because it specifically says the Arabah will blossom, which is in Jordan, and in any case, other places in the Israeli Negev were blooming before 1967.)

Fifty Years of Practically Nothing With The Roman Antichrist Model

So it hit me just this week – it’s been 50 years since 1967. There’s been a lot of nothing. Where is the European Antichrist? The temple? Some might ask, “Mark, what do you mean nothing has happened since?” My answer is, point to one thing – one thing – in Bible end time prophecy that has been specifically fulfilled after Israel took the Temple Mount (aside from the EU).

With the possible exception of the EU having reached ten nations in 1981 – 38 years ago – there is nothing prophecy teachers can honestly point to as fulfillment of any Bible end time prophecy.

Having studied Lindsey’s work as a teenager, it was 34 years from 1967, 16 years ago, that God used the terrible event of 9/11 to knock some sense into me, that the prophecy model wasn’t working. I started my journey to discover the Signposts by asking God, “What’s going on?”

The crickets are still chirping in Europe. And now Brexit seems to be starting the undoing of the EU.

You cannot say the battles between Israel and the surrounding peoples in 1973 and the 1980’s counts, or the 2000’s intifadas. There is nothing specific in Scripture about those. Psalm 83 doesn’t qualify either. Past battles don’t match that Psalm. If you are a student of the Roman Antichrist model, you cannot tell me anything specific about Iran, about ISIS, about Turkey – only hints and possibilities that one day they will all attack Israel together. There is no specific sign at this time they are going to attack Israel. The supreme leader, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Erdoğan, and many other facets of the Middle East are noise to you. Israel even gave control of the Temple Mount back to the Muslims!

In other words, if you ask the old prophecy school for any specific signs, the old model of interpretation can only give you blank stares. They will point to new policies in the Euro or maybe some flashy new prime minister like Tsipras of Greece and say, “Look that must be the Antichrist!” But these are not solid signs either.

Old Model can only point to Israel’s earlier history

Sure, the Jewish people came back to the land of Israel starting around 1890, settled in the land, and created a political nation in 1948; those are fulfillments of Ezekiel 37, the prophecy of the valley of the dry bones. And though there is no specific prophecy saying Israel would conquer the Temple Mount, it is clear from Daniel 9:27 and Matthew 24:20, that Israel will have its temple rebuilt and so retaking the construction site was indeed a good first step.

Perhaps the dearth of prophetic events has been making Christians expect something to happen. This might be why things have been invented – like the Nephilim in the end times, and clinging to old theories that were turned into gospel (the Amplified Bible added “Rome” to Daniel 2:40) before the time God’s word says we are to know the real end times. No disrespect intended towards Dr. Jeremiah, but a book he wrote recently was titled, “What In The World Is Going On?” That title seems to say it all in regards to the old model.

Enter the Signposts

For me, two planes being flown into the World Trade Center was enough to trigger me to ask God for wisdom because it made me realize there was something seriously wrong with our eighteen-century old way of thinking. This was the starting point to discovering the Signposts.

Two Lists

So how much better is the Signpost model in seeing fulfilled or fulfilling prophecy? Below are two lists, one for the Roman Antichrist model, and one for the Signposts model, of all the fulfilled prophecy passages (labeled “FULFILLED”), or those passages where we have solid signs that fulfillment is in progress (labeled “ONGOING”).

OLD ROMAN ANTICHRIST MODEL (2 possible fulfillments)

  • Dan. 9:27, Matt. 24:15 – Abomination set up in temple area;

– ONGOING – Israeli army conquers the place where the temple will be built;

  • Rev. 17:12, Dan. 7:24 – Ten kings will rule with the Antichrist

– ONGOING – European Union attained tenth member with Greece in 1981, now has 28 members, but Britain now exiting;

FOUR SIGNPOSTS (12 possible fulfillments)

  • Dan. 9:27, Matt. 24:15 – Abomination set up in temple area (the Signpost model supports the Israeli capture of the Temple Mount as fulfillment);

– ONGOING – Israeli army conquers the place where the temple will be built;

(The following eleven points are all explained in detail in Daniel Revisited, chapters 9-11.)

  • Rev 6:2 – First rider had a crown

– FULFILLED – Saddam got his crown, July 1979

  • Rev 6:2 – First rider bent on conquest, riding out “as” a conqueror

– FULFILLED – Saddam bent on conquest going out “as” a conqueror; not a real conqueror since he didn’t hang on to either conquest, Iran in September 1980, and Kuwait in August 1990;

  • Rev 6:2 – First rider held a bow with no mention of arrows

– FULFILLED – Saddam brandishes his launching capability with no real knowledge among the western powers answering whether there were any missiles, 1990s;

  • Dan 7:4 – First beast was a lion

– FULFILLED – Iraq acts like a lion in its warfare and attacks other countries going after single prey with long periods of time between attacks, 1980-2003;

  • Dan 7:4 – Lion’s mind changed and forced to stand

– FULFILLED – Beastly government of modern Babylon (Iraq) made more civilized, converted from brutal dictatorship to democracy, 2003-2005;

  • Dan. 8:3 – Two-horned ram stands near citadel of Susa, and horns are long

– FULFILLED – First long horn of ram, supreme leader, established, April 1979;

  • Dan. 8:3 – Second horn of ram grows longer, and later

– FULFILLED – IRGC grows from bodyguard to power that runs Iran, 1979-present;

  • Dan. 8:4 – Ram will run out to north, south, west

– ONGOING – Iran’s military buildup including nuclear bomb program allowed to proceed, consistent with prediction Iran will invade much of the Middle East, looking more and more like Iran will be great aggressor, 2005-present;

  • Dan. 8:5 – Goat with prominent horn, king of Yavan to appear

– ONGOING – Leading candidate for goat’s horn is the megalomaniacal leader Erdoğan, by far the most popular and charismatic politician in Turkey since Ataturk the founder, 2003-present;

  • Dan. 8:6 – Goat will charge in a great rage

– ONGOING – One of Erdoğan’s trademarks is his rage that sparks at smaller provocations;

  • Dan. 7:6 – Four-headed leopard to be given authority to rule

– ONGOING – Future leopard preparing; Turkey allies with Albania, embraces Egypt while Morsi in power, opposes Assad in Syria, 2003-present.


So there we have it – one model with two “ONGOING” versus the other model with seven “FULFILLED” and five “ONGOING”. The “score” if one was being kept is Roman Antichrist – 2, The Signposts – 12.

The church, hanging on to the old Roman Antichrist model, would be excited if even a third solid fulfillment appeared. And I’ve seen many teachers point again and again to the European Union, which is only the second fulfillment. I believe teachings on aliens, nephilim, most teachings on Mystery Babylon, and many other topics are synthesized and created to satisfy the need of people who saw the Six-Day War FIFTY years ago, and believe we have been in the end times since then, and therefore something must be happening.

What do you think might be the probability that the Signposts might be real, more so than the Roman Antichrist model, having fulfilled or potentially fulfilled twelve places in Scripture versus two?

Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies of the coming Messiah. When he appeared were there few or many prophecies fulfilled?

Ask your pastors, elders, or fellow prophecy students, “How many specific fulfillments or ongoing fulfillments have there been since 1967?” See how many people say the EU.

(Here is one interesting tidbit – on the exact fiftieth anniversary of 1967, IS strikes Iran, and the people who know the Signpost model who are watching see how this might further incite Iran to do what Daniel 8 says it will do.)

I am tempted to say that any person or scenario that is a potential to fulfill Bible prophecy, assuming the data of the person or scenario is accurate, with the more points in prophecy fulfilled or potentially fulfilled, the more likely it will develop as a true fulfillment.

[Note: I may be wrong about this and I welcome anyone who can point out another fulfillment or support of one, using the Roman Antichrist viewpoint or the Signpost viewpoint. Let’s see if the “score” changes.]

In the big picture, we will see. The big test of the Signposts is still to come – Iran invading the Middle East in just the way as Daniel 8 says it will. But it looks very encouraging so far.

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  1. perhaps in addition to your ‘ongoing’ and ‘fulfilled’ comments, you could add the ‘highly subjective’ category…eg, Nephilim. While the exact circumstances surrounding ‘in the days of Noah’ were regarding eating and drinking etc, people have been looking to other details regarding Noah (and Lot for that matter) to get a clue as to what might accompany end times scriptural prophetic events.

    On the ‘in the days of lot’ theme, also interesting to see Tel Aviv pride week end the same day that the 6 day war celebrations come to a close. Kind of a ‘we celebrate Gods miracles, by building a golden calf’ moment…while Iran is being hit physically by Isis at the start of 6 day war celebrations, Israel is being hit spiritually at the end of it…

  2. Comparing the track records through time of different ways of interpreting scriptural prophecies is a useful exercise in the search for truth. Scriptural prophecy itself should eventually have 100% fulfillment. Since prophecies are for various reasons difficult to understand, interpretations of them naturally fall away from 100% accuracy. But to have, after fifty years, no convincing evidence that the Roman Antichrist model will be fulfilled as imagined, that is devastating.

    In 1866 the poet Edward Rowland Sill (1841-1887) wrote a long poem “The Hermitage,” first published in 1868, which in one passage imagined the future:

    However small the present creature man, —
    Ridiculous imitation of the gods,
    Weak plagiarism on some completer world, —
    Yet we can boast of that strong race to be.
    The savage broke the attraction which binds fast
    The fibres of the oak, and we to-day
    By cunning chemistry can force apart
    The elements of the air. That coming race
    Shall loose the bands by which the earth attracts;
    A drop of occult tincture, a spring touched
    Shall outwit gravitation; men shall float,
    Or lift the hills and set them down where they will.
    The savage crossed the lake, and we the sea.
    That coming race shall have no bounds or bars,
    But, like the fledgeling eaglet, leave the nest, —
    Our earthly eyrie up among the stars, —
    And freely soar, to tread the desolate moon,
    Or mingle with the neighbor folk of Mars.
    Yea, if the savage learned by sign and sound
    To bridge the chasm to his fellow’s brain,
    Till now we flash our whispers round the globe,
    That race shall signal over the abyss
    To those bright souls who throng the outer courts
    Of life, impatient who shall greet men first
    And solve the riddles that we die to know.

    It seems remarkable that the phrase “to tread the desolate moon” was written 103 years before it became a reality in 1969. It may turn out that Sill’s less-than-perfect imaginations were more accurate than the Roman Antichrist model of interpreting scriptural prophecies.

  3. Mark, you present an interesting viewpoint. Go read up on the Jesuits and discover what they’re all about. They have been working behind the scenes pushing governments to work towards a border less world. They claim that the Roman Catholic Church set Mohamed up in his religion so that the church would have fighters to fight proxy wars for the Vatican. Their original intent was and is to bring the whole world under the control of the Vatican and the Pope. A Muslim/Christian war is what they want and what they are going to get from Muslim immigration. Two tired religions worn out from fighting and easy prey for the Vatican Antichrist.

    I have familiarized myself with your theory and I can see the 4 sign posts is good information that broadens out our understanding of what Jesus called wars and rumors of wars.

    I’ll wrap it up with this, the best way to avoid a conflict with the Vatican controlled U.S. military is for North Korea to accept a Jesuit sponsored Rothschild operated Federal Reserve bank. Just like Iraq did as a result of the gulf wars. All roads here lead to Rome for the start of the Tribulation.

  4. the list above is a good list for consideration –
    may I also add these things that fit a Muslim model but not a European / Pope model ?

    – Execution by beheading will take place during the Antichrist reign
    Muslims do this today, Europe has outlawed all executions by any means.

    – In his writings, John defines someone as antichrist who denies the Son
    Muslim teaching is that Jesus is not the Son of God and that He did not die on a cross.
    Catholic teaching is that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died on a cross.
    They make much use of the symbol of the cross while Muslims destroy it.

    – The Muslim model is to bring the entire world under Sharia control by any means
    necessary – evangelism, infiltration, coercion, violence, murder, bribes…etc…
    and there will be a 10 member power structure in place.

    Europe does not have world conquest as a goal in the sense that Islam does
    and does not have or appear to be headed toward 10 regions.

    – The False prophet will promote worship of ‘the beast’.
    Does the Pope promote worship of European leaders?

    – The Antichrist will seek to change times and laws.
    Perhaps this means to use the Arabic calendar and change all law to Sharia .
    Europe to my knowledge is not trying to promote changing from the Gregorian calendar
    or using a different constitution or set of laws.

    – Larry

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