Book Announcement – 28 December 2016

As many of you know, I’ve been working on an end time prophecy book since June 2015. My goal was to have it complete by the end of autumn. It addresses the flow of prophecy across many books and chapters in the Bible. It is going to be a “big” book, as large as, or larger than, Daniel Revisited. It was also to be a “sequel,” confirming what DR found and then going on to other topics.

A Surprise with the “Big” Book

God sometimes has other plans, and He makes them known, but usually only when they are ready to be revealed.

My apologies to those who have been looking forward to the big sequel book; it has been delayed for a bit. I was working on the big book and never saw the diversion coming, so it was a surprise to me. It was in mid-September the work on the big book hit a wall. In years past in my walk, I have found when things become closed, God has a reason. His staff comes down on one path, and it opens up another. Seeking his thoughts on this and through a quickening of the heart, and a couple confirming signs one quickly after another, I realized work had to stop and effort diverted to a book project that had been on the shelf for quite some time. Some readers told me a while back that at some point I should work on a “little” book, one that would help popularize the Signpost message with all those who are not prophecy students, i.e. most Christians.

A New “Little” Book

So from September to December work proceeded on the “little” book on the Second Signpost. After editing and reviews, the “little” book was sent to the publisher yesterday.

With that said, I am pleased to announce Iran’s Great Invasion and Why It’s Next in Bible Prophecy will likely be available sometime in the March timeframe, and possibly into April. It is a book many readers of Daniel Revisited told me they wish existed – a smaller book geared to non-prophecy-students which they could put in the hands of pastors, elders, family, and friends.

Of the endorsements received, one endorser wrote,

“What Mark has done is create a very quick read for those Christians who can feel something coming, but can’t put their finger on it; who know that God is in control, but in a world spiraling into chaos, and don’t know where to go scripturally.”

Another wrote,

“Written as a story, this is a quick and enlightening read as Davidson prepares us for the next events to happen on God’s timetable. My mind was captured and my heart was warmed with the powerful combination of biblical truth measured with all the fascinating and troubling developments that are taking place in the world today.”

The topic of an Iranian invasion replacing the Rapture as the next prophetic event is tackled right away in the very first chapter. Daniel 8 is the dominating Scripture. This book is less than 100 pages long, and written as a fictional account of two brothers visiting and one sharing the message of Iran’s invasion of the Middle East with another, with some story.

The cost of each book may start out a little high – just under $10 – but with Amazon selling it and if the book sells well enough, the price should fall below $8 and perhaps as low as $6 per copy. If the book is bought in bulk, it might even be cheap enough to be handed out like a tract.

Again, my apologies to many of you, but what I’ve learned is, it is likely the Lord wanted the basic and practical message of the Iranian invasion spread to as many people as possible before we go on to other topics with the big book. (And then some, having read Invasion, believe I need to write the Third and Fourth Signpost sequels.)

There will be more announcements on Iran’s Great Invasion as the time for release nears.

Back to the “Big” Book

Interestingly, a couple weeks ago I went back to work on the big book, and the place that previously threw up a wall now yielded answers. This is confirmation to me that I did what our Lord wanted and so now work is proceeding again on the big book. My goal is to race against time and the release of Iran’s Great Invasion, and to have the big book written when Invasion is available for purchase.

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9 replies

  1. I have not read your first book. Can you read the second book without read the first? 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  2. Dannyboy,
    Yes, you can without reading the first. This new book is to alert the church; those who want to learn more can read the first book.

  3. Mark,

    Awesome work with listening and obeying the Holy Spirit. This small book will be great also for the millennium population. The title is very captivating and relevant to those who are not involved in prophecy. I believe our commander in Chief will use this book to help prepare those who have a desire to follow him in all His plans. Looking forward now to the small book and the “Big Book”. Your brother in Christ. Darrin

  4. Jason Lawrence
    cant wait i have your first book and i have read it 3 times.

  5. I have recently read “Are We Ready for Jesus? How to Prepare for His Return” (2015) by Nelson Walters. In chapter 4 he describes “apocalyptic evangelism”, the using of fulfilled prophecies to persuade people to have faith in Christ. In chapter 6, after reviewing the interpretation of Daniel 8 in “Daniel Revisited”, Walters states: “The fulfilled prophecy of Daniel 8 may give the church its single greatest evangelistic opportunity of all time”. I wouldn’t go quite that far, but I do think that the decision to immediately publish the “little book” must have been divinely inspired. And I do know persons that I would like to give copies of the “little book” to.

  6. I came across by Robert Baer about Iran. Do you recommend it as well? I look forward to your coming book.

  7. Gary,
    I’m not familiar with Robert Baer, so I googled his name and this article came up. If this article is indicative of Baer’s overall views on Iran, then I would think his view of Iran is correct.
    My favorite Iran experts (true experts, not hacks) are Steven O’Hern, Ali Alfoneh, and Michael Evans, who have all written excellent books on the Iranian regime and its history.
    None of these authors, evidently, know about the Second Signpost but they all sense something like it is coming.

  8. Thanks, Mark, Joel Richardson recommended a book of his on his show The Underground about the Saud’s influence into American politics. He had another one about Iran listed on Amazon that looked fairly interesting. Thought you might have heard him and knew something about it. Looking forward to yours and Joel’s new book coming out this year. I think Joel’s is about to be release here in the next couple of weeks.

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