Prophecy Conference in Tyler This Weekend

The Understanding the Times Prophecy Conference in Tyler, Texas is this coming weekend, August 4-5. Tickets are still available, I am told.

I’ll be speaking Friday, August 4, from 11:45-12:40 CST. I will be there for most of the conference, available for discussions and to answer questions.

Those of you who know the Signpost message and actively try to pass it along, will know what to do Friday.

I will do my best to put out a summary report of what happened, next week.

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  1. So excited for you, Mark! Chris Mantei did a little live up load on Facebook of the all SOLD OUT break out sessions of you, Nelson Walters and Joel Richardson on Friday, opening day. You had the largest breakout room and again standing room only for all of you. Can’t wait to hear your personal summary report of the conference happenings! Big thanks to Chris for being the roaming reporter at-large to give us a glimpse into what many of us could not attend.


  2. Mark, it was so good to meet you at the conference. It would be interesting to learn how many actual church leaders were there. Mine is not yet receptive to the message. Looking forward to reading your summary report.

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