Ron Paul Asks a Most Pertinent Question

Former Texas Congressman – and the only man to ever give Fed Chairmen a hard time in Congress – asks a most pertinent question for today.

From the title of his article he assumes the Trump Administration will start wars with both North Korea and Iran. And though attacking North Korea is an unknown, i.e. China might get involved, attacking Iran could play right into igniting the Second Signpost.

Paul passes along a press report from an unnamed Pentagon source claiming, “President Trump ‘is to order a military strike against North Korea within a year.’”

If the Trump administration really is thinking of attacking both North Korea and Iran, one at a time, it could very well be next year for one, and the year after that for the other. In any event they might try both before the election of 2020.

At the article’s end, Paul asks, “Will Trump’s legacy be blustering us into one or two wars that will make Iraq and Afghanistan look like cakewalks by comparison? Millions dead?”

That’s an interesting question as millions dead will be a major feature of the Second Signpost. The event, where the second horseman is given power to allow men to butcher one another, could very well see millions dead if not more.

As I posted earlier, one sign of the coming Second Signpost could be a new Balkans War. American forces attacking Iran could be another.

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