Sharing With Your Local Sheriff’s Deputy . . .

While at the Conference in Tyler, I felt God was reminding me strongly of a thought I was only lightly entertaining: Would law enforcement agencies benefit from knowledge of the Signposts?

For the last few years I’ve been saying that you who read Daniel Revisited and agree, and believe many must know, have talked to brothers and sisters, and your pastors and elders. Some have had success while others have not. However, if this interpretation is true and then Iran really does unleash chaos, you are the lone witness in your church to this interpretation.

Maybe we should add our local sheriff’s department to the list of brothers and sisters and churches. Would it be of benefit?

I would think it might. Sure, they would still have to deal with what might be a tsunami of thefts and murders and other crimes, due to people being desperate for food during the times to come. But at least Christian sheriff deputies might be encouraged to carry on maintaining law and order rather than abandon their posts. Also, being the law enforcement for a region between towns and cities they could tell the local police departments about it.

So at the Conference, there were sheriff’s deputies everywhere. One was standing right next to my book table. It was almost as if God was really putting the idea in front of my nose.

I asked him, “Are there one or more deputies in your sheriff’s office who are avid Bible students?” “There is one that comes to mind,” he said. So I asked him if that deputy would appreciate receiving a signed copy of Iran’s Great Invasion. He said he would.

The next day the same deputy told me he gave the book to the other deputy, and he received it very joyously.

So a seed of the Signposts was planted that day.

And just this past weekend another opportunity was presented to me to tell a deputy about the message in my own county. And I started praying about opportunities with sheriff’s departments in surrounding counties. Here in Colorado it’s not too hard to find red counties.

My advice would be to pray about it. See if the Lord leads you to a true Bible student, or someone in the department who is good friends with one, as I found. It is likely only a true Bible student would provide good soil for the Signpost message to take root, in whom the significance of the coming event would be appreciated and acted on. Also, be discrete. A non-Christian department might view you as a kook or even dangerous.

It is also likely easier to find a deputy in a county located in red states or counties with many church goers. A county that voted red in the 2008 election would likely be the lowest hanging fruit.

I believe a local sheriff’s department, armed with the Signpost message, could act as a stabilizing force in whatever county they are located – not just in terms of firepower and legal authority, but in terms of providing spiritual comfort and encouragement to the people whom they serve.

Just as a single brother and sister can tell a church about the meaning of Iran’s invasion, a lone deputy also can tell a sheriff’s office.

Think about it; pray about it.

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  1. I so much enjoy when an email comes in from you because your commitment is contagious and it reminds me to pray for all of us that are convicted through reading Daniel Revisited. Guess I better read Iran’s Great Invasion in hopes that I could encourage more to read it than the first longer book which might be a stretch for those not really interested in end times (like why does it matter!) Dah. I am so thankful for every good meal I now get and we are stocking up to help feed all our neighbors on our mile long road here in Tennessee. Thank you again, Mark, for being so diligent and studious to help educate us, and I will continue to pray for you and the further spreading of the message.

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