Texas Conference Teaching is Up

The one hour teaching I gave at the Understanding the Times Prophecy Conference has been posted. My talk is about halfway down.

Overall, the organization of this talk seems to have worked out well for teaching Christians coming into the Four Signposts cold. This might be a good video to show your fellow brothers and sisters as well as pastors.

The editor told me the charts are not shown because I spoke to the bullets.

My thanks go to Chris Mantei for his work on making this video available.

I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. An excellent presentation displaying familiarity with all issues pertaining to your interpretations of Daniel 7 and 8, which I believe are correct. To know about pre-Antichrist fulfillments of prophecy before they happen is liberating. It saves me from being captivated by end-time theories that do not take them into account.

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