The Second Signpost Cannot Tarry Too Long

We may forget another factor that will affect the timing of the Second Signpost, and that is the fact that three-fourths of the Iranian population hates the current regime. I mentioned this in Daniel Revisited.

This story from American Thinker reminded me of this factor that could ultimately result in the ending of the current regime. The story says,

For some time now, protests by ordinary Iranians have become a daily routine. These protesters include workers who have not been paid wages or have become redundant; savers who have lost their savings in Iran’s many quasi-banks, which are infested with corruption and embezzlement; people concerned about the environmental disaster Iran is fast becoming; people protesting rising prices; retired pensioners whose retirement funds have been plundered by successive administrations; and low-income people who can no longer make ends meet.

These protesters are across the spectrum of Iranian society. The protests are getting larger, and their chants are becoming more radical.

A woman protests for a change in government.

History has shown us that as the majority of a country’s population becomes increasingly impoverished and restless, it almost always results in the demise of the ruling regime. Think of eighteenth-century France.

HEPCO workers protest due to unpaid wages of four to six months, in September 2017, at Arak, Iran.

It could be many years or decades before the regime falls due to unrest. However, I believe this serves to remind us that the Second Signpost cannot tarry for too long.

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  1. Your comment about regime change coming when the majority of a country’s population becomes increasing impoverished and restless made me think. Is that what is going to happen to the US as more and more of us become poorer and a few become richer; wealth inequality and income inequality are growing in the US as well as in Iran and so is corruption. Like Iran, so goes the US? Maybe that is why no one, not even the US, will stand up for Israel when they are eventually attacked.

  2. If this unrest threatens to become too big for the regime to either ignore or crush, the regime might start a war, in the hope that many people then will rally behind their flag. National pride as well as fear for dear life in war will increase support for the regime. This tactic has been used before by politicians.

    So actually this unrest is a factor the regime has to take into account in their scheming when to launch their all out assault. It might even push them to attack preliminary, before their preparations are fully ready.

  3. hmmm, was thinking along the same lines as Adamant. Pull people into line by calling them into war…

  4. I would say that the next signpost will not be too far into the distant future. Israel is about to celebrate its 70th year as a reestablished ‘fig tree’. Jesus said that the generation that sees this will be the one to see His return. People are not generally living 100 years and more; according to the Psalm of Moses (90), 70 – 80 is what we might normally expect and ‘hope for’.

    There was a recent article in the Israeli press that the average age of Israelis is about 84 years.

    God bless you, Mark, and the other readers, throughout this coming year of 2018, to the glory of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

  5. This very morning I was thinking the thoughts Adamant just expressed. I was reading an article from Jihad Watch about protestors in Iran, and I thought: “If these protests become too threatening, Iran may opt for war to change the national surge toward freedom.” Hence, signpost #2. Thank our Sovereign God for His control of all nations. May our Redeemer come quickly!

  6. Just a thought about the two horns of Daniel 8’s ram. Has Iran only had two Ayatollahs since the Shah was deposed? Not sure about that. If so, could it possibly be that the second horn is not the Revolutionary Guard of Iran, but rather this second spiritual dictator of ancient Elam? Time, and God’s sure word of prophecy, will tell.

  7. Howard,
    Thanks. Check out this post –
    The founding of Israel was not the first event of the end times per se, but a necessary fulfillment to allow other fulfillments to come. I believe the clock did not start ticking until later if we pay careful attention to what Jesus said.

  8. Judith,
    I am blessed to have brothers and sisters like you and Adamant watching as well, and thinking about what you see. Yes, Adamant brought up the other side of the coin and it bears watching both ways.

  9. Judith,
    Considered that and wrote about it in Daniel Revisited. Both horns – both powers – must exist at the same time.

  10. If the two horns are the Iranian supreme spiritual leaders, the first, Khomeini reigned 10 years, the second Khamenei (horn which came up later) has now reigned nearly 30 years (longer/higher horn).

    I’d agree that if the goat breaks both horns that both would be ruling, unless it’s referring to the goat breaking the two horns’ rule over the country.

    It seems this could have been cleared up by saying to Daniel “the latter, longer horn replaced the first”

  11. Joe,
    Consider too that the second horn grew up longer, and later. For Khamenei there was no growing up – when he became supreme leader he instantly had all the power in the country, there was no growing.

  12. Mark, your link to the post your suggested did not come through.

  13. The current regime may be able to appease (let them eat cake) the people with the current $60 plus a barrel rate. The coming months will reveal much more of the coming economic changes that effects as to when the signpost occurs. I am interested in seeing what the petroyan will do and affect the markets. Since Yemen aimed at the Saudi’s royal palace that conflict may speed up as well. With almost 90% of ISIS being displaced, Iran will certainly fill that void to back up Assad. I am convinced that they threaten the rebels and the US strategy to topple Assad but there is not much to do there now as a faction to support the rebels has failed. I think what happened initially that a faction splintered off of the rebels to become ISIS and it went unforeseen. 2018 may have a lot in store.

  14. Howard,
    Strange. Try this –
    If that doesn’t work search on the site for “long haul.”

  15. Got it, Mark. Thanks. We also exchanged comments about this very issue in that post two years ago.

    Many people are deceived about Israel: is it of God, or of man?

    Some who think that God is finished with Israel use the incident of Jesus cursing the fig tree as a proof: He cursed the tree, saying that no one would ever eat fruit from it again. Most commentators seem to agree that the fig tree in that case represents national Israel. And it it true, that without repentance back to YHVH, there is no fruit FOR HIM from Israel, even though His hand in their restoration is evident everywhere. So, when Jesus refers to learning the parable from the fig tree in discussing events prior to His return, He is also making the case for Israel’s national revival, even before that national repentance. The generation that sees this will see His coming again.

    In any case, the events continue to unfold toward that Day spoken of from ancient times!

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