What Will the Current Protests Accomplish? Nothing.

The current protests in Iran as reported by this NBC story seem to be generating hope in people that this time, unlike the Green Movement protests of 2009, regime change might actually occur.

Protest this past week at the University of Tehran.

Most people don’t know about the Four Signposts. The problem with putting hope into protests like these is we are in the end times. The First Signpost has already occurred. The Second Signpost is next. The only hope is in Jesus Christ.

In 2009 the protests were triggered due to election fraud and Ahmadinejad becoming president a second time. This time its economics, with people not being paid, and more and more people sinking into poverty. Many Iranians see no economic relief even with the sanctions being lifted. This is because the IRGC steers the funds into its preparations for war.

Now in the fourth day the number of people protesting seems to be growing, and there are casualties.

So what will the current protests accomplish? In a word, nothing.

If the Second Signpost is indeed next in Bible prophecy, these protests won’t affect it. The IRGC and Basij will put an end to the protests just as they did in 2009.

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  1. North Korea is not “protected” by prophecy. Iran is “protected” by prophecy. They will be successful in overrunning the Middle East. I hope Trump does not commit the sin of Josiah who challenged Pharoah Neco who was commanded by God to do battle with the King of Assyria. Trying to stop prophecy is doomed to failure. Peter was rebuked for trying. I hope the message of Daniel 8 gets to Trump.

  2. Although the current protests in Iran will not prevent the Second Signpost from happening, the frustration of large numbers of people not achieving what they desire will surely be a major factor in making the Second Signpost ram powerless to stand against the Third Signpost goat.

  3. Hi Karl,
    The last sentence of your comment is a topic I’ve made up my mind on, I believe. I will not try to get the signpost message seen by anyone in the US federal government. The message may still be seen but I will not try. Why? Not only will it not matter, for the Second Signpost will happen whatever the USA does, but if it causes Trump to press harder militarily and send thousands of our soldiers to their deaths, would I have been the cause of that? Sounds like the plot of a movie.

  4. Mark:
    I have to disagree with your conclusion on this point. Yes it will not matter as far as results, and that IS the reason Trump is doomed to failure if he tries to stop Iran. Therefore, he needs to find an excuse for not dealing with Iran, and quickly. E.G.: Let Israel deal with it, let the Saudis to whom we just sold hundreds of billions of dollars of arms deal with it (Daniel 8 is not our problem, it’s their problem) , we just legalized drilling for oil in Anwar so we don’t need Iranian or Saudi oil, our military is dealing with North Korea…………any reason (excuse) not to go to war with Iran. Daniel 8 IS the reason we will save our country from defeat if our leadership listens.

  5. Mark, I was reading earlier that ex-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been critical of government officials in their handling this. Likewise, government officials are blaming him for the country’s current crisis

  6. it is interesting to see the discussion by the republicans as to ‘how’ president Trump should respond to the protests. With the certification of the Iranian nuclear deal taking place next week, it might give impetus to putting more pressure on Trump not to re-certify. All bets are on should that take place…

  7. Gary, I just read that a London-based news paper has reported that Ahmadinajad has been arrested. I think he will be executed just like supporters of the Iranian revolution in the early 1980s were executed once the clerics solidified power, e.g. Sadegh Ghotbzadeh. Foreign Minister Ghotbzadeh who helped overthrow the Shah was accused of plotting against Khomeini and read a “confession” on TV and promtly led out and shot by firing squad.

  8. These current protest will backfire just like the one in 2009 if I’m correct we’re going to see the expansion of Iran not the detraction Iran will take over the Shearer Crescent and I’ve been saying this for over 5 years these protests will you do little or nothing the only thing that can save the Iranian people is a house Church movement. Like Mark I pretty much see the same thing he does with the Book of Daniel especially Daniel chapter 8 both of us have got the same Revelation on this issue mine’s a little more detail but we both see the same thing.

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