Book News: January 2018

Being the new year, and it being a few months since the last status given, it made sense to me to give an update on the new book.

I do have good news: the book is very close to being completed. All there is remaining to do is finish a couple chapters, an appendix, and a few illustrations. Since there are about 60 chapters overall, 160 illustrations, and four appendices, that’s not too bad.

Also, 90 percent of the book has already been edited. This last 10 percent is scheduled to go into editing in February. During that time other details like the cover will be completed. I am hoping the entire manuscript will be in the hands of the publisher before March 1st. And if everything goes smoothly it should be available to you all by the end of May.

Some of you have wanted this book for a while; please believe me when I say I’d like to be done as well. This work has dominated my life for the last 32 months.

This book has turned out to be close to 600 pages, and is basically a reference work. It may very well be the least popular book I write in terms of sales, but I believe it to be the most important because it lays down a formal and inescapable foundation for not only Signpost theory, but for everything else that is end-time as well, treated in the same way as the Four Signposts. It may also open the door for a new Bible study series.

The words of Daniel and Revelation and Zechariah and Matthew are already there in the Bible for anyone to read—this reading method simply forces the Bible reader to pay attention to how the words relate to one another across chapters and books. This provides extra depth in meaning to well known passages. The vast majority of the illustrations present the rereading of these Bible books. The rereading uses NASB, NKJV, and NIV 1984.

Like Daniel Revisited, this book is for the Bible student. For those who are curious, Proverbs 9:10 is part of the first lesson.

This last section going to the editor next month takes everything learned in the book and ties it all together. As soon as the book goes to the publisher I can talk more about it, and give the title.

Please be patient. It is very close.

God bless you all.

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8 replies

  1. Thanks for the book update, Mark. Nothing worthwhile is easy. It maybe seminary level in content, but die hard prophecy geeks would definitely enjoy the challenge and find it compelling. All the best on your new book launch later this year.


  2. Hi Mark, glad the book is nearing completion. Looking forward to it!

    Bless your day…

  3. What is the title?

  4. Charles,
    The title will be released shortly.

  5. I’m just thinking of all the challenges you have faced during the writing, and now the publishing process. So happy for you to be at this stage of a work that is extraordinary! Thank you, Mark.

  6. Any further update?

  7. Ha! Thanks–I feel better!! I’m sure you get tired of folks asking… I guess it’s come out when it comes out.

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