The Israeli-Syrian Clash and What It Likely Means

So what happened? According to Israeli authorities an Iranian drone flew into Israeli airspace yesterday. Israel responded with some F-16’s taking out the drone. (By the way, military drones are not the little 4- or 6-propellar toys we see flying around in the local news—they are unmanned aircraft which can be as large as manned fighters themselves.)

An IRGC officer being interviewed while standing next to one of Iran’s purported drones.

An antiaircraft missile launched from Syria downed one of the F-16s while in Israeli airspace. Israel then responded by taking out targets on the ground in Syria they thought were responsible for launching the drone and the missile.

An Israeli IAF F-16 fighter.

This Reuters article summarizes everything nicely.

Some news sites on the web made it sound like a great battle leading to the start of a new war. I believe this is nonsense. This was Iran and her minions testing Israeli resolve to defend itself.

Unfortunately, it also may have encouraged Shia militias in Syria since they were able to shoot down an Israeli F-16.

In the big picture with the Signposts, I believe this was only a clash, with opposing sides testing resolve and military hardware. This is something we have seen many times before and will likely see again.

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  1. Mark, I saw a video recently by Dan Gibson, “The Sacred City” that argues very strongly that Petra and not Mecca was the sacred city Mohammad grew up in. I am starting to be of the belief that due to this fact, Iran will invalidate Mecca as a holy place by destroying it with nuclear weapons (Babylon, the Great city by the Sea that will be destroyed – Rev 17:16-18). The Black Stone might have to be removed first, but I think the Kabaa itself would be rebuilt in Petra or Qom. If Iran does invade Saudi Arabia, destroying Mecca based on new evidence that Petra is the Holy City makes sense. It certainly feeds into the rivalry between Iran and Saudia Arabia (Shia and Sunni also). Please look at Dan’s video on YouTube, it is fairly compelling, and let me know what you think. You can message me at FB.

  2. Charles,
    When someone argues against a huge body of scholarship, it is either because the scholarship has a weakness, or the arguer has an agenda. I believe in this case it is the latter. Mecca was a holy site to Arabs from ancient times (the Kaaba), and more so with Islam. Muhammad and his followers conquered Mecca and cleaned out the Kaaba of 359 of the idols, leaving the one for Hubal, i.e. Allah. Mecca is holy because Mohammad took an already holy city, and gave it new meaning as a holy city.
    True we don’t know much about Muhammad’s early life, but he is known to have joined his uncle’s trading caravans to gain experience as a trader, and they would have passed through Petra (and many other cities), but that does not make the sites holy. (Similarly Jesus, because He grew up in Nazareth, does not make it the holy city – the Bible says the holy city is Jerusalem.)
    To me, this whole idea is moot anyhow because of the research and conclusions I’ve come to about the Harlot, and she is not Islam or Mecca. (This will be dealt with in my new book.)
    Bottom line – Mecca will remain what it is until Christ’s coming – which is the holiest city in Islam.
    Sorry to not message on FB; I don’t use it.

  3. Interesting, Mark, I was thinking you and Joel had similar ideas on the Harlot. I am interested in hearing your views on this. I had been reconsidering Rome even after reading Joel’s book. The only other option would be London.

  4. Mark, if you have an idea as to who the harlot is why not share some information. Some discussion on your website? Why is every knowledge people profess to have always related to wait till my book comes out. I am not demeaning you but, it doesn’t help our message. Just my opinion. God Bless you and the work you put in for the body of Christ

  5. I will add also that there are a lot of prophecies that speak to a destruction to Saudi Arabia. Also there was a Babylonian Southern palace that existed in Saudi Arabia where Nabonidas the father of Belshazzar resided when son reigned. Interestingly enough Nabonidas favored the moon good Sin over Marduk the sun god. Hoping you elaborate on your points in the blog soon.

  6. Debbie,
    What you are saying is appreciated. The problem is this book and theory is a very different approach to prophecy, even different from Daniel Revisited. If I put out a little, without the complete explanation, it would likely cause controversy, questions, etc. The work on the book cannot be slowed down right now. When it is done, likely this month, I can start letting some material out. Please bear with me.

  7. Gary,
    The conclusion I’ve come to is the Harlot is not a single physical city. It is not Mecca, nor Rome, nor NYC, nor any single city. It will all be explained in the new book.

  8. I look forward to reading your book when it comes out. Wondering if you might add your perspective on Ezekiel 38 as well in the book.

  9. Gary,
    I do spend a little time on it. There is so much, and I realized that if I analyzed passages in Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc, this book might get done just in time for the Lord’s return. 😉 I can say that I show the Ezekiel 38 invasion begins at the middle of the 70th week, and ends 3.5 years later at Christ’s return.

  10. Thanks Mark for replying. So important, we need much more discussions and debates on end times. With respect and love. Cannot stress enough how the body of Christ needs this along with a lot of repentance!! Thanks in our Lord & Savior Jesus. May God give us wisdom to tackle

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