How a TOTAL Solar Eclipse is Like Prophecy Fulfillment

Many prophecy teachers have written articles about solar (and lunar) eclipses and how they are the omens showing that some prophecy event is about to be fulfilled. This article is not one of those. This article, rather, is meant to convey some things I learned about how human beings watch prophesied events.

As my readers know, I believe the Second Signpost has not happened yet. The ram has not run. The world has not transitioned into chaos. Yet.

Most of my readers are studious Bible and prophecy students. A few have come back every now and then asking if it has happened yet. “No,” I say.

Six months ago I was witness to the great American eclipse of August 2017. Being in a group of people I couldn’t help but notice the similarities in crowd behavior between this total eclipse and the prophesied Second Signpost. My soul was telling me I was witnessing a microcosm of the bigger world and the Second Signpost. This post is a little long, so please forgive.

A few years before, I had noted the “prophecy” by NASA that there was going to be a zone of totality of the coming solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, across the whole country, and especially the state of Nebraska. My daughter and her friends, being degreed astronomers and physicists, wanted to join my wife and I driving out to the northwest corner of Nebraska to witness it. We had the cars, they didn’t. Being studious about celestial events, they too, knew of the prophecy of the moon passing in front of the sun there in Nebraska on August 21 and wanted to view it firsthand.

It was the first time for all of us. None of us had seen a total solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipses

There are two parts to a solar eclipse. The first part is a partial eclipse. Many of us have seen this. When the moon passes in front of the Sun, the partial shadow, the partial eclipse, can be seen over an entire continent at one time. At some point in our lives, we heard an eclipse was coming and with a hole in cardboard, or with special glasses, we can see a “bite” out of the sun. One cannot look at the sun directly with the naked eye because one would still be blinded – even when the sun’s disk is 99.9% covered (believe it or not!). The partial eclipse can last for a couple hours. I have seen many partial eclipses since I was a kid. You may have as well.

The second part is the total eclipse. This occurs when the sun’s disk is completely covered by the moon, to the observer, and you can look at the sun directly with your own naked eyes and see the sun’s corona. It is about as bright as the full moon. I had always read about this, but never witnessed it firsthand. Relatively few have seen a total eclipse because the area to see it in is narrow – maybe 50 to 70 miles across.

Remember, if all you have seen are the bites out of the disk like the picture below, you have not witnessed everything that a solar eclipse has to offer.

The phases of the solar eclipse. The upper left and lower right corners are the beginning and end. See how different totality (the black and white) is from the partial (orangish)? The black and white is viewed with the naked eye. The partial is viewed with special glasses.

The Prophecies

So these were the elements of the solar eclipse prophecy:

– Look up to the sun from northwest Nebraska on August 21, 2017,

– One will see the sun’s disk completely covered, with the corona showing,

– One can see it with the unaided eye—no glasses, no cardboard—without going blind,

– The sign its coming is more and more of the Sun’s disk will be darkened, but you must still use special glasses to see it coming.

The elements of the Second Signpost are as follows:

– Look to the Middle East until it occurs, you will know it when multiple thousands of Iranian troops are running all over the Middle East,

– One will see the Iranian military forcefully convert nations’ governments into Shia theocracies,

– One can see Iran control all the oil in the Middle East,

– The sign its coming is more and more involvement by Iranian militias prepping Shia areas for the Revolution, and removing major obstacles (like ISIS) to ease the conquest of Sunni areas, and rocket tests, and nuclear bomb research, and sabre-rattling.

Totality is the fulfillment of the solar eclipse prophecy.

Iran running amok and having total control across much of the Middle East is the fulfillment of the Second Signpost prophecy.

In the Path of Totality

So there we were—me, my wife, our daughters, and a half-dozen or so of the nicest and young world-class astronomers. We had cameras and eclipse viewing glasses in hand, and were lounging on the side of the road. On the highway north of Scott’s Bluff, every 100 yards or so some other group had the same idea. We got there just as the Moon was taking out about a third of the sun’s disk.

I suppose what motivated my wife and I in the beginning to see this spectacle is we heard that totality is completely different from a partial eclipse. Both of us being “space geeks,” we felt we had to see it once in our lifetime. Never before had a path of totality been only a two- or three-hour drive from our house.

We all “knew” from what we read, that the eclipse reached totality if we could look at the sun directly. Otherwise it was only partial. Even if the Sun is 99.99% covered, exposing only the tiniest wee sliver of the Sun’s disk, it is still only a partial eclipse and looking at the sun directly is still blinding. The Sun must be completely covered—100%—in order for there to be a transformation in the sky.

And so there we were. It took about an hour to progress from the first bite out of the Sun, to totality.

After many minutes of anticipation, we saw roughly half the sun’s disk taken out. After many more minutes, for what seemed like an eternity, the sun was down to maybe the last 10 percent of the disk remaining. It was still blinding to look at. To check the progression of the eclipse one had to put their special glasses back on.

“It’s happening now, right?” people would ask. “No, not yet,” others would say.

It was slowly getting darker and darker around us. It was far darker than any partial eclipse I had ever been in. The crickets started chirping and the temperature was falling as some grabbed sweaters. Then the last sliver was still remaining. “Surely it’s happening now?” some people asked. “No, not yet.” We still couldn’t look at the sun without the glasses. The sun was dark enough so that the landscape around us resembled a bright moonlit night, but you could still see colors – it was still much brighter than a full moon. But the sun was too bright to look at directly. Incredible to me was that even with the tiniest slivers of the Sun remaining, you had to use the glasses.

Looking to the west by northwest horizon, with the sun’s sliver behind photo taker. That dusky glow was all around us in an unbroken circle. It was getting cold, and crickets were chirping.

At this point, my mind flashed to my own ministry and the message of the Signposts. A portion of readers for the past few years have been asking about the ram running out, “Is this it?” “Surely it’s happening now.” Others might say, “Of course it’s happening now.” Yet I have answered, “No,” every time. The conditions in the Middle East do not yet match what the Second Signpost predicts—the particular interpretation of Scripture.

So it was with the eclipse. Myself and maybe half the group were waiting for the true prophesied event, anticipating its appearance, and we had to tell the others, “No, it’s not here quite yet.”

Perhaps in both cases with the Signpost and with the eclipse, with both groups it’s a matter of a bit of disbelief. Perhaps its disbelief in what we will see. Perhaps it is too fantastic compared to our average, everyday experiences. What!? The sun in the sky turns into a black circle and everything gets dark? Unheard of!

Perhaps its only a matter of the imagination not being connected to what we read. The knowledgeable scientists knew in their heads what to look for, but for a few, for some reason it wasn’t connecting to what we would expect to see in real life. The knowledgeable prophecy students know in their heads what to look for, but for a few, for some reason it isn’t connecting to what we expect to see in real life. But that’s ok, for the student is at least watching and will know what is happening when it occurs.

What?!? Iran is going to run amok over the Middle East and change the economics of the world?!? Unheard of! Of course, though mankind has seen countless total eclipses, it has never seen the Second Signpost. So I believe readers have an excuse over eclipse watchers. But still—the similarities of the crowd’s reaction between astronomers and prophecy students was hard to ignore. Maybe it was a  matter of impatience. You know, well, if its going to happen let it happen already. Some in our little crowd maybe thought the last few slivers of sun was the best it was going to get. Maybe Iranian militias being active in Syria, Yemen and Iraq is the best its going to get in terms of fulfillment.

And then in one instant, it happened. The moon completed the gobbling up of the sun’s disk! The ghostly white corona of the sun appeared and the sun was now viewable with our eyes alone! Instead of the golden light of the sun’s disk, the only colors we saw at the sun were black and white. The black circle surrounded by a ghostly, ethereal white halo. The ghostly light of twilight hugged the horizon all the way around us – a full circle. The questions turned into loud, audible gasps!

Yes, this is what we saw. This is totality. The sliver of sun instantly changes into this. A ghostly white wispy mane around a black disk—all only as bright as the full moon. This photo is a higher resolution then the photos we took.

For me, it was rather shocking. The sun is not supposed to look like what we saw. It was completely outside of our day-to-day experience. Though we read the NASA prophecy, we had to reconcile what we were seeing with what we read—all boxes were checked! And no denying—there it was in front of our eyes. It was different! And it appeared as it was prophesied! No compromises.

One of my snapshots, with my attempt using my own mediocre photography skill. The brighter portion in the lower right was the sun’s disk re-emerging only a second later. Just got the photo at the last possible moment!

Yes, the two pictures above are exactly how the sun appeared in the sky. I dare say you will never know the shock in your soul of totality until you have actually seen one. Likewise, the moment when the Second Signpost strikes, you will not believe the shock in your own soul at what you are witnessing.

When the Persian ram truly runs out, it too, will check all the boxes. Iran’s forces will go north, south, and west. It will be fast, sudden, and shocking. The bear will devour many nations. The Iranian Revolution, for the first time since 1979, will be spreading to other countries. Iran will gain control of all the oil in the Middle East, to the detriment of most of the rest of the world.

The sun, like the Middle East, is not going to look like it typically does!

The Effect of Real Prophecy Fulfillment

I was moved emotionally. Even though I had read about the prophecy of totality occurring there at that place, at that time, I still got misty-eyed. I have wondered why I was moved so. One thought is seeing totality takes us out of our partial views experienced in our existence somehow and shows us another dimension that was there all along but was hidden except for that brief time. It expands your experience mightily in one moment. Logical scientists were affected by the emotion of the moment as well. Two or three were crying.

The awe and shock seeing the sun like you’ve never seen before unsettles you.

I believe this is what will happen to the world and the church at large when the Second Signpost truly begins. The world and the church will stand watching in disbelief. Many will start crying because a scary new phase will begin! Imagine what the ancients might have thought: would the sun return, and why, oh why, was this happening?!? Imagine the world wondering as Iran runs out if normalcy would ever return and when; and for the church, why, oh why, was this happening?!? The rapture is next – not this!!

Granted, the Second Signpost is only an interpretation of Scripture. But if Daniel 7 and Daniel 8 and Revelation 6:1-8 all go together, and if all the detailed words of Scripture of the bear, the ram, and the second horseman must be accounted for, I believe the scenario of the Second Signpost painted in Daniel Revisited might turn out to be fairly accurate. Even considering the ram by itself, one must take in to account the suddenness and shock of it, and the fact it does all it wants to do. The Iranian regime has a grocery list of all it wants to do too.

Be patient. The event will check all the boxes. If you think you’ve been waiting a long time, remember, I’ve been waiting since 2003. And just like the eclipse finally reached totality with the black circle and the ghostly white around it, you too will know when the Second Signpost happens. The moment the eclipse went from the last sliver of partial, to totality, all questions ceased, as reactions changed to amazement and wonder. Everyone knew in an instant that what was being seen, and it had been prophesied.

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4 replies

  1. But when the 2nd Signpost comes, will some people finally look up from their smartphones.? I love reading your website, but I think alot of Christians are clueless about the meaning of Islam. Some of us at my church (including our Pastor) tried to get some action going to help the persecuted Church…. one of numerous boards told us we were islamophobic! So, I just do what I can privately. Most Christians seem to be uninterested in talking about prophecy and the end – times. Things often seem to happen in a slightly different form from what we imagine. I used to think it would go like: persecution – boom – tribulation – boom -the end. But now I feel like we are sliding toward the tribulation, and before (the 70’s?) Islam was certainly flying under the radar and people were thinking of the “Left Behind” scenarios of Revelation. It’s not as hard to see what worshiping the beast is now. Those dear Coptic Christian brothers being martyred on the beach in Libya could have been straight out of Revelation.

  2. I really enjoyed your account, Mark, of the totality of the eclipse (which I have never seen), and of prophecy being fulfilled, and not just ‘fulfilling’. I speak of this, too, when it comes to the prophecies concerning the return of the Jewish people to Israel: what we have today is not the fulfillment, but rather that God is fulfilling His promises. The fulfillment is still ahead of us. Praise the Lord!

  3. This reply is more toward the sign posts as opposed to eclipses. Dan Gibson recently did a youtube video called The Sacred City, that implied that Petra (possibly then known as Becca) was likely where Mohammad was raised, and where brought Islam. It is suggested that it wasn’t until the 2nd Muslim Civil War that the Kabaa was moved from Petra (Becca) to Mecca. The move was consolidated later with a small stroke of the brush turning the single instance of Becca in the Qur’an into Mecca. If Mecca isn’t truly the Sacred City then there is a strong case for Iran making a strike with nuclear missiles on Mecca, being the counterfeit city. This would remove Saudi Arabia as the prime Islamic nation, allowing Iran to fill the gap. It would solve the Mystery Babylon prophecy, with the false city of Mecca being Babylon destroyed. And it certainly would kick start the completion of the Iranian invasion. Please tell me what you think.

  4. Charles,
    Please see my reply to you under the post “Israeli-Syrian clash.”

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