News of the New Book—March 2018

This past Saturday night a personal goal was reached—the writing for the new book was finally done. The last quarter of the book has already gone to the editor.

Where Daniel Revisited connected dots, this new book connects dots like it was on steroids; this resulted in many new topics opening up more new topics over the course of a couple years. Finally, in the last two months though, the loose ends were finally tied up.

Now the mechanical work begins, making sure Figures, Endnotes, and text are all consistent. I plan on sending the manuscript to the publisher in April. At that time I will announce the title.

The book should be available at the beginning of summer if all goes well.

Watch for a further opening of our eyes. Where Daniel Revisited gave us four events, the new book gives us seven (or eight depending on how you count them). Where Daniel Revisited gave us the Middle East and the Islamic realm, the new book takes us to the ends of the earth. As I was finishing writing, news stories this past week out of China, Russia, and even South Africa took on a new meaning, just as news from the Middle East changed in meaning once reading Daniel Revisited.

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  1. God bless you & protect you & your family as you continue make clear for us the meaning behind apocalyptic Prophecy & how it impacts this generation now. Eager to read your next book. Please keep on keeping the Body alert!

  2. Great news and congrats on sticking with it—thank you for doing so!

  3. Yes, thank you for your immense work on this Mark and look forward to your contribution in updating Biblical prophecies and their accelerating fulfillment.

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