Australia May Get a Little Taste of the Second Signpost

One of the likely side effects of the Second Signpost is a global oil shortage, with prices of oil and gasoline shooting up several times, if you can get it at all.

Revelation 6:8 says the horsemen have authority over the quarter of the earth, with the second horseman in Rev. 6:4 being given the power to both allow war in the quarter of the earth (Islamic realm) and to take peace from the entire earth.

Some nations may suffer more heavily simply because of their governments’ short-sighted policies. Australia is now shown to be one of those nations. Even in good times, Australia is now in trouble.

Australia has all the gas and oil reserves it needs. However, much of the oil is not being tapped. And the gasoline and fuel the country needs to run its cars, trucks and military is imported from places like Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.

This article from shows how over the last several years five major refineries were allowed to shut down. The government of Australia has allowed this because they say fuel can be had cheaper from foreign refineries. They forgot one thing—it is not as secure.

The article goes on to say:

The Australian public believes (and the media do not correct this assumption) that most of Australia’s fuel imports come from Singapore. But that is no longer the case after 3 refinery closures. Singapore’s share is now only 26% while South Korea and Japan account for 44%. Needless to say that most of South Korea’s and Japan’s crude imports come from the Middle East and also pass through the South China Sea, 2 more conflict zones. All the while Sydney has started building a new generation of oil dependent infrastructure like road tunnels and a 2nd airport. It seems Australian governments are living in a parallel universe, outside geopolitical context. (emphasis added)

Yes, Japan and South Korea get almost all of their oil from the Middle East—the same sources Iran will have complete control over. Australia could have been completely energy independent. They chose to be dependent on foreign sources.

So all this puts Australia in a precarious position. But something else came to light recently.

Due to the Syrian airstrikes, which is among the precursors to the Second Signpost, the Australian news has reported,

AUSTRALIA is in “real trouble” of running out of fuel by the end of next month in the wake of the Syria strikes, according to experts. The International Energy Agency mandates that countries hold a stock in reserve “equivalent to 90 days of net imports” but Australia only has 43 days worth of supply.

Mr. Molan, an Australian senator and former army officer, spoke of the impacts:

. . . 60 per cent of the engine fuel used by Asia came from the Gulf.

So we see streams of ships coming round from the Gulf, coming across the Indian Ocean, going through the straits through the South China Sea to where it’s refined for us,” he told Sky News.

It’s refined in Singapore, yes, but it’s also refined in Japan, in Korea and in China. It then is turned into diesel, aviation fuel and petrol and comes down in ships to Australia’s ports.

According to him, if Australia’s current stockpiles of petrol, diesel and aviation fuel ran dry then the military would effectively be grounded in that time.

How is an island country like Australia “secure” in the military sense if we don’t refine oil and have no, substantial strategic fuel reserve? (emphasis added)

In my research I have come to the realization that with the cutoff of oil, and China’s quest to maintain energy independence, they will purchase even more oil from Russia, but also take it from whomever they need to get it. What a better way, then, to take the oil from Australia, from a country that cannot even defend itself.

Australia will likely recover from this oversight. However, if the Second Signpost were to begin next week or next month, Australia has placed itself into a vulnerable position in which it never needed to place itself.

Interestingly, the Australian news article goes on to say,

The price they pay for that in a crisis is that China can interrupt flow to Australia relatively easy and our economy falls apart. (emphasis added)

That crisis is the Second Signpost. Today and in the weeks that follow, Australia may get a taste of the Second Signpost when the oil and fuel runs out. When the real crisis begins, time will be up.

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