The Signpost Perspective: The US Embassy in Jerusalem

The United States moved its embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem on May 14, 2018.

Having some time to reflect on this event, and connect the dots to other events both past and future-prophesied, I believe this is an important milestone—not for the end times in general—but for Israel during these times.

I believe we can now divide the modern, end-time history of the nation of Israel into three phases.

Israel, Phase 1

The first phase saw the establishment of the Jewish people forming a community. After many centuries, the Jewish people returned to the land of Israel; not the land of Palestine, but the land of Israel. Jews began to arrive in the late 1800’s, bought desert parcels and swampland from their Arab neighbors, and created a thriving Jewish community. By 1948, there were a little over half a million Jews living and working in the coastal plain, the Negev, and Galilee.

Israel, Phase 2

The second phase saw the establishment of Israel as a fledgling sovereign nation. The territory of the new nation was expanded to unite the Jewish communities, but was still a sliver compared to the land God gave the Jewish people. The wars of 1948, 1967, 1973, 1982 and 2006 plus other various intifadas and battles, tested her resolve to exist, and exercised her military such that it can be thought of as the most effective fighting force in the entire world.

Though some nations recognized Israel’s right as a legitimate nation, the status of its capital city was in question by the world community. A capital city is that nation’s center and “soul” of its culture and who it is. Britain needs London to be Britain. France needs Paris to be France. China needs Beijing, and so on. Likewise, Israel needs Jerusalem as its capital city. That was denied to Israel until May 14, 2018. Though the Knesset, Prime Minister and other mechanisms of government existed in Jerusalem, the world didn’t see it. The world must be forced now to reckon with Jerusalem as the internationally-recognized capital of Israel.

Israel, Phase 3

The third phase will see Israel as a fully legitimate nation, with its capital city and a fuller fraction of its God-intended territory. Because of this truth displayed in the Middle East for all to see, the forces of Antichrist will come at her with all their fury.

I believe the Psalm 83 war will occur during the Second Signpost. Psalm 83 tells us Israel will win a great victory. Israel will greatly expand its territory during the Second Signpost to the point that it will contain Gaza, the West Bank, the land across the Jordan River, and southern Lebanon, all with Jerusalem as its capital. The Third Temple will be built prior to the Tribulation.

Israel will be an economically and militarily strong and territorially secure nation when the Antichrist and his armies of the Islamic realm invade—not Tel-Aviv—but Jerusalem. Israel, with its territory, its strength, and its capital city, will easily capture the attention of the Antichrist when the time comes, at the end of the Fourth Signpost.


I believe May 14, 2018 is the first day of Israel’s new third phase, which will continue until the return of her Messiah. The move of the US embassy to Jerusalem is the sign of the transition of Israel from phase 2 to phase 3.

Kudos to President Trump for the courage to stand against the world, and for keeping the promise, that many US presidents did not keep, to Israel to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Just as the United States gave Israel legitimacy as a sovereign state, and the world had to begrudgingly face this with the US being the most powerful nation in the world in 1948, the US now again as the most powerful and influential nation in 2018 gives legitimacy to Jerusalem being the one and only capital city of Israel., and the world must now face this fact.

The sign near the entrance to the new US embassy in Jerusalem, with the words chiseled in stone, that under President Trump’s leadership the United States recognized on May 14, 2018 in actions and not only words, that Jerusalem is Israel’s only capital city.

My prayer for the United States is that just as it received and enjoyed its greatest power and influence after recognizing Israel in 1948, that in the end times to come, God will at least spare the US from the worst of these times of the Signposts because of what it officially recognized in 2018.

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  1. Having read this post and the possibility of a psalm 83 war preceding the Iranian invasion as per the Second signpost, I can visualise an Israel victory, the destruction of Damascus ? And Syria and associated proxies.
    This victory would in turn denude the IDF and leave them behind defensive lines whilst Syria conquers the post war wasteland .the USA might lend a hand too to help the Israelis.
    However I still don’t understand that when Iran invades they could dominate the region ,close the straits of Hormuz and possibly defeat Saudi….but….this would not currently be possible if the USA intervened, which they would on Saudi side and to keep the oil lines open.
    Even if the Petro Dollar caused USA to hit the rocks this is even greater motivation for the USA to get involved.
    I am at a loss to visualise how the Iranians succeed with America in any form in the scenario.
    Of course once Iran conquers the ME any degradation of their forces will make it easier for a Turkey Third signpost takeover..
    Any thoughts how the USA would not participate against Iran, currently all we hear is the US threatening Iran.

    Best wishes

  2. Brian,
    The answer to your question is Dan. 8:4b – “… no other beasts could stand before him nor was there anyone to rescue from his power, but he did as he pleased and magnified himself.” See this post from six years ago.

  3. Do you perhaps mean “and the machinery of government” rather than “and other machinations of government”?

  4. Mark, Since Iran will someday invade the rest of the Mideast, it seems only logical that the US will have to be weakened to the point that it cannot stop the invasion. Clearly we would stop it if it occurred now. Something must change. Any thoughts?

  5. Mo,
    “Mechanisms” actually. Thanks.

  6. Many thanks Mark for your reply. I read your post and, as you say, scripture does say that ‘none could rescue’. You then agree that the US would normally act but can’t . You interpret the inaction as due to an economic fall. Your argument seems to be logic and hold water in my opinion. Indeed there are many forces attempting to thwart the USA’s stranglehold on the world financial system.
    I must admit that I have to hold this view to but I just can’t see it happening in the short term. America, as Jim Richards has said games and meddles in all world financial markets. I believe nearly all are rigged and the USA with its weapons of world financial dominance and military superiority can bully anyone into doing their bidding, we see it all the time.
    For the present I just can’t see a relatively weak country prevailing unless the US is brought to its knees and at present even if we had a world recession I feel the US hegemony would ensure that by hook or by crook they will endure a long time.
    If it is to happen in the short term (perhaps it won’t !) then there must be something truly cataclysmic that will impair the USA to such a degree that it will hasten the demise and the retreat to fortress America and isolation which might fit in with perceived events,
    The only things that I can think of would be
    1 EMP attack which is not accepted by some experts as being effective
    2 major nuclear attack I can’t see Russia or a China doing this. They are conciliatory, they are biding their time (and buying gold) good statagists choose time and place for any fight,
    3. Major ecological disaster eg California
    4 protracted costly war – if that was Psalm 83 what I understand is that Iran wouldn’t be involved and probably Russia would be on sidelines so I couldn’t see that lasting a long time. Secondly the Korea debacle seems to be coming to an end.
    Just can’t find the jigsaw piece that God will bring to bare !

    Best wishes

  7. Rick,
    That’s right. Please see this post.

  8. There is another thing that confuses me. Current loose alliances are, I believe USA, Israel, Saudi (Egypt?)
    I believe in the Psalm 83 war Saudi and some say Egypt are confederate participants against Israel.
    Certainly currently bonded to the USA that Saudi would attack Israel, they might stay neutral but not participate and the same goes for impoverished Egypt. (And also Russia that wants to be neutral and a puppet master)
    Also you would think that Iran would be a participant as they have so many assets already deployed in Syria
    And they are the main protagonists especially at the moment with the Israeli sorties destroying their men and equipment.

    Best wishes

  9. As President Trump has often pointed out, America spent 7 trillion dollars interfering in the Middle East, losing thousands of American lives in the process, but ended up with nothing to show for it. When America is finally trying to organize for our own best interests (against the wishes of globalists everywhere), why would we want to throw it all away again? “Let Allah sort it out!” would be America’s natural response to a Shia-Sunni war in the Middle East.

    Since most European leaders have allowed unfettered Islamic invasion of their countries against the wishes of their own peoples, who have by Muslims been bombed, shot, stabbed, raped, and driven over, does anyone think that European NATO nations will want to come to NATO member Turkey’s aid, when Turkey has been promoting the very Islamic invasion of Europe so deeply resented by most Europeans? Europeans might even cheer, at first, the Iranian invasion of Sunni nations, until they feel the ill effects of Iran controlling over one-fourth of the world’s oil.

  10. With Iran controlling more of Iraq’s oil fields, sanctions are only driving up oil prices making Iran more wealthy. Thus Trump’s return to sanctions are failing to do anything major. With Iraq’s oil field added to their own production, they are now more in line with matching the Saudi’s production. With their ally together Russia and their production, they do become more invincible. The US markets don’t look healthy (several stores are going bankrupt), the housing are way too inflated, along with coming high gas prices, it’s not looking like the US can withstand much when oil is involved.

  11. “The Third Temple will be built prior to the Tribulation.”

    Where the Temple will be built must be resolved before construction can begin.

    The pioneering study on the location of all previous Temples in Jerusalem was “The Temples That Jerusalem Forgot” (2000) by Ernest L. Martin. An easier to follow presentation, with some new discoveries, was “Temple” (2014, 2017) by Robert Cornuke. These books proved that past Temples were always built over the Gihon Spring, south of the so-called “Temple Mount,” where the waters were used for washing away the blood of sacrifices. The “Temple Mount” walls date back to Roman times and comprise about 10,000 stones that were left intact, in contrast to the Temple complex to the south, where not one stone was left upon another. Josephus wrote in book 7 of “The Jewish War,” as translated by Martin Hammond in 2017: “Where has it gone, that city of ours which was believed to have God as its founder? It has been torn up by the roots and swept away. The only memorial left of it is the camp of those who destroyed it, still quartered in the ruins.” “The camp” refers to the Roman fort Antonia, whose walls still surround the so-called “Temple Mount.”

    The pre-tribulation Jerusalem Temple will be peacefully built without need for Islamic control of the so-called “Temple Mount” to be relinquished.

  12. Primsplay,
    I like your scenario! Sounds like something our current President would say! Let’s get to work on that Pipeline!

  13. There is one more option. We do a “Bay of Pigs”. Call off action and let the Saudis get overrun. Find a general to blame. The U.S. has abandoned allies in the past and double-talked their way around it. Then let the leopard take care of business.

  14. Hi Mark,
    I’m wondering if you have reconsidered your thoughts on the 3 ribs in the bears teeth. I’m thinking they’ve got to represent more than just direction of travel. Maybe countries in their grip or already occupied??? I’m thinking… Syria for starters. What are your thoughts?

  15. Looking over a map titled “Persian Empire at its greatest extent 525 B.C,” I was wondering how a coming Iranian empire might compare. The map showed that Daniel 8:3-4 was not fulfilled by the old Persian Empire. Daniel had seen “the ram pushing westward and northward and southward” (Daniel 8:4), with no mention of eastward. The old map showed extensive acquisitions eastward, but only modest acquisitions northward or southward. Hardly any of the Arabian Peninsula was acquired.

    The westward pushing of the old Persian Empire had included Syria, Cyprus, Egypt, part of Libya, parts of Macedonia and Thracia, and all of Turkey. These may be further westward than the coming Iranian empire will extend, although Nostradamus predicted that a future “Perse” would invade Egypt (5:25), the Cyclades islands between Greece and Turkey (3:64), Macedonia (2:96), and Istanbul (5:25, 5:86) and Trabzon (5:27) of Turkey. Those areas were under Ottoman Empire control when “Les Propheties” by Nostradamus was published in 1555, 1557, and 1568.

    Iran has been forming friendly alliances with nations to its east. No physical pushing in that direction would be needed. Westward pushing would have to deal with or bypass Israel. Some northward pushing would probably have the blessing of Russia, an ally of Iran. Southward, Saudi Arabia, mostly ignored by the old Persian Empire, is Iran’s chief obstacle to gaining control of over one-fourth of the world’s oil. But once acquired, by threatening to cut off oil shipments to Europe, Iran could move into some parts of Europe without NATO resistance. “He did according to his will, and became great” (Daniel 8:4).

  16. Prismsplay,
    Remember what Daniel 7 and 8 say about the Second Signpost. This is our guide. I wrote about all this in DR chapter 10.
    The ram will go westward, with the word meaning “seaward”, i.e. to the Mediterranean shore and no further.
    The stated will of the regime is to spread its revolution in Sunni Muslim countries. Also the horsemen only operate in the Islamic quarter.
    Remember, too, the old Persian empire and its conquests were merely a foreshadow and so should not be used as a guide.

  17. “The stated will of the regime is to spread its revolution in Sunni Muslim countries.” Then it would need to spread its revolution into northern Africa and the Balkan Peninsula of Europe, which have Sunni populations westward of the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

    Although the old Persian Empire was active over a millennium before the various Islamic regimes began conquering lands bordering the Mediterranean Sea, maps show that the old Persian Empire’s more limited westward expansion was into some areas where Sunni Muslims now live. Does the stated purpose of the Iranian regime end at the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea?

  18. Prismsplay,
    I do not believe the regime’s desire ends at the eastern shore of the Mediterranean. However, God’s Word says it will end there. So, if the ram gets to do all it wants to do, it would be within the geographic limitations of Daniel 8.

  19. In chapter 10 of the 2013 edition of “Daniel Revisited” it is stated that Iran may occupy “perhaps even the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, but go no further.” That would leave antagonistic armies arrayed on the east and west sides of the Suez Canal in a stalemate. That would conflict with Daniel 8:4 where it says “No animal could stand against him.” Either Iran does not occupy the Sinai Peninsula, or Iran conquers Egypt and gains complete control over the Suez Canal.

    Nostradamus quatrains are not scripture. But after learning about the Second Signpost, this statement in Centuries 2:86 is interesting: “Egypt trembling at Islam’s swift increase : The herald dispatched, surrender in hand” (Penguin Classics translation). Here we have Sunni Islamic Egypt trembling at another branch of Islam’s swift increase and quickly surrendering to it. That would conform with “No animal could stand against him,” which is scriptural.

    If Egypt surrenders to Iran, Iranian naval ships could enter the Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal. Although God’s word restricts the activities of the four horsemen to the Islamic quarter of the earth (Revelation 6:8), that quarter includes Islamic nations bordering the Mediterranean Sea: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Albania, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon.

  20. Prisms,
    Daniel 8 is not violated for the ram will run “seaward,” or, “beach” west, i.e. to the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore it is unlikely Iran will advance into Egypt and into western Turkey. They will get to do all they want to do within the boundaries set by God.

  21. I can’t help but wonder, with America’s fresh turning toward Israel, and its embassy move to Jerusalem, if God isn’t preparing the USA to aid Israel when she flees to the wilderness, as Revelation prophesies. God prepares a giant eagle. Is He preparing America? We wait and watch. “Even so, come, LORD Jesus.”

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