One Reason Why the Iranian Invasion is Completely Unexpected

It’s the United States. It’s the one single nation with the greatest wealth and the greatest firepower in the entire history of man.

It’s the nation that turned the tide in World War I. It, with Russia and Britain, defeated Nazi Germany. It almost single-handedly defeated Imperial Japan at the same time.

It then won the Cold War against the Soviet Union.

For several decades in the twentieth century its one-twentieth of the human race produced and consumed one-quarter to one-half the worldwide use of any given commodity whether it was steel, cotton, or pork bellies.

It is this tradition of economic and military might that gives most people in America and many outside America the assumption that America can deal with any rogue nation that might come along.

So it wasn’t surprising to see this assumption manifesting yet again when Rudy Giuliani declared at the annual meeting of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), “We are now very realistic in being able to see an end of the regime in Iran.”

Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks at the NCRI conference near Paris in June 2018. Note the “Free Iran” next to the name of the traditionally powerful nation that will deal with it.


The greatest and only reality is the one which God, the Creator of the universe, has determined will be. His Word in Daniel 8, if interpreted correctly in Signpost theory, says that in the end times (i.e., now) Iranian forces will charge out across the Middle East (Dan. 8:4).

The Signposts “realistically” see the regime in Iran ending but only by the hands of the king of Yavan (Dan. 8:7), after Iranian forces have done incredible damage.

No, sorry, the fall of the Iranian regime is not likely “around the corner,” as is reported as being declared in the speech, but must be allowed to do what God has said it will do, first.

And it does not matter that the “Khamenei regime is much weaker than the Soviet Union ever was” because God is saying in Daniel 8 that the Iranian regime will wreak havoc, regardless.

So it does not matter what most people think. It does not matter that the assumption on everyone’s mind is that America will deal effectively with the Iranian regime.

This assumption, based on a century of America showing its might, in human terms, is logical. But it is likely the root reason why, when Iranian forces charge out across the Middle East, shutting off the oil spigot and ending the US petrodollar, it will be a complete and utter shock to everyone who thought America could “deal” with it.

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  1. ‘Will wreak havoc’ Mark? Isn’t it already doing so as for last number of decades!

  2. I read the article you linked to. Its author, Robin Wright (not the actress of the same name), has written and edited scholarly books about Iran. She is at home in the liberal mindset of “The New Yorker,” NPR, etc.

    Her article did not conclude anything about regime change. Iran must first invade the Middle East (Daniel 8:4). Regime change will be caused by Iran being militarily conquered by a Turkey-led confederacy (Daniel 7:6; 8:7). Regime change in Iran will be from Shia to Sunni leadership.

  3. So when you are proved wrong will you admit it or just do as other false teachers did and modify your claims?

  4. Yes we are a huge might and power. But our two biggest weaknesses are like a hole in dragons skin. If the petro dollar fails then we would have been broken at the knees and unable to fight cause war costs big money. But if we get hit by a super EMP then it’d be like hacking us in two instantaneously. We as a nation would be completely taken down in 1 hour and would never come back from is. See “emp commission.”
    As always, thanks Mark. Don’t ever think that you need to defend the sign post theory. I am with you!

  5. Phil,
    Of course I’ll admit it. I will take these posts down and say “I’m sorry” and “I was wrong.” I’m not doing this for ego or money, I’m declaring this interpretation because it can potentially deleteriously impact all our lives and countries.

  6. When Phil implied that Mark Davidson is a false teacher, that implied that I have been deceived into accepting “Daniel Revisited” as true teaching. I previously had read Daniel 7, Daniel 8, and Revelation 6:1-8, without seeing any connection between them. “Daniel Revisited” shows how all three sequences lead to the time of Antichrist. That is a profound discovery that should be investigated.

    A confederacy of Turkey, Egypt, Syria, and Albania seemed far-fetched until I learned that in 1520 all four nations were parts of the Ottoman Empire and of the Hanafi school of Islamic jurisprudence promoted by the Ottoman Empire.

    From 1958 to 1961 Egypt and Syria were confederated as the United Arab Republic. A Shia Iranian invasion of the Middle East would naturally be a crisis calling for a confederacy of Sunni nations. “Daniel Revisited” shows that such a confederacy was prophesied of.

    Where is the false teaching?

  7. Hi Mark!

    Thought you might be interested in this article from News Week. SkyWatch TV brought this to my attention. Thoughts?

  8. Hi Good4u1,
    I believe we will see more articles like this, where more and more people begin to realize that Iran will be involved in some sort of war.
    However, as you know, God’s word gives us a blueprint as to what is really happening and how things will unfold in the big picture.

  9. I know who was responsible for winning the first and second world wars doesn’t ha e anything to do with modern Iran, but it does make me a little sceptical when I see such a slanted view of history because I then wonder if the same bias is being applied to make the signpost theory work.
    The guy who wrote about the blood moons had the same American view of history, it simply wasn’t accurate, and it turned out neither was his theory. The Germans lost the Great War because they had lost so many men during the 1916 battles. They lost ww2 because most of them died in Russia.
    So when I read articles like this, I’m thinking, what? Is that really what they think? All it does is cast suspicion on everything else.

  10. The National Council of Resistance of Iran has used flags mimicking those prior to the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

    This prompted me to review the flags of the nations that have been or will be involved in the First, Second, and Third Signposts.

    From 1991 to 2004, Iraq used a flag that Saddam Hussein had authorized.

    The writing between the stars, “Allahu akbar,” are Arabic words meaning “Allah is greater.”

    Here is Iran’s current flag.

    Between the green and white bars and between the white and red bars is a stylized Arabic inscription “Allahu akbar,” meaning “Allah is greater,” repeated 22 times to indicate that the Revolution began on 22 Bahman in the Iranian calendar.

    The flags of Turkey and Albania are primarily red.

    Here is Egypt’s flag.

    The Arabic inscription beneath the eagle can be translated “Arab Republic of Egypt.”

    Here is Syria’s flag.

    This is identical to the United Arab Republic (Egypt and Syria) flag of 1958-1961. Why would Syria display the flag of a former confederacy? Perhaps she still anticipates joining one.

    As pointed out in “Daniel Revisited,” the white, red, black, and green of these flags happens to match the colors of the four horses of Revelation 6.

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