Shocking Whispers of the Second Signpost

The rhetoric between Iran’s regime and the Trump administration entered another round in the last two days. Here is a case, for those who know the Iranian invasion of the Middle East is coming, and who pay attention to what Daniel 8 is likely telling us, that has the fingerprints of the Second Signpost all over it.

The Iranian Students’ News Agency reported on Sunday a speech made by Iranian president Rouhani. (By the way, the “Students” in the “ISNA” refers to the IRGC and Basij officers, all who attend Iranian universities which are indoctrination centers for IRGC ideology. The ISNA is a regime propaganda machine.)

The Iranian president, having no real power, is a spokesperson for supreme leader Khamenei. Interestingly, whispers and hints of the coming Second Signpost were in Rouhani’s words.

Iranian president Rouhani (r) discussing elements of the Second Signpost this past Sunday.

Talking of Iran, its military power, and its national pride, Rouhani said,

“War grew our army bigger and the revolutionary young soldiers of the IRGC became a new military power.”

Do you realize he is speaking of the ram’s second horn growing longer than the first horn? I wrote of this in detail in Daniel Revisited, chapter 10. The Iran-Iraq War of the 1980’s made the IRGC grow from a tiny bodyguard of young soldiers to the military power of Iran, displacing the regular Iranian military and relegating them to only the defense of the homeland. After the war, the IRGC grew by taking over the economy, intelligence, and politics. Here, Rouhani speaks of the growth of the IRGC directly.

Rouhani also said,

“Iran’s strategic depth stretches in east to the subcontinent, in the west to the Mediterranean, in the south to the Red Sea, and in the north to the Caucasus.”

Whoa! Where have we heard of the west, the south, and the north before? It’s the directions the Persian ram charges out over the Middle East. Note, too, he specifically says “west to the Mediterranean.” The word for “west” in Daniel 8:4 means “seaward” or “wave-crashing,” i.e., the Mediterranean shore.

He also mentions south to the Red Sea! Remember, the Persian ram will get to do all it wants to do. If Rouhani is stating what the regime wants, then the map of Figure 10-2 in Daniel Revisited showing Iran taking the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, which are near the Red Sea, is likely accurate. See this post as well.

“North to the Caucasus” also likely confirms an invasion of eastern Turkey to the shore of the Black Sea is also in the regime’s sights, for that shore is adjacent to the Caucasus Mountains.

Why would he say such things, unless he was privy to the “strategic depth” plans of the regime?

Having made two statements related to the coming Second Signpost, Rouhani wrapped up his speech with a threat directed at US president Trump:

“Mr. Trump! . . . Don’t play with the lion’s tail; you will regret it.”

Of course, US president Trump indeed took that as a threat. A little over 8 hours after Rouhani’s speech was reported, Trump’s twitter account was used yet again:


A message in all caps is taken in the cyber world as shouting. I believe anyone reacting this way could indeed be drawn into a military conflict with the one making the threat.

Just as we saw Iranian president Rouhani making statements reflecting Iran growing into and then executing the role of agitator in the Second Signpost, I believe we also just saw confirmation that the United States may very well be a big part of the Second Signpost getting started. God may be using the pride of the United States for its own downfall as well as the kickoff of the Second Signpost. Why do I say “downfall”? The collateral damage of the Second Signpost will likely result in the wrecking of the US and world economy.

Trump tweeted about suffering consequences. This would be true not only of Iran suffering from a widespread war of its own making, but also suffering for Trump’s own country and much of the rest of the world.

We aren’t told when the Second Signpost will start, but I believe we are getting close.

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  1. Great comments. It seems very close!

  2. Soleimani apparently loves Rouhani’s remarks…
    The following article is interesting:
    “There are two important dates we must observe in detail. On August 4, American sanctions on whoever sells gold and food to Iran will go into effect. Three months later, i.e. beginning of November, the American siege on Iranian oil begins. It is then that we will know the Khamenei regime’s limitations, and whether it really intends to escalate or if it will back down, lick its wounds and surrender its pride.”

    Even if they want to back down then, it may be something happens that forces them to act; like accidental, unintentional hostilities that get out of hand.
    Or else they get an unexpected opportunity they cannot resist, for instance the USA in confusion because of intense political struggles around the impeachment of Trump, crippling the USA decision making and command and control…

  3. Adamant,
    Thanks for the link. General Soleimani’s response to Rouhani, “I kiss your hands for these wise statements, and I am at your service to implement any policy that serves the Islamic Republic,” is another layer on all this.

  4. Mark, I have been following John Haller’s weekly prophecy watch recently. I caught this over the weekend. You may like to watch it all but wanted to draw your attention to the information John shares at the 45 to 50 minute mark concerning Iran. He makes some statements concerning the rising popularity of General Suleimani. I also shared the link to the article he refers to in the video.

    The article:

  5. In 1971, the Shah of Iran led the celebration of 2,500 years since the founding of the first Persian empire by Cyrus the Great. Cyrus had encouraged Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their Temple. The Shah’s regime was also friendly toward Israel.

    In 1979, the Islamic Revolution replaced the Shah with a Spiritual Leader who encouraged hostility toward Israel. Since that regime change, Iran has been supplying terrorist groups that have formed weapons against Israel that have not prospered (Isaiah 54:17).

    In 2018, the Trump Administration moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem. Commemorative coins have been struck showing side views of the faces of Trump and Cyrus on one side and images of a new Temple on the other side.

    Recently, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, responded to President Trump’s warning that Iran should not threaten America: “We’ve been around for millennia & seen fall of empires, incl our own, which lasted more than the life of some countries. BE CAUTIOUS!”

    By referring to the 2,547 year history since the first Persian empire, Zarif was being disingenuous. Zarif must be cautious not to say anything nice about Cyrus or the Shah.

    During the Second Signpost, Iran will become “great” (Daniel 8:4). But that Shia empire will soon be replaced by a Sunni empire that will become “very great” (Daniel 8:8).

  6. Mark,
    I do not see Israel sitting back and letting Iran invade these other countries. If Iran attempted this it would give Israel the chance to destroy them. Israel has many nuclear weapons as well as the USA. It seems like Israel could inflict serious damage on Iran just by themselves.

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