“Chronicles” Section Outline and News: July 25, 2018

Chronicles of the End Times is moving to the production layout phase this week. This means the reviews for content and editing are complete, and the book’s look and feel will be designed.

Due to the size of the book (600+ pages) the book’s availability may be later rather than sooner, but it now looks like late September if everything moves smoothly.

Book Outline

The top-level section outline of Chronicles is presented for the first time. The book is laid out in seven sections as presented below.

The first section teaches the lost and found reading method which will be used to read the Bible books and chapters listed in the Section outline.

The re-reading is presented in Sections II to VI using over 90 illustrations, showing the word flow that reveals the form of the Bible text. It is the text’s form combined with the word’s meanings which is the main breakthrough that reveals answers to long sought questions. A parallel effect from this method of reading is it gives the reader a “super-sensitivity” to the words of the Bible text.

The seventh and final section takes all the things that are discovered and links them together to create a proposed chronology of the end times. The last section also touches on and develops other topics such as how the history of the Far East, Middle East, and the West will affect these areas of the world in the end times.

The Four Signposts

Chronicles confirms the Signposts, and possibly makes them even obvious. Chronicles will not replace Daniel Revisited, but will provide a second logical path to the Signposts, and then go beyond them.

Chronicles will show us seven events rather than only four. In addition, as the message of Daniel Revisited opens our eyes to the significance of the events in the Middle East, the message of Chronicles helps us see the significance of certain events occurring around the world.

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9 replies

  1. Jim,
    Yes. But it is only based on Australian officials’ opinion. Worth paying attention though.

  2. Seven signposts? Let me guess: I imagine that the fifth sign post is the abomination of desolation and the rise of the little horn and the sixth is the judgment of the harlot in Rev. 17. Am I on the right track?

  3. Karl,
    Seven events, of which the first four are the Signposts. The Four Signposts were originally called that to be events showing us the emergence of the Antichrist and the Great Tribulation.

  4. Hopefully there will be a large print version – things are getting blurry & I’m barely 50 now. Availability late September ??? The suspense is killing me – I’m spoiled having to wait more than 15 minutes anymore….

  5. Will it also be available on Kindle as were your previous books?

  6. Mark, can the book be ordered in advance?

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