The Signpost Perspective: Iranian Missiles in Iraq

The Iranian regime has it in mind to spread their Twelver Shia Revolution to the Muslim countries in the Middle East. This is one of the basic tenets in their constitution. This is one of the reasons behind the Second Signpost.

They would want neither the United States nor Israel to interfere. I suspect one reason their plans are taking so long is because of the threat posed by the United States. How might they get around the U.S. or prevent it from acting? Or how might they draw U.S. forces in to defeat them? There are many possibilities.

One thing we know: Daniel 8:4 says the Persian ram will do all it wants to. Therefore, with the ram being modern, end-time Iran, this translates to Iran succeeding to bypass Israel and the U.S.

How might they actually do this? The Bible doesn’t tell us. This is where watching Iran gets interesting.

Blackmail may be one way. This Reuters story reports Iranian missiles are in Iraq. It might be possible that if Iran get its Zolfaghar missiles in place in Iraq that the regime might threaten Israel, telling them not to stop Iran from invading surrounding Muslim countries or they will launch a missile attack on Israel’s population centers.

Of course a few things must happen for this to occur. First, the Fateh-110 and Zelzal missiles must be based in Syria to hit Israeli cities. Maximum range of these missiles is only 300 km (180 mi). The Zelzal is also unguided. Anyway, Israel might hit any Syrian bases first.

The Iranian Zelzal missile.

The Zolfaqar missiles, with a range of 700 km (400 mi), could hit Israel from western Iraq, but this is not likely as Iraqi territory west of Baghdad is Sunni, and not that friendly toward Iranian-backed Shia militias.

Iranian Zolfaghar (or Zolfaqar) missiles on display.

Yes, blackmail may be one way for the regime to do what it wants to do, but in the case of this story about missiles moved into Iraq, a few more things must happen first to make the move effective.

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  1. Gosh, Mark…I hope I get to go to Jordan on tour with Joel next April. Really looking forward to going. Last time that I will probably go to the Middle East. Such an interesting place to be!

    P.S. Glad I got to chat with you during Joel’s visit last week during my first visit to end time church online service last week. I went under the name of “J. Renee'” that was me you were chatting with! LOL


  2. Searches on “Iran IRGC news” will call up recent articles in all sorts of online periodicals. Wikipedia searches on the names of those periodicals reveal their political perspectives. I think it is becoming obvious, from multiple perspectives, that Iran has been preparing for years to invade the Middle East.

    For years, Shia Iranian leaders have declared that Sunni Saudi Arabia is unfit to manage the Hajj pilgrimage that is the fifth pillar of Islam, and that Mecca, the destination of the Hajj, is not owned by Saudi Arabia, but rather by the entire Muslim community.

    For years, there have been proxy wars between Saudi Arabia and Iran:

    But now Saudi Arabia has been directly attacking Yemen.

    While I sympathize with Iranians protesting against their government and with Americans who hope that those protests, combined with American economic sanctions against Iran, will force regime change in Iran, what God inspired Daniel to write must be fulfilled.

  3. Julie,
    Good chattin’ with ya!

  4. Prismplay:
    Thank you for the map.

  5. Mark, you left this one open ended. So what are the “few” things that need to happen? You mentioned blackmail but didnt say who. Are you insinuating a micro sunni shia war as another iraq / iran war? If one of the biggest problems of the ram assuming power is the U.S. then wouldn’t this thing with the Persian gulf that Iran is trying to take over lead the U.S. to war with Iran over the sanctions? The U.S. will not allow the entire Persian gulf to be taken over as Iran could then have control of 25% of the worlds oil supply and change the petro dollar system over night. Hitting our mainland with a super emp, or destroying the petro dollar system would instantly cripple our military world wide as we would loose all funding capabilities. Those two things being the two largest and most likely threats to the U.S. mainland and life as we know it. My point is that Iran will not be able to remove the U.S. from the areas of the map that they need us removed to accomplish what they want by a strategic battle somewhere in the sand box. They will need to cripple our ability to fund our efforts there and everywhere else by the above mentioned scenarios or something similar.
    Your thoughts?

  6. Jesse,
    The few things that need to happen are on the tactical level associated with the missiles located in Iraq. The shorter range missiles need to (1) be moved to Syria and (2) not destroyed by Israel first. The longer range missiles need to be moved to some location closer to Israel, like Syria, since western Iraq is a no-go zone right now for Shia militias. Sorry, I thought this was evident from the post.

  7. Mark, after read this link online…here are some other ways Iran could render the USA immobile and stop us from projecting power so Iran may do all it wants to do in the Middle East. Chilling in its scope of options to exercise. Thoughts?

  8. Iran only has to sink one or possibly two oil tankers in the Straits & the price of oil will double overnight. The US won’t be able to do anything about it no matter how many ships patrol the Persian Gulf. What happens to the economy inside the US when gasoline goes over $5 or $6 dollars per gallon ?? Everyone keeps saying “they” will never let that happen – who in the heck is “they” ?? The US dollar is getting closer to being used for toilet paper every day – much sooner than you realize….

  9. Julie,
    The start of the ram’s charge could be this or any number of things we’ve been watching for, or even all of them.

  10. How about Persia destroys 90%+ of Saudi’s Aramaco Oil facilities on the Persion Gulf with a missile barrage & jets dropping bombs (Red Horse ??). Does Saudi survive this attack or do they start falling apart instantly – will the world still pay for oil in US dollars without Saudi forcing them to.

    What if Persia completely destroys Saudi as possibly foretold – who forces the world to pay for oil in US dollars. Persia could kill the US dollar just by destroying Saudi power plants & oil facilities only – then sink a few tankers in the straits just for fun – gasoline would double in price or worse (Black Horse ??).

    The US produces so much food & medicine for the entire world that it’s amazing – all that would stop very fast (Green Horse ??). What happens if every US military base around the world closes, all 800+ of them.

  11. Steve,
    Remember, all the Bible tells us is the Iranian regime (the kings of Media and Persia) gets to do all it wants (per Dan. 8), and that the second horseman takes peace of mind and stability away from the world (Rev. 6).
    So these two items, which likely involve the oil supply and oil consumption, result in an innumerable number of ways these prophecies can be fulfilled. Your scenario is one possible way among many.

  12. President Trump… during a rally in Southaven Mississippi Tuesday night… implied that the US could withdraw the military protection it provides to the kingdom and warned that the Saudi regime that it wouldn’t survive for “two weeks” without US support. – October 2, 2018

    Too many times I’ve heard people claim “they” would never allow Iran/Persia to do “as it pleases”. If I were living in Saudi and had the ability to get the heck out right now, I would. This whole situation is building up towards war faster & faster by the minute…..

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