“Chronicles” News: Sept. 12, 2018

It looks like the release of the book is slipping from late September and into October, unfortunately.  For many months, progress on the book supported a late September release.

However, with little things occurring to delay release, October is now realistic.  There are just a very few things remaining to be done and so we are very close.

Right now, I would say the middle of October.

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  1. While we are waiting, something caught my attention over the weekend. A minister mentioned that Muslims were being gathered up in Western China and put in concentration camps. Did a little research on the Uyghur Muslims that were being gathered up because it wasn’t making since that China would did this. Interesting enough they historic connection with the Sunnis. What you take on this Mark? Are they doing this because of their alliance with Russia and possibly Shi’a led Iran?

  2. Gary,
    It’s true, the Chinese authorities are putting the Uyghur Muslims in “re-education” camps. They do this because the Chinese Communist Party rules and any rebellion by anyone – Muslim, Christian, Buddhist – is not tolerated.

  3. ordered CHRONICLES today !!!!

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