Preview of a Second Signpost Naval Battle?

The Second Signpost is the coming great invasion of the Middle East, by Iran. The various battles that will ensue can only be guessed at this point.

One of those battles could be at the Strait of Hormuz, where a swarm of IRGC speedboats maneuvering around large US ships might cause a diversion while anti-ship missiles are launched from the Iranian coast.

A Video

The Tasnim News Agency, a propaganda arm of the Iranian regime, has released a video taken six months ago showing IRGC navy speedboats confronting an American aircraft carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt confronted by IRGC speedboats March 21. American insignia can be seen on the deck of the ship. (at 00:23)

Screen grabs of the video (at 00:23 and 00:27) are shown here. One can see the deck of the aircraft carrier with American insignia on a plane, as well as stowed fighters on the deck.

Armed with bullhorns and cameras with zoom lenses, the IRGC soldiers “confront” the US navy ships.

Zoom lens seen in video grab, looking at the deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt with its stowed fighter planes. (00:27)

Could this be a preview of a battle during the Second Signpost? Perhaps. The scene from the point of view of the man in the speedboat looking at that massive wall of ship and armament reminds me of what the Israelites must have seen in their walks around Jericho. And we all know how that battle went.

The world may say the whole scene is ridiculous and what could those speedboats ever do? However, don’t forget Daniel 8:4—the Persian ram did all it wanted and no one could rescue from it.

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  1. “The world may say the whole scene is ridiculous and what could those speedboats ever do?”

    During an IRGC exercise that destroyed a mock-up of a U.S. aircraft carrier, it was found that speedboats can surround a carrier with a mine field within ten minutes. Speedboats are difficult to pick up on radar. By the time they are noticed they can be close enough to launch missiles capable of disabling radar and defense systems. They can swarm in from all directions, making it impossible to deal with them all.

    The aircraft that defend their carriers would have a hard time destroying such small targets that can quickly change directions. To get at them, aircraft would have to fly low. By doing so they would become vulnerable to surface-to-air missiles that some speedboats are equipped with.

    A carrier surrounded by mine fields is an easy target for land-based cruise missiles. Since thousands of people work on a carrier, its destruction would be extremely devastating. For this reason a carrier may be kept too far from Iran’s coming invasion to thwart it.

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