“Chronicles of the End Times” Ready by October’s End

Finally, it is with great pleasure I can announce my new book Chronicles of the End Times, will be ready for purchase by the end of this month. It has completed its final round of approval and is going off to the printer.

The book will be available on Amazon and most other online bookstores.

I will make another announcement here in two or three weeks on this website when it is confirmed as ready.

(A word of caution for those who can’t wait to get their hands on it—since I am self-publishing there is no check done by the printer or publisher to make sure the book is correctly printed. I will be receiving the first copy, and I will be checking to make sure everything was put together correctly. Then I will announce it is good to go. One might be able to find it earlier, but you take the chance of going through the hassle of having to send it back in for a refund. My last book, Iran’s Great Invasion, did have a printing problem at first out of the gate.)

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7 replies

  1. Thanks, Mark–grateful for the update!

  2. Looking forward to reading it! Is Amazon the quickest way in attaining it?


  3. Darrin,
    Short answer – no. Anywhere it is available online should be equally quick.
    But as I cautioned, if you can, wait until I confirm it is printed correctly.

  4. dumb question – how can they sell the book when it’s not in print yet as I already ordered it this morning from Amazon.ca ?? Don’t tell me I have to wait another few weeks do I ?? Such trickery…..

  5. So, Mark, I see it’s on Kindle now…but don’t buy it yet?

  6. James,
    It just became ready.

  7. Steve,
    You found what’s wrong with the self-publishing industry. In self-publishing unlike traditional publishing there is no team to check the printing was done right. The author must do it himself or pay someone to do it. During that time, the bookstores assume it is ready to go and begin selling.
    No you don’t have to wait. See this post.

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