Chronicles of the End Times NOW Ready for Purchase !

Wow, that was fast! From the publisher to the printer to my doorstep—things happened much faster than they have in the past. What used to be a three-week process took only eight days.

After a review to make sure everything is in its place, I can now announce:

Chronicles of the End Times is ready for purchase!

Its already up on Amazon. It looks like they are already taking one-fourth off the retail price of $40!

It is also available as an eBook. However, there is a good amount of page flipping so an eBook may be a bit frustrating.

If you purchase Chronicles on Amazon, and read through it, would you please consider making a review on the Amazon site? It would be appreciated.

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  1. Unfortunately Chronicles does not ship to Ireland so can’t buy from Amazon. 😦

  2. Socoineen,
    Can you get it from It is available there.
    Or perhaps you can get it from this site?

  3. I am a reader of ebooks. But one, all your other books I have read them like that. How is it possible that the Chronicles of the End Times ebook has a “good amount of page flipping” when it is not free? Could you make this fix? It does not seem like a serious product if it has that drawback.

  4. Will be ordering next week. Cant wait to read! Also am curious about any thoughts you may have regarding the news with Saudi Arabia. The means to push southward may be opening up.

  5. Miriam,
    By “page flipping” I mean the reader may want to have his or her finger on the illustration on one page, and may want to read a couple pages after, comparing what they read with the illustration. I’ve never read an eBook, so if I misspoke please forgive.

  6. I am only 20% through the book however am loving it. I obtained the kindle book to allow myself to get off to a head start and because of shipping costs for the hard copy, however have already determined to get the hard copy so I can get ‘tabbing’. Appreciate the huge effort that has gone into this Mark. Unfortunately I jumped ahead to the Daniel 11 chapter at one point as the discussion came up online on the D11 dual prophesy re Antiochus and the AC. I will be looking to stop half-way through the book and do some chiastic comparisons myself with some of the remaining chapters you have chosen, and then comparing to what you have noted to get me into the habit of reviewing scripture this way. I just am overwhelmed by how awesome Gods central messages have been coming through, and will wait until the end of the book to see if you have summarised them all there for each book of the bible you have reviewed.

    Thanks again! Well worth the wait indeed and will need to rethink my intra-seal perspectives by the sound of it:/

  7. Ryan,
    Glad to hear you are loving it. I loved exploring and writing it.
    One thing you might want to consider, and I say this to all potential readers – one shouldn’t skip ahead. I wasn’t sure how to say this over and over in the book, but one must go through Section by Section in numbered order, or a reader could get lost. It starts easy, and gets more complicated. The earlier sections teach the reader how to handle the later sections.
    I was amazed at how chiastics cleared up the Daniel 11 debate about Antiochus vs Antichrist. Don’t forget to check out Appendix B which historically verifies the findings.
    All findings related to end time events are summarized in Section VII.
    God bless!

  8. Mark is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT about NOT skipping chapters…I know this from experience…it was very confusing to me. It was a mix up when he accidentally sent some of his work to me when it was not in order…Mark, I’m terribly sorry I was not as helpful as I should have been but it was astounding to me what was revealed as you read chiastically. This should be profoundly helpful to those who seriously study biblical prophecy and to help those who want to learn as we get closer to the return of Christ.


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