Iranian Rockets versus US Bases

This Reuters article reports that an IRGC commander said that the regime’s missiles could hit all US bases in the region, and US ships in the Persian Gulf.

Sejjil and QADR-H missiles on display in Tehran, September 2017.

Add this statement to the one mentioned here about taking out Saudi Arabia and the oil fields, and the opening salvoes of the Second Signpost could be a massive rocket attack that takes out major opposition to the Persian ram running out from Susa.

It seems rather clear that the IRGC has it in mind that to clear the way for the Persian ram to run out, a saturation bombing via a massive rocket attack using thousands of medium-range missiles will be used on threatening military targets and other strategic targets.

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  1. Had dinner with friends (highly educated) over the holidays & the topic of Iran threatening the US came up. I said all it would take is for Iran to sink a few tankers in the Straits or bomb a few refineries in the Gulf countries & the entire world would screech to a halt. Unanimous reply was “they would never let that happen” & “Iran wouldn’t exist as a country after that” & “so what, we don’t buy their oil anyway”. Not a single person at that table knew what SWIFT or Fiat Currency was. They all think that Gold/Silver is for jewelry only & the world runs on the US dollar. Couldn’t tell them otherwise….

  2. Iron dome missile defense system is being challenged as well….,7340,L-5400264,00.html

  3. We are used to Islamic nations purchasing major military equipment from America, Russia, or Europe. But in August of this year, Iran announced that it is designing and manufacturing their own fighter jets:

    Today, Iran announced that they are designing and manufacturing their own warships:

    Iran’s military capabilities are becoming both independent and sophisticated.

  4. Hi Julie,
    The article’s headline may be a bit sensationalistic for what people think is actually going on. A Mideast war could be in the vicinity of Israel, is what most people might think.
    On the other hand, could it be unintentionally telling us – hinting – that perhaps the Second Signpost is somehow triggered by another war involving Israel?
    Nice catch.

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