An Ayatollah Speaks Remarkably of the Second Signpost

An Ayatollah, one Ahmad Alamolhoda, had something interesting to say about the coming Second Signpost. He is the Friday prayer leader in the Iranian city of Mashhad, and a member of the Assembly of Experts, which is the body that elects the succeeding supreme leader.

Iranian Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda.

It was originally reported on Twitter and spread to a few internet news sites that in one of Alamolhoda’s sermons he spoke of what Iran could supposedly do in the face of the sanctions being reinstated.

Alamolhoda’s Sermon

He said,

“If Iran decides, a single drop of this region’s oil will not be exported.”

Iran deciding to turn off the oil spigot is, of course, the single factor of the Second Signpost causing loss of peace in the world due to the price of oil being driven so high. (By “region” he refers to the Gulf region which provides one-fourth of the world’s oil.)

Confirming this thought, he said that Iran has the power to instantly drive the oil price of oil to $400. In my opinion, this price might be an underestimate, at least for a while.

Going into some detail he also said if Iranian oil is stopped from being sold due to the reinstated sanctions, that regional tankers from other countries would be seized, and Gulf countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia would be destroyed in 60 minutes.

These are remarkable statements in light of the coming Second Signpost.

The Second Signpost

I wrote about this very thing in Daniel Revisited (pp. 203-4):

The second horseman will make men kill each other in the Islamic quarter of the earth, but peace of mind and stability will be taken from the entire earth because of the war in the Islamic quarter of the earth. . . . Can you imagine the impact on the world financial markets and the oil market if Iran were to attack and occupy those regions and cut off one-fourth of the world’s oil supply? . . . When the supply of oil was cut by only 6 percent in the 1973 oil embargo, the price “only” doubled. Everything that depends on oil—from agriculture to building materials, transportation to power, in other words practically everything—would become more expensive. Iranian leadership is serious about starting an Islamic revolution in other Muslim countries and causing chaos; this would be an effective way to maximize chaos.

As I wrote above and in posts like this one, we have an Iranian Ayatollah declaring that Iran could at any time cause the oil price to spike tremendously. The Iranian regime would do this because of its belief that it must cause chaos in order to bring out the long-awaited al-Mahdi.

Iran will do this like Daniel 8 says: the Persian ram will run out to the north, south, and west of Susa.

We do not know the exact tactics Iran would use to begin the Second Signpost and to clear the way for their invading forces. However, I believe we have a clue now.

Ayatollah Alamolhoda is in the Assembly of Experts and is a spiritual supporter of everything the regime is doing. He may very well be in-the-know about the regime’s plans. If he spoke out that Iran could cause a tremendous oil spike any time they chose, than the rocket barrage he portrays as destroying the Gulf states (presumably their oil producing capability) may be the regime’s strategy—rocket attack followed by ground force occupation.

Remarkably, I speculated about an opening rocket attack and wrote a fictional account of such a scene in the prologue of Chronicles (p. 18):

Then the barrage of rocket attacks began all over the Middle East. Starting hours after the supreme leader’s announcement on Tuesday, it was the rocket attack that triggered the turmoil in the oil and other commodity markets. The price of crude oil and energy stocks had already started skyrocketing.


We now have an ayatollah in the regime speaking of not only the possibility of the Second Signpost starting, but what impact it would have.

As we get closer to the tumultuous events of the Second Signpost, I believe it will become more and more obvious to those who know it is coming, that it is indeed coming. The words of this ayatollah remind us it is coming, even if we think it is slow in its approach. The signs, like this one, will increase in number. Also, as I’ve said to many readers, when it arrives, you will not have to ask, “Is this it?” You will know.

Note, too, that the Second Signpost is still incredulous to the world, and so is not picked up by the mainstream media for they may very well look at this as the ranting of a crazy person. This means the Second Signpost will still be a black swan event when it occurs.

If this Signpost is indeed coming and going to play out this way, I pray that our Lord place a burden on all our hearts to find out what the Lord would have each of us do, whether in provision, or study, or telling others, whether before the event or during the event.

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  1. Oil has been sharply dropping, not rising. There are two strategies to consider. Sharp drop in prices does increase likely lay-offs and higher unemployment. Also a sharp drop in production will yield a loss of money and thus political influence for producers. I would have guess as well an increase in prices with sanctions but that is not happening for some reason.

  2. Gary,
    The oil price, whatever it may be prior to the Second Signpost, is only noise. Prices up or down are all normal supply and demand in the world on this side of that Signpost. The oil market will be very different once Iran invades.

  3. America may be blessed to some degree for it’s stance with Israel, oil production is increasing in the US so it may mitigate the pain, on the other hand the EU has stood on the side of evil on more than one occasion so it may be cursed?
    Very anti Israel, pro Hamas and Iran and probably Hezbollah – actually any nation that is anti the God of the Bible and Israel the EU will stand with.

  4. On page 610 of ‘Chronicles” is “A chiasmus of the Spirits of God as Horses.” In Panel D you show markers from Habakkuk 3. There are links between Habakkuk 3 and Isaiah 21:1-10, including the markers. Habakkuk’s marker 9 concerns horses and chariots, also mentioned in Isaiah 21:6-9. Habakkuk’s marker 10 concerns threshing, also mentioned in Isaiah 21:10. Isaiah 21:1-10 could almost act as panel D’.

    Habakkuk 3:16 NIV: “I heard and my heart pounded, my lips quivered at the sound; decay crept into my bones, and my legs trembled.” Isaiah 21:3-4 NIV: “At this my body is racked with pain, pangs seize me, like those of a woman in labor; I am staggered by what I hear, I am bewildered by what I see. My heart falters, fear makes me tremble.”

    What these extreme discomforts are referring to, I believe, is the coming invasion of Saudi Arabia by Iran. I think that Isaiah 21’s “Desert by the Sea” is Saudi Arabia, and “land of terror” is Iran (verse 2’s “Elam” and “Media” designate Iran). Habakkuk 3’s “Teman” (meaning southland) is in Saudi Arabia and “Mount Paran” is in nearby Sinai.

    Iran has criticized Saudi Arabia for acting as though Mecca is owned by Saudi Arabia and not by the greater Islamic community. I expect Iran to purge Mecca of all Saudi connections: “All the images of its gods lie shattered on the ground” (Isaiah 21:9 NIV).

    I would not be writing this if I had not read “Chronicles of the End Times.”

  5. Prismsplay,
    Its interesting how Bible truth leads to more Bible truth, etc. Though I didn’t write about Isaiah 21, I’m glad to see others (you in this case) making more connections. Perhaps I could have made more connections in Chronicles, but three years was enough for one book. I hope the book was a blessing for you.

  6. Reading the posts….believing hidden manna is seeing biblical truth that runs deeper than the surface.

  7. “I hope the book was a blessing for you.”

    Not was. Is.

  8. Prismsplay,
    Thank you for the correction.

  9. Perhaps Iran wrecks Mecca enough – radiation? – such that the black rock idol will need another place to go. Israel wants to help its new team members that it helped to repel the Iranian invasion with by offering up or allowing the Dome of the Rock site in return for being allowed to rebuild the temple. Or maybe Israeli technology is used to de-radiation-ize the black rock such that it could be transported safely to the Temple Mount. At some later point the Anti-Christ decides to put the black rock into the Holy of Holies as he betrays his former anti-Iranian allies.

    The black rock certainly qualifies as an abomination that causes desolation.


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