The World in the End Times, Shown In A Diagram

The purpose of this post is to describe how the entire world may be set up for the end times, based on the findings from chiastics in Chronicles of the End Times. This post is not saying what will happen, but what might happen, based on this chiastic study.

The diagram presented here will be used as an illustration, giving us a picture of the talking points. This picture is not found in Chronicles, but is created from the information presented in Chronicles.

The different parts of the world in the end times.

The concentric circles shown in the diagram reflect the way the world will be arranged in the end times.

The Diagram

Israel is at the center of the diagram. Like the world in the end times, the storm that is coming across the world will have Israel at its center. Many prophecy teachers say the end times is all about Israel, but as one can see in the diagram, the whole world will be dealt with, not just Israel.

The next circle outward is the geographic region surrounding Israel: the Middle East. It is colored green due to it being in the Islamic realm. Most of the Signposts will occur here. The First, Second, and Third in their entirety will be contained in the Middle East. The Fourth Signpost will begin there, but quickly move out beyond that area. The Middle East will provide a portion of the ten nations that will rule with the man who will be Antichrist.

Next outward is the remainder of the Islamic realm. Note that North Africa and Central Asia are labeled and contained in this next outward area. It is green also, like the Middle East, because it is part of the Islamic realm today. The remaining portion of the ten nations of Islam will come from this area (as shown in Daniel Revisited, Ch. 12).

The next area outward is the remaining area of, what I call, Center Earth. The outer boundary of Center Earth, colored reddish-brown, abuts East Earth and West Earth. Note that in this area of Center Earth, is Africa (the southern half), and Europe (the western and central European nations). The green arrows pointing outward from the Islamic realm denote the areas that the man who will be Antichrist will conquer during the first half of the seventieth week.

The arrows pointing inward on Israel denote the Antichrist conquering and overrunning Israel during the 42 months of the Great Tribulation.

The Antichrist’s realm, I believe, as chiastics shows us, will be limited to Center Earth only.

Lastly, the outer area of the great circle, or, the great city, is West Earth and East Earth. West Earth consists of the Americas. East Earth consists of those nations labeled in the diagram—China, India, and Russia, and including all the areas China will conquer and rule.

MB is the Whole World

From the chiastics shown in Chronicles, as reported in this post and this post, Mystery Babylon (MB), the great city, is the entire world, made up of all the human beings who ever existed who will not be living in the Holy City, the New Jerusalem.

The World/MB Divided Into Three

Revelation 16:19 tells us MB is divided up into three parts: “The great city was split into three parts.” Therefore, the entire world is divided into three pieces. Those parts are: West Earth, Center Earth, and East Earth, as we see in the diagram.

Chiastics shows us that the echo of Revelation 16:19 (the seventh bowl) is Revelation 16:13 (the sixth bowl) which tells of the three unclean spirits coming out of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet.

Each of these three spirits corresponds to each of the three parts of MB. Each of the three figures that the spirits come out of corresponds to three of the four soils in the parable of the sower (Matt. 13:3-9, 18-23). Granted, this parable applies to the receptiveness of individual souls to the gospel. However, the receptiveness to the gospel by whole groups of nations can also be seen.

This is the connection to the observation today of how the nations are grouped in regards to how they responded to the gospel. I wrote about this observation in this post.

The Three Parts

East Earth

East Earth was formed first. It was formed out of maybe one of the greatest spiritual battles to be witnessed, as half of humankind was held in the balance. Believe it or not, its origin can be nailed down to 528 BC. The incredible message of the living God, given out to the whole world in Aramaic in the form of Daniel 2–7, caused the forces of hell to panic. The message would have been available around 530 BC.

In the east, where half of humanity existed, and still exists to this day, the thousands of philosophers and monks who lived in wandered over the east at that time, would have been screened and nurtured to create a state religion and a state system of morals, over India, China, and the rest of the east.

And so it was in 528 BC, a man named Gautama figured out how to supposedly rid himself of anger, lust, and corruption, and that he was achieving enlightenment. According to legend, the god Brahma (i.e., a powerful demon) argued for, and cajoled, Gautama to spread his new found beliefs to the human race. The man was convinced, and he became known as the Buddha.

Also, and not coincidentally in 528 BC, a 19-year-old man named Confucius had just lost his mother. He spent the next three years mourning her and thinking deeply about what life was all about. He was convinced he needed to gather the disparate writings in China to create a system of morals.

At that time also, the beliefs of Hindu were written down for west India.

East Earth then had its own state religions and systems of morals. Today, Confucianism, Hinduism, and Buddhism dominate East Earth. The nations of East Earth became the path in Matthew 13, not understanding Christianity. They are echoed chiastically by one of the unclean spirits of Rev. 16:13, the one that came from the dragon, which is the evil one who scoops up the seed from the path. Even today, not quite 10 percent of all the people there are Christian.

In the end times, God will allow East Earth’s moral systems to be stripped away by tyranny, i.e. China’s communist party. We are already seeing signs of this. China is planting military bases beyond its immediate borders. It claims the entire South China Sea. Its military is growing in power and sophistication. It seeks to erase China’s century of humiliation. It looks to take back Taiwan.

East Earth will resist the Antichrist with the whole area being a bulwark against the Antichrist’s realm.

Center Earth

Center Earth was the second part of the great city to be formed. It can be shown that it started in AD 632. Unlike East Earth where hell had time to inoculate the peoples of earth from the message of God including the gospel, there wasn’t that much time in Center Earth.

After Christ gave his disciples the great commission, Christianity spread out over Center Earth.

The strategy for Center Earth was not a preemptive strike like it was for East Earth, but it was a strategy of damage control. Islam came pouring forth out of the Arabian Peninsula starting in AD 632. One of its central messages is that God has no son. It is a direct counter to the faith in Christ. Islam was also the iron-leg empire of Daniel 2:40 that not only crushed the other empires, but crushed everything else it touched like Egypt, North Africa, and Central Asia.

The people within it fell away from the gospel. It took centuries, but they did fall away. Europe also fell away in the last few centuries due to the Enlightenment. During the latter part of the Fourth Signpost it will finish making the peoples of Europe and southern Africa also fall away.

We are seeing foreshadows of this situation. The guilt of the European people, and the bad decisions made by the ANC in South Africa, are all precursors.

As 2 Thessalonians 2:3 says, the great falling away will occur first, before Antichrist is revealed. People fell away centuries prior to the end times, and will continue to do so during the end times. Center Earth is echoed in chiastics by the unclean spirit that came from the mouth of the Antichrist, the one who will make people fall away.

West Earth

West Earth, the third and final part of the great city, formed last, in AD 1492.

Hell didn’t need to worry about the people of West Earth because the lure of wealth is enough to get most people off the narrow path. This entire part of the world was discovered by people seeking wealth, was settled by people seeking wealth, and even had written in the Declaration of Independence of the most powerful and richest nation the human race has ever seen, that one of our basic God-given rights is the right to pursue happiness. This should have been a pursuit of salvation and a relationship with Christ, but, alas, it has been by most a pursuit of wealth.

Just as God wants to save as many in the East as possible by taking away their excuse to ignore God via their morals and so are given tyranny, so too, He wants to save as many in the West and so will take away the West’s excuse not to pursue God, i.e. the pursuit of wealth. For this reason, the West will endure grinding poverty in the end times. We are getting hints of this from the loss of the US petrodollar in the Second Signpost which will cause many economic dominoes to fall. We are also seeing a preview in Venezuela.

West Earth is echoed chiastically in Rev. 16:13 by the unclean spirit that comes out of the mouth of the false prophet. He is the figure concerned with economics. This does not mean that the mark will spread to the West, but his persona reflects economics and wealth.

The USA, Canada, and Latin America, as shown in the diagram, make up the West.

The Three Parts

All three parts will likely be at war with each other in the end times. Revelation 16:12–16 (and Daniel 11:44) specifically says Center Earth and East Earth will be at war.

If East Earth is ruled by China, and Center Earth is ruled by Antichrist, what will rule West Earth? We can only guess. The conditions politically will be such that poverty will rule. The USA may be attacked by Russia and China and be brought down. That would certainly do it. However, there could be any number of scenarios. The West could be ruled by one brutal socialist empire, or could be made up of a series of petty warlord states.

Today, we see hints at the coming warfare between the three parts. China is attempting to reeducate the Muslim Uighurs on its western province. We see another flare-up of the ongoing war between India and Pakistan. There is antagonism between NATO and Russia and China.


If you are a follower of Christ in the West, trust Him to supply your needs. If in the East, continue to live your life for Christ under tyranny and be a light for Christ, just as Chinese Christians have done since the communist party took power in 1949.

If you are a follower of Christ in Center Earth, we are told in the chiastic central message of all of Revelation what to do. In Revelation 12:11 it says of the saints: “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. (NIV 1984)”

(As a final note, any future posts about the nations outside of the Middle East, as showing signs of the end times, will use this post as a foundation. The Second Signpost will bring down the West, but will allow the East to rise.)

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15 replies

  1. Whoa Mark! This is superlative Godsight! It brings me great joy to see the light we have been given through this ancient hermeneutic. I worship God for His accurate, complex and patterned written Word to us all and for His spokespersons. What a great God we serve, Who has and is patiently, mercifully dealing with all the world’s people, calling us and affirming the truth to us! How GOOD it is to be His child, yes, even His discipline speaks of our Father’s constancy in love. Thank you, Mark for this contribution of your gifting given to God for edifying the Church in the end times,

  2. “The West will endure grinding poverty … We are also seeing a preview in Venezuela.” We are seeing grinding poverty in Venezuela because of its socialism, which stifles the pursuit of happiness.

    Late in 2018, the U.S.A. became the world’s largest producer of oil and a net exporter of energy.

    If the U.S.A. is to endure grinding poverty, it will be because socialist bullies will have shut down U.S.A. oil production through New Green Deal, concerning which President Trump has said, “It sounds like a high school term paper that got a low mark.”

  3. Prisms,
    The poverty will stem from whatever comes along to make it. It could be an invasion, or a socialist regime, or any number. And yes, God may take away the pursuit of wealth as happiness and replace the pursuit with pursuit of God.

  4. Hi Mark, hope you are well, I would appreciate more information on Southern Africa and particular the role of South Africa and your insights on role of the government in the last days in accordance to your groupings of the Nation.
    Thanks in advance

  5. Hi Patrick,
    I will be writing more about Southern Africa and the RSA, as I will about different parts of the world. Thanks for asking.

  6. Thanks again, Mark, for exercising your communication gifts in shining more light of understanding on the end times. The books, emails and other efforts in communicating which you’ve been working at will undoubtedly become increasingly valuable to all those who take an interest in their messages. As you know and have been teaching, we need increased insight in part because we need to prepare ourselves both inwardly and outwardly for the times ahead.

  7. The Western churches seem lost in materialism (prosperity/overt individualism gospel) or this new social justice movement that is really reformed Marxism. The Pilgrims had a cooperative view with regard to ownership and working together. You’re input above is interesting.

  8. You may have seen the ping-back from my sharing this under a fuller title Mark. One of my readers told me at church of the immediate physical response he’d got from Holy Spirit upon seeing your schematic, indicating your thesis is on the right lines!

  9. Richard,
    Thanks for word of that confirmation!

  10. Really awesome summary Mark. Appreciate this.

  11. This is extremely interesting to me, Mark. I lean towards geo-political and political science explanations, since they all involve the sovereignty of God and His governance. Jesus has all authority in Heaven and on Earth.

    How do you see AI playing into the antichrist rule?

  12. “The Three Parts of the Great City” diagram is a succinct picture of the spiritual state of the world. The green arrows look ominous because they indicate realities.

    This old diagram of the deep state in Britain, Europe, and America no longer looks ominous, because the world government that it predicted won’t happen.

    The deep state thought they were clever promoting massive migrations into Britain, Europe, and America. They thought these would destroy resistance against world government. In 2016, they were shocked by the Brexit vote and the election of an America First President. They are now fuming over Hungary’s and Poland’s border barriers, which European Union leaders say are illegal.

    Those who still think that there will be a European Antichrist should read “The Islamic Antichrist” by Joel Richardson, which can now be read without cost at:

    Click to access Islamic-Antichrist.pdf

  13. Prisms,
    The European elite will be made powerless. Thanks for the info regarding Joel’s book.

  14. Mark,

    The Joel’s Trumpet website has a page titled “Free Resources,” which used to have only non-English translations of books by Joel Richardson and a number of his articles in English. To this page has now been added the English texts of all of Joel’s books, even “The Mystery of Catastrophe” just published.

    The reason why Joel has taken this unusual step is that he is convinced that the prophesied events of the end times are about to happen, and he believes that his books could help people be better informed about coming events. Although the list of non-English translations of his books is already impressive, he is planning further translations.

  15. Prisms,

    Joel may be right…but Jesus will NOT return before 2030. However, in the coming decade things will likely become very dicey indeed. And AI will have much to do with it as that is what is expanding like nothing else in this world. In fact, it is my opinion that the AOD will like be a very high AI that is demon and satanically controlled.


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