“Iran’s Great Invasion” To Be Available Here as a Free PDF

Some time in March or early April, my book Iran’s Great Invasion will be available as a free pdf for download from this site. I’ll make an announcement here when it is actually available.

I’ve been thinking and praying about this for a while. Time is growing short and the message needs to get out.

It will still be available for sale on Amazon and other book sites, for those who desire a hard copy.



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  1. Just out of curiosity, how many copies of Daniel Revisited and Iran’s Great Invasion all together have sold since you’ve wrote them? Just wondering how many have had a chance to hear the message?
    I know when I speak to people about it they just kind of give me that blank stare/this guy is a nutty christian look LOL.

  2. Jesse,
    There are something like 1 billion protestants in this world. I estimate only 1 in 100,000 has heard the message.

  3. This is something like, Jesse, 1/100k of those claiming to have some knowledge of the sign post message. And I bet most of those have a life long interest in biblical prophecy…we are a very special microcosm of the Body of Christ.


  4. Thank you Mark and Julie.
    Reason I ask is to say that releasing “Iran’s Great Invasion” on PDF form in a link on the website might very well be a very good strategy to double or triple that number very quickly. Though in my opinion it will take the charging from Susa for many past that to have much interest. Most are just waiting for the rapture I think.
    I was meaning to ask how many USA sales of the books, but I suppose world wide is more important.

  5. That’s right, Jesse. Since the signpost message has not penetrated beyond one-thousandth of one percent of the church, you and our fellow brothers and sisters can spread it via this pdf. And, yes, it will likely only explode once the ram really runs out. I praise God you and others are a part of this.

  6. Very interesting conversation between Mark, Jesse and Julie. And I want to add my voice here. Same story because even my dear bible believing children mostly give me a stare. They say it’s because I’m older now that I believe the End Times are near. I decided not to keep quiet about it and whenever the opportunity arises I’m sowing seeds. But As Mark said once the ram really runs out some people will start to realise what’s going on.

  7. Ok, I’m really confused by this statement — “There are something like 1 billion protestants in this world. I estimate only 1 in 100,000 has heard the message.” — what do you consider a “protestant” & what “message” have they not heard ?? I thought that every follower outside of the Roman Catholic was considered a “protestant” because they don’t adhere to the church teachings over the bible. Am I missing something ??

  8. Steve,
    Sorry for any confusion. The message is the Signpost interpretation of prophecy. Yes, I believe there are about 1 billion non-Catholic/Orthodox Christians, i.e. protestants.

  9. Mark,

    I so appreciate your insights and dedication. Any update of making the PDF available?


  10. John,
    It is available. Follow the link and you’ll find it. Bless you, brother.

  11. I missed the update. Thanks so much!

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