Iran’s Great Invasion – A Free PDF

My book, Iran’s Great Invasion and Why It’s Next in Bible Prophecy, is available as a free pdf on this page.

Share it with as many as you can. The ebook and softcover will continue to be on sale at online book stores.

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  1. Hi Mark!

    Though not about your book directly, on May 5, 2019 Sunday evening, National Security Advisor John Bolton true to is hawkish nature just announced that a Navy Carrier Strike Group has been deployed as well as a bomber task group to UN Central Command to send a very clear message to Iran that any attack on the United States interests or our allies will be met with unrelenting force…and this thru a series of tweets from CNN and an office WH press release…here we go!

  2. Iranian cleric threatens U.S. Navy fleet amid warning regime could target commercial ships:

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