Israeli Elections Generate a Government to Face the Second Signpost

During the Second Signpost, Iran’s IRGC and Basij forces will be running amok all over the Middle East.

But Israel will survive. We know this because of Scriptures telling us Israel will face the Antichrist during the Great Tribulation, which is long after the Second Signpost.

What is more, Israel will likely expand and become even more powerful than it already is. Israel will likely occupy lands east of the Jordan River that the Antichrist will avoid while conquering the Islamic realm (Dan. 11:41), in his preparations for the Tribulation, during the Fourth Signpost.

If the Psalm 83 war is to be a real, prophesied war, it will likely occur during the Second Signpost. I posted about this here. Psalm 83 speaks of a great victory for Israel, and suggests the mastermind behind it is the Iranian regime.

The Third Temple may very well be built prior to the seventieth week.

With all these prophesied encouraging developments—great victory during the Second Signpost, great territorial gains, building a Third Temple—the nation of Israel would need a government with its trust in the God of Abraham, and with the same boldness to indeed reach out and acquire territory in the same spirit that Caleb told the ancient Israelites that they could very well take the land since God had promised it to them (Num. 13:30).

The Recent Parliamentary Election

Israel had a parliamentary election this past Tuesday, April 9.

Benjamin “Bebe” Netanyahu, age 69, and his Likud party won a great victory. Netanyahu, who appreciated Trump recognizing the Golan Heights as sovereign Israeli territory, and who wants to have ceded to Israel the West Bank settlements, will continue to be the Prime Minister.

Benjamin Netanyahu waves to supporters on the night of the election. AP photo

There are 120 seats in the Knesset. A majority is 61 seats. The Likud party increased its hold from 30 to 36 seats. The two leading Jewish Orthodox parties increased their seat count from 13 to 15. All told, the religious and conservative parties, in coalition with Likud, will hold 65 seats.

At least until the next election, there will be no two-nation deal with the Palestinians, and geopolitical situations will be taken advantage of as they appear.

This would include, as Psalm 83 suggests, the enemy peoples surrounding Israel attacking each other just as the Midianites did.

This would include standing firm in the face of the IRGC spreading its Revolution in the Muslim countries surrounding Israel.

If Netanyahu stays in power long enough, and lives long enough, he may even be the prime minister of Israel when the Antichrist shows up outside of Jerusalem.

We may have in Israel right now the proper government to face the end times.

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  1. We were also interested to read that the ultra-orthodox groups were looking to form a mini-alliance to counter-act any peace deal which included partitioning of Jerusalem etc. Considering the strength of the ultra-orthodox groups(compared to previous elections), we could possibly see a more significant push by them in the Knesset for a temple in exchange for other peace deal concessions.

  2. Hi Mark,

    I have just returned from touring Jordan last week. The only “lands” east of the Jordan River mentioned in your post that Israel would likely control is, of course, the nation of Jordan itself. I enjoyed my first experience in being in a secular muslim country and hearing from a local Christian-Jordanian Pastor in the city of Madaba the first day we were there was encouraging. God is moving powerfully on behalf of his Son, the Lord Jesus, in Jordan as evidenced by a video and message from the pastor as our tour group heard his personal testimony and christian work. Jordan is the quiet house in a very noisy neighborhood and that is an accurate description as I observed it personally.

    Israel in the future controlling Jordan would make sense because of the biblical relevance of that country to Israel and the current inter-relationship between the two countries. Jordan governs the Temple Mount (spiritual Ground Zero) in Jerusalem though Israel handles its security, Mt. Nebo is there in Jordan where Moses looked out over the promised land and finally, this was were where some of the ancient Hebrew tribes were given their part of the promised land by God. Therefore, God has future plans for Jordan and will protect it from invasion by Anti-Christ for his own purposes.


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