The Second Signpost: End of the USA As We Know It?

For years now, we have been watching for the coming Second Signpost, Iran’s great invasion of the Middle East. We have also watched developments beyond the Middle East, and across the world. To that end, the events of the last year or so may cause us to expand our view as to how the Second Signpost might unfold.

Daniel 8:4 tells us about the Persian ram’s charge outward from Susa: “No other beasts could stand before him nor was there anyone to rescue from his power, but he did as he pleased (NASB).” This, of course, would mean the United States would be either unable to project power in the Middle East to stop Iran, or its forces in the Middle East might be defeated by Iran. With the oil immediately cut off, and the US Petrodollar ended, the US might be in a difficult place to project power. I wrote about this in this post.

However, other things are starting to enter the picture. And things may be looking worse for the United States, to the point that it might not be the same country when the Second Signpost begins.

Iran and Russia and China

Iran and Russia and China all have their own goals to be sure. However, to accomplish them, it comes down to a single common theme: neutralize the power of the United States.

Starting with Iran, the Bible seems to be showing us what the Iranian regime wants to do and will do. The Iranian regime—the kings of the Medes and Persians—want to spread their Shia Revolution to all Muslim countries. I believe they are ready, but their only threat is the United States military.

Next is Russia. It stands out since it has been helping Iran for years now. What does Russia want? From all the news and history and analysis I’ve seen, I believe it wants to be secure from their surrounding neighbors, especially from the Sunni Muslim realm. Russia has been at war with Sunni Islam on and off for all of Russia’s existence which is about one-thousand years. (Did you know they suffered, i.e. were the victims of a large slave trade based in the Crimea? In terms of human trafficking it was half the size of the Atlantic trade.) Add Napoleon and Hitler, and this is why they want security.

This is why they produce all their own oil, and more for export. This is why they took back Crimea (which, if you know Russian history, makes perfect sense) which is the location for the entire Russian Black Sea fleet. And this is why they are disappointed the United States isn’t allying with them against Islam. The US is instead allying with Sunni Islam via Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. The US has also been deploying forces to NATO allied countries right at Russia’s doorstep.

This is why I earlier wrote that I think the Russian government knows the Second Signpost is coming. With oil at sky-high prices, and with Iran being a thorn in the side of Sunni Islam nations, Russia should be in a much better position than it is now. It would be rich from high oil prices, and not have to worry for at least a while about its Sunni Islam neighbors.

However, to both allow Iran to run out, and to remove the United States as a superpower getting in the way of Russia’s goals, their threat is the United States military, and its economic power.

Finally, what does China want? China wants to be the next world superpower. It looks like they will attain their goal according to Rev. 16:12. They will at least be powerful enough to threaten the Antichrist. China has established its own oil marketplace, and converted its own currency to be gold-backed. It has the second largest gold reserve in the world after the US reserve, assuming it is still there. The only threat to China expanding and invading is the United States military and to achieve world domination China needs to contend with the US economy.

We see three nations working together, all with their own goals, but requiring the same action to allow the goals to be realized: neutralize the power of the United States.

The Means to Neutralize the US

Up to ten years ago, the US and Russia had nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them that were roughly comparable. New technologies would upset the balance of power, but they were always years away. That has changed.

I confess I was not paying attention to these new technologies coming in to play. Our mainstream media reported that Russia had new hypersonic missiles. I didn’t pay attention because all ballistic missiles are hypersonic. So at the time the news seemed like a non-starter. It should have been reported that Russia has new hypersonic cruise missiles. That’s very different.

First we need some explanations before going on. A missile is ballistic if it goes up beyond the atmosphere (typically), and follows an arc and then comes down to some target. The US can see a ballistic missile for a good part of an hour before it arrives. Russia has created new weapons to go around America’s formidable ballistic missile defenses. A cruise missile is different. It flies above the ground, level, like an airplane.

A new technology that the US has attempted to develop is the scramjet (Supersonic Combustion Ramjet). This engine would allow vehicles to travel from Mach 5 (hypersonic speed) to perhaps Mach 8 or 9 (“Mach” is the speed of sound, 750 mph at sea level, so Mach 8 is 8 times that). The US has not been very successful, with scramjets working for only seconds at a time.

As this Forbes article states, “We’re still at the stage of just getting scramjets to fly.” The Pentagon believes we can field such weapons by 2025. However, Russia has had more success. Apparently, Russia is on the verge of deploying hypersonic cruise missiles powered by scramjets, right now.

On March 1, 2018, Russian leader Vladimir Putin announced new weapons to be deployed. Russia’s new weapons will either give no warning, or give a warning on the order of a few minutes. I was skeptical when Putin said they were unstoppable. But after researching the topic, it looks like what he claimed is true. At least for the next few years. Out of the six or so weapons announced, two are of the most concern.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin announces new weapon systems to soon be deployed.

The Zircon cruise missile can be launched from any platform whether ship, submarine, plane, or land. The way it would be launched is that a plane or ship or sub would release the missile off the coast of enemy territory, it would then fly within 1,000 feet of the ocean or land surface, and travel in excess of Mach 5. Its range is less than 300 miles, but it would only take 5 minutes to go wherever it is going. Command centers and other strategic targets near the US coast could be taken out with little warning.

An illustration of the Zircon hypersonic cruise missile. Today, it is unstoppable, reaching its targets in a few minutes of launch.

Even more concerning is the so-called Poseidon torpedo, which Russia also calls “Status-6.” Typical torpedoes are 2 feet wide and 30 feet long. They can punch a hole into the side of any large ship. This “torpedo” (more like an underwater drone) is 6 feet wide and 80 feet long. It contains a nuclear-powered engine to allow it to cruise thousands of miles at speeds up to 80 mph, underwater. Its payload would be a 100-MT H-bomb, which is twice the yield of the largest bomb ever tested.

The Poseidon torpedo (called “Kanyon” by the Pentagon), with a simplified diagram of its components.

The Poseidon is also so quiet, it can only be detected from 2 miles away or less. It only needs to get to 3 or 4 miles away from an aircraft carrier to take out the entire carrier group at one time. More concerning, it can slow down to less than 20 mph, then becoming virtually quiet, and so can take its time and settle on the sea bottom right outside of a coastal city like New York City. A 100-MT blast would take out all five boroughs and then some. It is also modeled that the Poseidon could settle at the end of the continental shelf, detonate, creating a high tsunami. The Poseidon has a range of 6,000 miles, and can rest on the ocean bottom for a time before detonating.

The Pentagon believes the Russians actually have the weapon. This Popular Mechanics article presents a war scenario in which Russia begins World War 3 using these new weapons. There is only one reason to develop such missiles: to take out the current superpower that has an edge in ballistic missiles, and counter that edge some other way. With the US effectively blinded by its command centers being taken out, and major coastal cities being destroyed, the US would not be in a position to stop Iran from doing anything.

With this strategic situation taking shape, it seems incredible to me that the Deep State in this country would be pushing for war. Don’t they understand that for the first time in decades, the US could easily lose a major war and be crippled? Why would they do this if Russia really has these weapons? Pride goes before the fall. Perhaps God is befuddling their thinking to allow judgment to come to the US. In Chronicles, I show that the Americas will be desperately poor. Maybe this is the way it happens. Major financial centers like New York, gone. The US petrodollar and even the Fed, gone. Oil to fuel industry and homes and cars, very expensive.

Iran would then be free to begin the Second Signpost, with no interference, and with no one rescuing nations from their actions, just like Daniel 8:4 says.

How These New Weapons Change Things

The US would not be available to keep Europe safe from Russia or safe from the Antichrist.

The US would not be available to keep Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, or New Zealand safe from China.

All nations in the free world would be on their own, vulnerable to oil shortages and threatened by China or the Antichrist.

Back in the US, due to the disruptions in electricity and communications that are probable where strategic targets are being hit with nuclear weapons, American Christians may not even be able to watch, or be aware of, the Second or Third Signposts unfolding in the Middle East. Most US territory away from the coasts would be untouched. There is a chance would be done.

Israel will be all by herself also. This is where God gets to show His glory. The Psalm 83 war will be won only by God’s miracles.

The US could take any number of news forms.


Lastly, if all this is true, we as Christ’s servants knowing the Signpost message, here in America, cannot wait until the Second Signpost actually begins. The message must be spread now. We will have to pray and ask Him to direct our actions, and spread the Signpost message however we can with God’s direction.

I am hopeful that Christ’s servants in other countries will be able to spread the Signpost message once the Second Signpost begins.

I had to pray through all this as I was learning and considering. It does make the future in America and her allies take a darker turn. However, my God has shown me who He is, and how He operates, and so I know He will take care of me, even to the point of Job 13:15. I pray you also have, or will have, that kind of relationship with the God of the universe, when the Second Signpost begins.

Just remember, Christ our Lord is coming.

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30 replies

  1. What about Iran using an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) from a nuclear weapon? That will cripple the US faster and worse more that anything else. Why? Because of the Internet!!! Electric cars, power grids, military computers, all gone in a second! Isaiah 18???

  2. Something big has to happen to USA in order for Iran to attack.

  3. Martinezjosei,
    I believe other powers would want the population and interior of the country preserved for its farms, etc. But we will find out.

  4. An EMP would be the simplest way to take the US out of the picture. We would be totally crippled, and it is estimated that 90 percent of the population would die off within the first year. No destruction to the land. Cheap and easy.

  5. Great write up brother Mark. This scenario seems to be one of the most possible scenarios I have ever heard of for a collapse of our society other than an EMP. I do still think that EMP would be quick and easy for our enemies but this scenario seems just as probable.
    Do you happen to know how many of the Poseidon’s Russia has? I assume that they are setting up to have enough to wipe out our entire coast East/West/South and probably have double that so that they can use them as threats to others if needed. I hear about these on Trunews a month or so ago. If i am close it would take 6-8 of them to reach all of our coast line for the most part. I am only 1 mile from the coastline here in Maine. But I’m as far north as Bangor, so maybe we’d be OK. I just hope that there are still 2 more years left cause then I move to the mountains to a very strategic safe location.

  6. Jesse,
    I’ve seen reports and all agree it is about 30 Poseidons.
    The reason I don’t think EMP will be used is rather morbid. I believe China may have designs on the US population in fly-over country.

  7. What does “China may have designs on the US population in fly-over country.” this mean?

  8. The assumption that Iran will not invade the Middle East until the U.S.A. is first disabled may be wrong. When the time is right for Iran to invade, there may be an awareness, thanks to Daniel Revisited, that it would be foolish to stand in the way of what must happen. America is already withdrawing from Deep State war-mongering in the Middle East. At a time when America is finally trying to organize for her own best interests, why would she want to throw it all away again? “Let Allah sort it out!” would be America’s natural response to a Shia-Sunni war in the Middle East.

    Psalm 83 seems to be always on the brink of fulfillment. It is not listed in Revelation 6, Daniel 7, or Daniel 8 as a signpost.

    Let us not wish harm on America so that the second signpost can happen. God has used, is using, and will use America for good in this world.

  9. I am surprised that you didn’t mention anything about what is going on in Venezuela and how China, Russia & North Korea is supporting the suppressive Maduro. All of South America and the US is supporting regime change with Guiardo. This Cold War has definitely reignited. Putin and Trump are totally at odds on this because the citizens of Venezuela are being hurt by the Maduro regime. I believe Russia stepped in to put some controls on the world oil production as well.
    I found out that there are three electrical grid system in America. Only one area has put in measures to protect against EMP. The Northeast and West are still very vulnerable. I have been pondering on the possibility that due to recent policies that New York is becoming less spiritually protected due to a laws in not protecting innocent blood being spilled, it brings a curse to the area (Gen 4 & Gen 9:5-6). I can’t rule out that 9-11, that protection was slight pulled back and that it was a warning. There is the real possibility of something worse will happen if things don’t change there.

  10. What do you mean fly over country?

  11. Jesse,
    Per China’s desires, an extrapolation of those desires might mean an invasion of North America, and using the native population as slave labor.

  12. Gman,
    The area of the USA between the coasts, i.e. all the red states.

  13. Very sobering read, Mark. The high generating comment responses is indicative of this dark post. Whatever the means by which God ordains that the West and in particular, the USA becomes ineffective to project power remains to be seen and no doubt it will play out. Iran must control the Mideast with no one to stop them as God’s Word states. How soon and where within the country is war gaming in this post so we don’t take it for granted. The Lord Jesus cannot return before 2030 and the next decade will be critical in that step and our beloved country will be reduced to the side lines in world affairs.


  14. Julie
    How come not before 2030?

  15. I have many reasons to believe that Isaiah 18 refers not fo Ethiopia/Somalia but to America. Ethiopia being the best farther country identified by the prophet without using the word “America” back them. If God sent a prophecy about America to Isaiah, how in the world would the prophet describe such country? Tall clean shaved people? Compared to bearded Middle Easterners, & Arabs?
    Posessing a scary weapon (nuclear) and feared for that? A land divided by rivers? A government where everything is “paperwork”/paper? And politics rules the nation? That sends ambassadors to every other country? And then how is that nation destroyed? By an invisible “mist”?

  16. I was kind of wondering the same thing about 2030, but then got to thinking about it and I think that Julie was giving a rough number based upon that for the Lord to return Paul says (in 2Thes. 2:1-4) “concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and OUR GATHERING TOGETHER TO HIM, we ask you, not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come. Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is god.”
    So according to the signpost perspective there are three more ‘events’ that are about to take place before the AC is revealed. And those events will definitely take a few years to unfold. If you think about how long the first beast of Daniel 7 took it could take a while, but when one looks at news events and things happening it really feels like time is speeding up. So if Iran were to ‘charge out from Susa’ in say two years and they were ‘great’ for say 4+ years and then a Turkey alliance were to shut them down and recreate the whole Islamic realm to a Sunni Muslim for another 4+ years and then the Man of Sin ie, the little horn in Daniel 8 were to rise up after the large horn in Daniel 8 (maybe Erdogan who’s name does equal 666 BTW) ‘was broken’ and unite the quarter of the earth that would be the islamic realm and that would take some more time. And then there is Paul’s words in 2Thes. quoted above. So hence there is easily another 11 years bringing us in to 2030. That is not to speculate on a date setting of the Lord’s return as this could happen a little sooner I suppose or could take a lot longer. But things do really seem to be speeding up. Also that is not to say that we as christians have a lot of time on our hands because things will get really hard and really bad when the Ram wrecks the worlds economy by taking over the oil supply in the Middle East.
    Gman- Have you read “Daniel Revisited” or “Iran’s Great Invasion”? Do you understand the signpost theory and how it fits with the rest of end times scripture?
    *Disclaimer- I am not exactly sure on Mark’s views on the “rapture” though I have some idea from reading all of his books. I myself believe that the Lord will return just like He said in Mathew 24 after the tribulation. But we must not define “tribulation” as the whole of Daniel’s 70th week. Tribulation in Mathew 24 and ‘make war with the saints and overcome them’ in revelation 13 are the same and they mean a persecution time where the AC persecutes those who refuse to worship him and take his mark. That time is very clearly described in Daniel, Mathew, and Rev. as time, times, and half a time and as 42 months, and as 3-1/2 years and also 1,260 days. And it very clearly says that that time starts at the middle of the week. See Matthew 24:15-21 & Daniel 7:21-25 & Rev.13:4-7 & 2Thes.21-4 After he stands up in the temple and declares himself god of this world (abomination of desolation) then there will be a great tribulation (persecution). As for the rest of what christianity today wants to fight and argue about for the timing of the rapture I don’t know. It’s not pretrib as the above four scriptures clearly show. I lean prewrath but could be post i suppose. But what matters is that immediately after the tribulation the sun and the moon will go dark and then every eye will see Him when the sign of the son of man appears in heaven and then he will gather his elect from the four corners of the earth.
    Daniel, Matthew 24 and Revelation all give us a consistent picture and they all line up in a very easy way to understand especially when we don’t think funny things like Daniel 8:17,19,26 really don’t mean what they say and Rev. 4:1 is the rapture when it is obviously just part of the vision for John.
    Last “when you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near” Luke 21:31

  17. Study Google maps for a while and you will notice that there are practically no roads, railways, rivers or passages from China thru the Himalayan mountain range on their eastern border. Calculate how long it would take China to physically move 200 Million soldiers with gear, weapons, transportation & supplies over 2,000+ miles (direct) to north of Israel. Even if China stuck 10,000 soldiers on a single airplane it would take 20,000 airplanes one way – 100,000 soldiers on a ship would be 2,000 ships sailing several weeks for thousands of miles – 100 soldiers on a single bus is 2,000,000 buses for 2 or 3 weeks one way. China can’t possibly be the ‘kings of the east’ from Revelations, but you could easily get 200+ million muslims from the surrounding countries to practically walk to Israel.

  18. Gman,

    From accounts I’ve read, the Lord was born on September 11, 3 B.C. and died in 30 A.D. add 2,000 years to that date we have the date the earliest he could return is 2030. Doesn’t mean that it will be that year, but it can’t before then. I know this is a very simplified answer and the documentation is from various sources along with Scripture. I do wish it was all codified in one location, but it is not and I did not collect it. It is just from all the sources I’ve read and how it revealed its own conclusion which all flowed together beautifully. Don’t ask me to prove it, I don’t have the sources. I’m a bottom line person and that is all I needed to know to satisfy me.


  19. Steve,
    I believe the path may very well be through India. Those troops are to kill one-third of mankind. All the people from Vietnam to Iran, via India, today, number one-third of mankind.

  20. The belt and road initiative also sees an alternative route being re-created through Kazakstan, Uzbekistan Turkmenestan (sorry about the terrible spelling) and down through Iran. Massive amounts of money are being piled into these land corridors, so wouldn’t take much to move a vast volume of troops down towards Israel.

  21. In 2015, while reading Daniel Revisited (2013), I first learned about Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. On April 8, 2019, the Trump Administration issued two statements concerning the IRGC:

    By issuing these statements prior to the fulfillment of Revelation 6:3-4, Daniel 7:5, Daniel 8:1-4, and Isaiah 21:1-4, should they be fulfilled during the Trump Administration’s watch, it can say, “See, we told you so!”

    Meanwhile, reports:

    Five Democratic presidential candidates said they would reenter the Iran nuclear deal that President Donald Trump abandoned last year. Al-Monitor, a Middle East news site, solicited the Democratic candidates about whether they would rejoin the deal. The five who said they would are Sens. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris, D-Calif; Wayne Messam, a south Florida mayor; and Marianne Williamson, a New Age writer. Sanders and Williamson are Jewish.

  22. One of Iran’s responses to the Trump Administration designating the IRGC a terrorist organization was to have its parliament dress in IRGC military fatigue uniforms, sing their national anthem, and chant “Death to America!” Here is some of the actual footage:

    The first horn of the ram (Daniel 8:3) has been the spiritual leaders of Iran, pictures of whom are displayed in the Iranian parliament:

    Iran’s parliament wearing IRGC uniforms is their recognition of the growing power of the second horn of the ram. Read “Daniel Revisited” chapter 10!


    The current national anthem of Iran was adopted in 1990. Its lyrics, translated into English, read:

    Upwards on the horizon rises the Eastern Sun
    The light in the eyes of the Believers in Truth
    The Month of Bahman is the brilliance of our faith.
    Your message, O Imam, of independence, and freedom, is imprinted on our souls
    O Martyrs! Your clamours echo in the ears of time:
    Enduring, continuing, and eternal,
    The Islamic Republic of Iran.

    The ram’s two horns, mentioned in Daniel 8:3, are mentioned in this anthem. “O Imam” refers to their Supreme Leader. “O Martyrs” refers to their military, dominated by the IRGC.

    “Eastern Sun” corresponds with Daniel 8:4, which mentions the ram pushing in every direction except east, the direction from which the sun is seen to rise.

    Since the anthem was adopted in 1990, it could not have been influenced by “Daniel Revisited” (2013) by Mark Davidson. Yet it seems to correspond with what that book says about Iran.

  24. Prisms,
    Nicely done, and interesting.


    This site is a gateway to information in English about Iran. It is produced by proud Iranians who think that Iran’s current government is out of control. It now features a comprehensive study of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Here is their summary statement:

    “The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is the Islamic Republic of Iran’s most important institution. The military-security institution commands huge influence in every aspect of Iranian public life, from culture and the environment to the economy, politics and judicial process. Whatever the field or area, the IRGC is not required to report to anybody and is answerable to no one.

    “The IRGC was created early after the 1979 Islamic Revolution by the order of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Its declared mission was to safeguard the revolution and its accomplishments. As the years have gone by, it has expanded its sphere of activities. The entities under its control have multiplied to such a degree that it now operates effectively as a parallel government. It interferes in all current affairs of the country and it aims to have control over every aspect of the way Iran is run.”

    The day after The Trump Administration named the IRGC a terrorist organization, IranWire published this cartoon:

  26. Mark,

    Below is a small exert from “Koenig’s Eye View from the White House”. Bill Koenig has been in Washington for decades gathering “inside” Washington insights and news. Highly respected Christian news man with no large media platform. He publishes his newsletter monthly as a subscription service. He is a great source of information about what’s going on in our world.

    Bill’s subscription is $30 per year. I’ll glad pay the fee if you want to subscribe. Check him out at:


    How will Iran respond to tougher U.S. sanctions on oil and the designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terror organization?

    U.S. embassies and military bases are on high alert over Trump’s tougher Iranian sanctions.

    Senate Democrats and Rand Paul are telling Trump he can’t declare war with Iran without congressional approval.

    In response to Senator Paul’s question this week on this matter, Secretary of State Pompeo stated that the Iran confrontation is viewed as part of the 9/11 terror response, in other words part of that war declaration.

    Iran continues their movement into every area of influence in Iraq. The U.S. and Israel are greatly concerned about Iranian missile deployments pointed at Israel. Some Iraqi leaders are calling for the U.S. to fully depart Iraq.

    Haaretz reported that Egypt has pulled out of the U.S. effort to forge an “Arab NATO” with key Arab allies, according to four sources familiar with the decision, in a blow to the Trump administration’s strategy to contain Iranian power.

  27. Hello Mark. Here is an insightful article in the Israeli press about China’s encroachment in the region:,7340,L-5501134,00.html

  28. Is it not possible that the next event to happen is the goat to come,and attack the ram or Iran?has not Iran pushed north south and west already do they not have control of much of the middle East already? The USA is just waking up to this fact,and are they not now sending carriers to the area. Really the only option USA has now is for them to support a NATO ally so it looks more like Turkey,s beef..Mark could not the second signpost be done?is there not to much time gone between Iraq and the second signpost are these not to proceed one after the other?

  29. Mike,
    I say to your question asked, as all who ask, pay very close attention to the words of the Bible. Has the Persian ram (the Regime) got to do everything they want to do as in Daniel 8? The answer is “no” because they want to spread their Revolution to every Muslim nation in the area and make that each country’s government. In addition, the ram butts, which is shocking. No shock yet.
    The second horseman has not caused peace to be taken from the earth yet.
    The bear of Daniel 7 has not gorged to bursting on the countries in the Mideast, yet.
    You will know the Second Signpost when you see it. Have you seen this post?

  30. Thanks , I have read the post you suggested,to all it will be obvious when it happens the world will be stunned like we all were when 911 happened ,i guess many in the church will have to revaluate there end time positions no doubt, thanks again.

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