EAST EARTH in the End Times

EAST EARTH is being made ready for the end times. What is East Earth? It is the name I give to one part of the three parts of Mystery Babylon (MB). MB is shown in Chronicles (Chapters 46) as being the entire world.

East Earth is shown in the circle diagram, and includes China, India, Australia, Southeast Asia, and, yes, likely Russia as well. Half of the planet’s human population is in East Earth.

East Earth and the nations it contains is on the right-hand side of the circle.

East Earth, and how it came to be, is discussed in more detail in this post and Chronicles Chapter 47.

What May Happen?

Geopolitical influences will likely see the people of East Earth losing their self-perceived precious moral codes of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Hinduism, to varying extents, as China’s communist party, i.e. “the kings from the east” (Rev. 16:12) exerts its tyranny on the entire region. Their preciously held moral codes stemming from their beliefs in the aforementioned religions is the stumbling block making these nations the path (Matt. 13).

The major over-arching themes to look for in East Earth during the end times boil down to the following three:

1) China will attempt to conquer and control all of East Earth.

2) China will ramp up the tyranny of its government.

3) China will make war with Center Earth, the region that falls away from the gospel, the region controlled by the Antichrist. Revelation 16:12 and Daniel 11:44 suggest the armies of East Earth will attack Center Earth.

China Will Attempt to Conquer East Earth

We are already seeing signs of both China’s increasing aggressiveness towards its neighbors, as well as its neighbors making themselves easier to conquer. The Chinese in centuries past—and I’m not aware of any sign to tell us this has changed—have looked at themselves as the superior race, i.e. all other peoples are barbarians. When outside technologically superior military powers such as Great Britain started carving up their country in the nineteenth century their reaction was one of humiliation. Part of the Chinese’ leadership is to overcome this humiliation and take its self-seen rightful position as controlling the world.

We see signs of this already. One is with China’s threats to conquer Taiwan.

Another is with China’s claim to almost the entire South China Sea (see map). There are several nations in the region, each with their own claim, but China’s overlaps them all.

The South China Sea, south of China, claimed almost entirely by China. Note the long, sparse, dashed line containing the Sea.

China is increasing the size of its military. One example is China’s second aircraft carrier is undergoing tests. The US may have ten carriers, and most other powers such as Britain and Russia only have one each, but China now has two. Two may not seem like much but all great powers had to start somewhere.

Another sign of China’s possible future conquests come from the nations that might be the targets. Australia, blessed with all the oil it needs for self-sustainment, has unwisely decided to stop drilling to save the environment, and now buys most of its fuel (gasoline, diesel, aviation) from Singapore and South Korea, which in turn get all their oil from the sources that will be overrun by Iran during the Second Signpost. Australia may not be able to resist an invasion by China, but at least it might have had a chance. Now with no fuel for its tanks and fighters, Australia might be an easy target.

And why would China go after Australia? Australia is a one-stop shop for industrial minerals. In 2015 Australia produced the following: 30% of the world’s aluminum (#1 worldwide), 25% of its iron (#2 worldwide), 15% manganese, 12% zinc (#2 worldwide), 10% gold (#2 worldwide), nickel (#4 worldwide), uranium (#3 worldwide), 7% coal (#4 worldwide), 5% silver (#4 worldwide). China is already Australia’s largest customer for minerals. One can easily see why Australia would be a choice target—a major producer of the world’s minerals, and lightly defended. The Australian government is likely making one big assumption: the US will come to their rescue, but if the US cannot stop Iran, it won’t likely be able to do anything else either.

Another sign is China loans billions of dollars to nations in the region for infrastructure development. The receiving nation is usually corrupt, doesn’t use the funds correctly, cannot pay the debt, and so China assumes ownership. This has happened in Sri Lanka and Kenya.

Yet another sign that appeared just last week was the knee-jerk reaction to the shooting in New Zealand. Out of a population of 5 million, there are 1.25 million firearms it is estimated. The reaction is to try to confiscate as many as possible. Compare that number to the New Zealand army of 6,000. If China were to invade, and if New Zealanders had the same attitude to aggression that Britain did under Churchill, civilian militias would be far more effective at fighting than a mere 6,000 troops. If most of their firearms are to be confiscated, that would make New Zealand a softer target. Like the Australian government, the New Zealand government also seems short-sighted.

China Will Ramp up Tyranny

Tyranny will ramp up to replace the moral codes set in place by Confucianism, Buddhism, and even Hinduism if China rules India. As explained in Chronicles, this will be done so God can have as many people in East Earth come to Him, who have used the moral codes as a stumbling block, not understanding the need for a relationship with the true God.

It seemed for the last several years what with capitalism growing China’s economy, and the one-child policy being ended in 2016, that the oppressiveness of the Chinese government was relaxing. However, with Xi Jinping taking power in 2013, he is returning the communist party to being more tyrannical. One example is the social credit program.

Christian ministries that interface with the underground church in China have said in the last few years that oppression is stepping up.

We should expect to see more developments along these lines, both within China, and in other countries if China takes over and occupies them.

China Will Make War with Center Earth

There are two ongoing signs of East Earth making war with Center Earth.

For the last fifty years or so, we have witnessed tensions along the India-Pakistan border. Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India have been on alert against each other for years. India has been standing up to Islam for the last thirteen centuries.

The second sign arose only recently. The Chinese government has interned one million or so of its Uighur population in its far west province bordering Muslim Kazakhstan.

The western borders of India and China, and the borders of Russia in Central Asia and Europe, are the land borders of East Earth with Center Earth (see map of Asia). The western border of India and of China are both showing military, racial, and religious tensions.

A map of East Earth, which contains China, India, Russia, Australia and Southeast Asia. The borders with Center Earth and West Earth are marked in red.


There are three major themes for East Earth proposed in my book, Chronicles. We are seeing multiple signs going on right now, in all three categories.

If these proposed themes are true, in the times ahead we should expect to see more signs related to the three themes. The Chinese communist party will increase its oppression of the populations it rules. China will show more aggression against its neighbors, including attack and invasion. More nations surrounding China will be put in more compromising positions (Japan and South Korea come to mind once the Second Signpost begins).

I believe when the Second Signpost begins, these signs will only ramp up in intensity. During the Tribulation, East Earth begins its great final war with Center Earth during the sixth bowl and sixth trumpet.

Many Christians in many countries, outside of the Middle East, may be wondering what will become of their part of the world in the end times. We have some possible answers from Chronicles.

Watch this website for further reporting of related events in East Earth, just as in the Middle East.

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  1. very fascinating view. I’ve never heard of this as far a I can remember. I’ll try to take a look at the biblical text.

  2. Clay,
    As far as I know this is a new interpretation. Its derived from chiastics of the Bible text, as shown in Chronicles.

  3. Hello Mark, you may like to note the following notification about China’s interference in NZ was sitting in my in-tray along with yours for this post > https://jobloggz.wordpress.com/2019/03/26/the-fox-guarding-the-nz-hen-house/ It bears very striking similarities to what’s been happening within government and Parliament to thwart Britain leaving the EU.

  4. Richard,
    Thanks for sharing that link.

  5. In contemplating prophecy, I try to avoid speculation. My thoughts about the identity of “Mystery Babylon” do involve speculation, but I am drawing clues from God’s Holy Word. Revelation clearly states that Mystery Babylon is a CITY — “that great city” — a mega city. That city is in a desert by the sea, and is described as having enormous wealth, commerce, and influence. I am keeping an eye on Saudi Arabia’s construction of a city called NEOM (new future), which is to encompass 10,200 square miles, with 460 km of coastland along the Red Sea. Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman launched it in October 24, 2017. The Saudis’ scheme includes a 280-mile high-speed railway between Medina and Mecca, slated to carry an estimated 60 million passengers a year, including those making the Hajj and Ummah pilgrimages. I think Christians, who have been told by our LORD to watch, might be wise to keep their eyes on NEOM. “Even so, come, LORD Jesus.”

  6. On page 15 of the book Mystery Babylon (2017) by Joel Richardson is a section titled “SHE SITS IN A DESERT,” in which it was argued that the Greek word sometimes translated “wilderness” in Revelation 17:3 should be translated “desert.” Ferrar Fenton’s 1905 translation had “And in spirit he conveyed me to a desert.” Helen Montgomery’s 1924 translation had “And he bore me away in the Spirit into the desert.” Mystery Babylon also stated that Revelation 17:3 is drawn from Isaiah 21:1, where Ferrar Fenton had “The Doom of the Desert-Sea” and The Jewish Publication Society’s 1985 translation had “The Desert of the Sea Pronouncement.” In the December 1909 issue of The National Geographic Magazine there was an article by Archibald Forder titled “Arabia, the Desert of the Sea” in which Forder referred to Isaiah 21:1 as the source for his article’s title.

    Depending on the translation, either at the end of Revelation 12 or the start of Revelation 13 is a sentence that is also related to a desert. The King James Version had “And I [John] stood upon the sand of the sea.” Ferrar Fenton had “And he [the dragon] stationed himself upon the sand of the sea.” Helen Montgomery had “And he [the dragon] stood upon the sand of the sea.” I checked out the Greek text and found that there are definite articles before “sand” and “sea.” So it isn’t just any sand of any sea, but “the sand of the sea,” an expression that I think designates a particular geographical location, as does “the desert of the sea.” I think that both phrases designate the Arabian Peninsula.

    satellite view of the Arabian Peninsula

  7. Hi Judith,
    I suspect the debate of “a city” versus “the great city” will take some time. You wrote, “Revelation clearly states that Mystery Babylon is a CITY — “that great city.” You and many others (and Joel, too) say Mystery Babylon is “a city” because the Bible says it is “the great city.”
    To me, that is adding a word the Bible does not say – “a” city. The Bible says, “THE great city” and yet everyone is rushing to call it “a” city. Mystery Babylon, aka the Harlot, is always called “the great city” or “that great city.”
    There is one place, in Rev. 18:18 where theologians’ assumptions of “a” city is seen – the English text in many translations says “what city” is like the great city? But that, again, is not what the Bible says – the Bible says “what is like the great city.” In other words, what entity, what institution, what anything, is like the entire sinful human race?
    One development I believe will be a fly in the “a” city ointment, is when the Second Signpost begins, the city called NEOM – whether its plans or its built foundations – will end when Iran is running amok. Yes, I agree, watch NEOM.

  8. “… when the Second Signpost begins, the city called NEOM – whether its plans or its built foundations – will end when Iran is running amok.”

    Here is where Saudi Arabia is planning to build NEOM:

    Besides Iran’s invasion of Saudi Arabia, prophesied of in Isaiah 21, there is another factor why NEOM won’t be built as planned. In the center of it is the original Mount Sinai, which God has preserved for His own purposes.

    Here is a satellite view of where NAOM was to be built:

    In the middle of this image, under some clouds stands Jebel al-Lawz, the true Mount Sinai.

    According to Joel Richardson’s 2019 book “Mount Sinai in Arabia,” Israel’s miraculous Red Sea crossing was from the Sinai Peninsula through the Gulf of Aqaba to the Midian area of the Arabian Peninsula:

  9. Hi Mark

    An interesting article on the US possibly designating one the horns as a terrorist org.



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