The Current Path towards the Second Signpost Continues

As was written in this post, our world entered a new zone of awaiting the Second Signpost, the Invasion by Iran of the Middle East.

The United States military may strike Iran at any time due to the Iran regime’s actions. The Iranian regime, on the other hand, may strike at American military assets at any time, and fulfill its role as the Persian ram, charging, and shocking the people in the region.

Most recently, this Reuters article reports that the “United States will aggressively enforce its sanctions” on Iran. This response from the US administration was in regards to the disposition of an oil tanker filled with Iranian oil that had just been released from Gibraltar.

For its part, the Iranian regime responded according to this report that as long as sanctions are in place and that Iranian oil exports are reduced to zero by US sanctions, “Tehran might act “unpredictably” in response to “unpredictable” U.S. policies under President Donald Trump.” Iranian president Rouhani was quoted as saying, “World powers know that in the case that oil is completely sanctioned and Iran’s oil exports are brought down to zero, international waterways can’t have the same security as before.”

Supreme leader Khamenei (L) and Iranian president Rouhani (R) speak about oil and sanctions.

So there you have it. What started June 21, 2019 continues to the present. It is a waiting game. And God has given us this time to prepare.

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  1. Apart from Iran and the US, there is one other part that might “help” boiling things over: Israel.
    It has started attacking Iranian weapons storage locations In Iraq, thrice in the past month:

    “US officials have confirmed that Israel was responsible for the bombing of an Iranian weapons depot in Iraq last month, an attack that would mark a significant escalation in Israel’s years-long campaign against Iranian military entrenchment across the region.
    The confirmation comes as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is strongly hinting that his country is behind recent airstrikes that have hit bases and munitions depot belonging to Iran-backed paramilitary forces operating in Iraq.”

  2. As the economy downgrades across the world in the coming months, it will only be a matter of time across the world where some countries will begin to develop ichy ichy fingers Iran and usa in particular.

  3. Yes, thank you Adamant. I was just thinking about this myself. I was just reviewing my twitter feed and Israel is commencing aggressive pre-emptive strikes again like over the weekend against Iranian strongholds as Iran attempts to covertly maneuver itself in an advantageous position to do exactly as Daniel 8 states. However, this has not gone on un-noticed by Israel who is preemptively defending herself against her aggressor.

    Either this will delay the fulfillment of Daniel 8 to give the church more grace to ready herself or expedite the process of Daniel 8 perhaps even before the 2020 election. To me, it will be one or the other.


  4. Mark Davidson’s analysis here and in his linked earlier post is especially noteworthy in view of what I will be blogging about the progress of Iran’s ultimate aim to implement the return of their ‘hidden 12th imam’: attacking Jerusalem!

  5. I mentioned earlier, Mark, that I didn’t think Iran’s forces were quite ready. But I don’t rule a scenario where China gets annoyed enough with Trump’s tariffs, they could present a distraction and definitely speed things up. Also, North Korea is back in threatening something as well.

  6. Gary,
    We could be in this “hair-trigger” mode for a year or two.

  7. Believing that the second signpost is near, I read English versions of Iranian news websites. My favorite has become At the bottom of its home page is “About Us,” indicating that IFP is respectful of Iran’s leadership. IFP provides indications concerning how close Iran is to fulfilling its second signpost role. Articles dated 1 September 2019 include “Iran Naval Forces Start War Game in Caspian Sea,” “Iranian Students Win Title in US Aeronautics Competitions,” “Iran Unveils New Strike Drones with High-Speed Tracking.” An article dated 30 August 2019 “Russia Interested in Buying Drone from Iran” dispels the notion that Iran is dependent on Russian military technology. Iran is now designing, testing, and producing much of its military equipment, including naval ships, fast attack boats, missiles, drones, and fighter jets. See . With a population of over 82 million, Iran can easily man such equipment.

  8. When Iran invades, Daniel 8:4 will be fulfilled:
    “he did according to his will and became great.” KJV
    “he did as he pleased and became great.” NIV

    Since Iran’s leaders want to end the State of Israel, which God will not allow to happen, consider these bracketed suggestions:
    “he [Iran] did according to his [God’s] will and became great.”
    “he [Iran] did as he [God] pleased and became great.”

    Since Iran’s two-horned leadership will remain intact until it is shattered by a Turkey-led confederacy (Daniel 7:6, Daniel 8:7), President Trump has been right in stating over and over concerning Iran, “We are not looking for regime change.” Trump usually follows this with a suggestion that Iran could become great, almost directly quoting Daniel 8:4. He usually ends with a warning that Iran must not have nuclear weapons. On this point, he might be wrong. Perhaps the “great sword” of Revelation 6:4 is nuclear weaponry.

    The current Supreme Leader has in the past been opposed to the use of nuclear weapons:
    But that has not stopped Iran from wanting to use them as threats and bargaining chips.

  9. Iran in the last days has officially announced stepping up its uranium enrichment program again, by building more ultra centrifuges.
    Saudi Arabia said today that they want to start uranium enrichment too, by mouth of the new energy minister, prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman.
    His brother, crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman, said a year ago that Saudi Arabia would get nuclear weapons if Iran did.
    Four days ago Erdogan openly said that he does not accept that other countries do not want Turkey to have nuclear weapons.
    Clearly, the Saudi’s and the Turks take Iran’s nuclear ambitions very seriously.

    If someone believes that Iran really is very close to having nukes, that could trigger a desperate pre-emptive strike against Iran. But if Iran believes the same about either Turkey or the Saudi’s, they might do the same. In either case the second signpost itself will not be nuclear yet.

    I go into extreme cynicism here: the second signpost had better begin, and be over and done, before anyone there has nukes. Else the second signpost, terrible as it will be anyhow, will become very dirty indeed.

    Even if this does not happen in the second signpost, if Turkey has enough time to develop / obtain them, the chances that it will use nukes in the third signpost is increasing significantly. That sort of attack would fit the speed and the flying of the horned goat, and its swift victory.

  10. Stories on Drudge, 9/14/2019, from the Wall street Journal and Zero Hedge:

    U.S. Blames Iran for Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities –
    Saudi Arabia shuts down about half its oil output after drone strikes:

    Saudi Oil Attack: This Is the Big One:

    From Zero Hedge: “Oil To Hit $100? Pompeo Blames Iran For “Unprecedented” Drone Attack That Crippled Largest Saudi Oil Processing Facility”:

    Daily Mail (lots of photos): Saudi’s oil supply to the world could be cut in HALF as production of FIVE MILLION barrels is disrupted after Iran-backed militants launched drone strike on two processing plants as tensions reach boiling point following tanker attacks

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