On June 21, the World Was Just 10 Minutes Away from the Second Signpost and the End of the Age

A longish title, I know. Yet, what happened yesterday is confirmation that we are at the threshold of the Second Signpost, the great invasion by Iran of the Middle East.

In this recent post, I explained why we have arrived at the doorstep of the Second Signpost and that the finger is on the trigger to begin the next great event in the sequence leading to the coming of Christ.

Airplane Shot Down, to Striking Back, to Massive Retaliation?

On Thursday, June 20, Iranian forces shot down a US unmanned aircraft, while it was flying over the Strait of Hormuz. This could very well be the first time (ever) a missile under direct control of the IRGC in Iran was used to attack a US military asset.

The unmanned drone the IRGC shot down: a US RQ-4A Global Hawk surveillance platform. This “drone” is 47 feet long, with a wingspan of 131 feet, and unit cost of $130M.

Then, it was revealed the next day that US President Trump had initially approved a military strike by US forces on three separate targets in Iran. However, when asking how many people would likely die in such a strike, a General said “150.” Trump cancelled the strike only 10 minutes before it was to initiate.

On Saturday, June 22, an IRGC commander was quoted as saying, “If the enemy fires a single bullet at us, it will receive 10 bullets and have to pay a heavy cost.” The Brigadier General added, “A military mistake from the enemy, particularly from the US and its regional allies, will be tantamount to firing at a powder keg on which are the US and its interests, and it will set the region ablaze and burn up the US, its interests, and its allies.”


If this is all true, we could have seen the start of the Second Signpost yesterday, on Friday, June 21. This is no exaggeration.

The US might have retaliated with three strikes in Iran, and then Iran would have retaliated to an even greater degree to the point of possibly unleashing the forces of the Second Signpost (Iran “will set the region ablaze”).

It also shows us what Trump is up against domestically. His own staff, notably Pompeo and Bolton, would have allowed 150 Iranians to be killed in retaliation for shooting down an unmanned airplane. Trump stopped that.

This all shows that the Second Signpost could begin at any time. It could be a year from now. It could have been yesterday. The point is, there may be no warning at all. In the morning everything may be “normal” and that afternoon we’re on the way to seeing the emergence of the Antichrist.

I find Brigadier General Shekarchi’s words significant: “The enemies will receive an irreparable and historic response that will render them regretful.” I can’t think of anything more regretful for the world than the initiation of the Second Signpost.

Of course, American leadership, Christians, and the rest of the west don’t see any harm to come from all this and don’t take Iran’s threats seriously. They believe the US will prevail. Daniel 8:4, though, tells us a different story.

Finally, remember the Second Signpost is not some far off event that will have no effect on you. Rather, it will turn your world upside down while you want to panic, until the time Christ returns.

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  1. Well with the added sanctions set for monday, that will pour coal on the fire,you can only box a rat in a corner for so long before it fights back…look for a black swan event to happen coinsiding with the rams rage.what that event could be is anyone’s guess.

  2. Mike,
    The Second Signpost is a black swan event – no one expects Iran to win.

  3. Mark, many thanks this post and I listened to your radio broadcast, so clear and concise. As you stated, they are few conscious of the biblical end times currently unfolding. Thanks to your efforts this number is growing,
    We must all be watchmen and spread the word…..it is our stated duty as decreed by our Lord, to warn others.

    Bless you in your work

  4. USA struck IRGC computers that control its rocket and missile launchers this week, as a planned retaliation to the attacks on tankers, allegedly by Iran:

    Interesting read; AP states that Iran is also waging cyberwar on USA right now already.
    Interesting quotes about this cyberwar:

    “This is not a remote war (anymore),” said Sergio Caltagirone, vice president of threat intelligence at Dragos Inc. “This is one where Iranians could bring the war home to the United States. As nations increase their abilities to engage offensively in cyberspace, the ability of the United States to pick a fight internationally and have that fight stay out of the United States physically is increasingly reduced.”

    “It’s important to remember that cyber is not some magic offensive nuke you can fly over and drop one day,” said Oren Falkowitz, a former National Security Agency analyst. “It takes years of planning, but as tensions increase, cyber impact is going to be one of the tools they use and one of the hardest things to defend against.”

    Now what if the Iranians actually have a way to cripple just the right USA military and/or political IT infrastructure, if only just during the most crucial time span for IRGC’s plans? That would be one other way for making the Black Swan Event of an IRGC victory in the Middle East happen.

    IRGC would see it as a fitting revenge for the USA / Israeli stuxnet virus crippling the Iranian uranium centrifuges in 2010.

  5. Brian,
    Thanks for being a watchman with me.

  6. Interesting for sure. It seems Iran will have the Russian “Bear” backing them too. This could be why we stay out of it- along with the political climate of not wanting to get into another protracted war in the area, and Europe wanting their oil?

    I’m watching for sure, and we are talking about it at work, so there are more of us than you you know. 🙂 There is going to be pain before the baby is born, but we know this must take place to bring down the evil world system man has created. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

  7. At least three scriptural passages (Daniel 7:5, Daniel 8:3-4, Revelation 6:3-4) predict the Second Signpost. When it happens, we will know which of the various translations of these passages is truest to what we may witness happening.

    We may find that the Jewish Publication Society’s 1985 translation of Daniel 8:3-4 was among the truest:

    I looked and saw a ram
    standing between me and the river;
    he had two horns;
    the horns were high,
    with one higher than the other,
    and the higher sprouting last.
    I saw the ram butting westward, northward, and southward.
    No beast could withstand him,
    and there was none to deliver from his power.
    He did as he pleased and grew great.

    The last two lines of this may indicate that the United States of America will not interfere, not because of inability, but because of no national desire to engage in another war in the Middle East.

    However, the JPS translation of Daniel 7:5 may be misleading:

    Then I saw a second, different beast,
    which was like a bear but raised on one side,
    and with three fangs in its mouth among its teeth;
    it was told, ‘Arise, eat much meat!’

    Instead of three fangs among other teeth, it may be three ribs chewed on, corresponding to the three directions in which Iran will invade the Middle East (see “Daniel Revisited” chapter 10).

  8. again, totally astounding that Iran is almost mirroring Daniels words “no-one was able to stop the ram”.


    ““If a conflict breaks out in the region, no country would be able to manage its scope and timing”

  9. If history is any guide, Israel may strike Iran while the world quietly watches.


  10. American is the Antichrist, and the source of this godless age.

  11. I am convinced that clear that Trump is being strategic and is actually playing defense. After the military presence in the Gulf arrived oil prices dropped sharply and didn’t increase. The military presence is to assure that oil barges are not being interfered with. As long as there are forces in the Gulf, thinking Iran will simply avoid anything major but will still be a provocateur. Still wondering if a Biden win is on the horizons before that second signpost is able to advance in full force.

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