Be Alert: We May Be At the Doorstep To the Second Signpost

We may be witnessing now—yes, right now—the final sequence of events leading up to the triggering of the Second Signpost.

Many of you longtime readers have been watching for the coming Second Signpost with me since 2012 or so. In all these years have we seen a flurry of activity in which all acts point to the start of the Second Signpost, like we have seen in the last two weeks? The answer is clearly, “no”! And though my work in Biblical prophecy predicted this event, it still seems to me to be surreal that this is all actually happening; like watching the towers come down on Sept 11; it was surreal.

The events of the last two weeks have driven this world to a place we have never been before in the end times. One false move, one false flag, one act of provocation, and we could see the start of the Second Signpost, the start of the final sequence of events leading to the glorious return of Christ!

So much was happening—seemingly separate events just a day apart—I soon realized I had to wait for the dust to settle to see more clearly. Reporting on each event by itself would have been meaningless.

May 5—The Timeline Begins

The relevant news reports started Sunday, May 5.

On that day, National Security Adviser John Bolton announced that the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln was headed to the Gulf, “to send a clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime.”

The USS Kearsarge in the foreground with the USS Abraham Lincoln in the background, on May 17, 2019.

US aircraft carrier groups have routinely cycled through the Persian Gulf back in the days of Saddam Hussein—Desert Storm in 1991, Saddam’s ousting in 2003, and in the years following to support the new democratic government of Iraq. Since the Iran deal in 2015, there have been large gaps in time when there was not a US aircraft carrier in the Gulf. That changed with the USS John C. Stennis in December 2018. And now the USS Abraham Lincoln is replacing the Stennis.

Therefore, the DoD obviously believes the need for the aircraft launch capability is needed again—this time for Iran.

Also on May 5 came a report that the day before Hamas in the Gaza strip launched 600 missiles to Tel Aviv (150 knocked out by Iron Dome), killing one person and injuring others. By itself, this rocket attack might be just another rocket attack, but combined with other events during these two weeks, it picks up more significance which I’ll come back to in a bit.

May 9–10

Then, during the night of May 9–10 the B-52’s arrived at America’s sprawling airbase in Qatar, right across the Gulf from Iran.

IRGC brigadier general Yadollah Javani—one of the kings of the Persian ram—declared on Iran-state media on May 10, “Negotiations with Americans will not take place, and Americans will not dare to take military action against us.” In other words, the kings of the Persian ram will not even try to cool things down using negotiation, nor do they think US military action will achieve America’s goals.

Lt. Cmdr of the IRGC, BG Yadollah Javani. Note the red badge of the kings of the Persian ram.

May 12

Then, two days later on May 12, two Saudi oil tankers and two other ships (one of them Norwegian) were attacked. Investigation by the insurer found that underwater drones of the same kind used by the Houthis (supplied by Iran) attacked the ships. This is a new and asymmetric tactic used by the IRGC. Could this have been a weapons and tactics test? Like the 600 missiles striking Tel Aviv?

An attack as was done on the four ships just off the coast of the U.A.E. could have a few purposes: a weapons and tactics test as just mentioned, and/or a provocation by Iran (which also tells us the IRGC might go after every tanker at the opening of the Second Signpost), and/or if it was kept secret by Iran it could have been mistaken for a false flag incident (like the Gulf of Tonkin incident that veered the US into the Vietnam War).

May 14

Then, just two days after that on May 14, two pumping stations in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula were attacked by air drones. One of the stations was destroyed. These stations were not guarded because they are hundreds of miles away from any international border, being one hundred miles or so west of the Saudi capital of Riyadh. The price of oil immediately jumped 2 percent. Remember in Iran’s Great Invasion it was estimated the price of oil could easily climb several times higher than the current price. Now we see a single pumping station being taken out raised the worldwide price by 2 percent.

It is easy to see that this was another weapons and tactics test.

Also on May 14, the NY Times leaked a DoD plan to send 120,000 troops to Iran. President Trump denied this plan existed and said that if we were going to fight Iran there would be far more troops than that sent.

May 16

On May 16, two days later, the two chief kings of the Persian ram made a statement. The top king (of the second horn that grew longer and later) is the commander of the entire IRGC, Major General Hossein Salami. He said, “This is the most decisive moment for the Islamic Revolution, because the enemy has come to the battlefield with all of its capacities at its disposal.”

IRGC commander MG Salami. Note the red badge of the kings of the Persian ram.

It is also the most decisive moment because the Shia Revolution, started in 1979 and already transplanted to several militant groups via the Quds Force of the IRGC, is a make or break moment—does the Revolution die in Iran with the removal of the regime, or does it break out in force to Muslim nations throughout the Middle East as Daniel 8:4 suggests? We will see.

In addition on May 16, the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei (the king of the first horn of the ram) said, “In (its) policy of confrontation with the Islamic Republic too, the US will definitely suffer defeat, and (the situation) will end up to our benefit.” For those who know the Signpost interpretation, that sounds like a prophecy, if Daniel 8:4 is to be fulfilled now, i.e. no one can stand against the Persian ram, and it will do all it wants to do.

May 19

On May 19, the USS Abraham Lincoln arrived at its destination off the coast of Iran. The same report stated that one threat from Iran was that the IRGC was loading missiles onto its gunboats that patrol the Gulf.

Also on May 19, a missile, launched from east Baghdad where Iranian-backed Shia militants are known to be, missed the US embassy in Baghdad by about one mile.

Finally, also on May 19, it was reported by Fox news that “President Trump fired a social media broadside at the Iranian regime Sunday afternoon, vowing that war between Washington and Tehran would result in “the official end of Iran” before warning, “[n]ever threaten the United States again!”

Well, anyone who knows the Signposts might see Trump’s statement resulting in the opposite: a US attack on Iran could result in the end of the US as we know it, as I wrote about in this post.


So where does all this bring us? As stated at the start of this post, any wrong action or false flag could start the Second Signpost and the end-time events leading to the return of Jesus Christ.

We are now in a place where the US administration is backing up words with force, and the IRGC is belligerent. The IRGC is testing weapons and tactics, and if they continue, these actions could provoke the US (which is what the IRGC may very well want to do).

Blowing up tankers, land-based pump stations, and the US embassy in Baghdad may all be the things the IRGC would do at the start of its great invasion of the Middle East, in addition to its great rocket force raining down on targets.

It seems the plans and strategies and manpower are all in place by the IRGC for the Persian ram to run out and do what it wants. With drones and rockets, that could be the mainstay of the ram’s actions butting out in three directions. It would be a shock.

The US may be ready to start a war with Iran, but Daniel 8:4, if fulfilled now, tells us a different outcome from those stated by the Trump administration. Along those lines, it is becoming clear to political analysts that Russia and China will not let Iran be defeated (as the linked article states: “Russia-China won’t allow Iran to be destroyed”). So also in Daniel 8:4, the Persian ram will be unstoppable and will do all it wants. This raises the terrible specter of what may happen to the US at the start of the Second Signpost.

I believe we are now at the doorstep of the Second Signpost.


Be alert. Any preparation you’ve been thinking of doing for the hard times ahead, do. It’s not too late to start that garden you’ve been thinking of starting (it’s only May). It will be next to impossible to get it going after the Second Signpost strikes. Once begun, the gold and oil price will be going skyward, and it will be much more difficult to get seeds, and knowledge, and materials.

Do whatever prep work you believe the Lord has been placing on your heart. The time to prepare is now.

If you’ve been putting off for whatever reason giving all to Christ and surrendering to Him, do it now!

Remember, all it could take is one overstep by the IRGC, or a false flag operation by those who want war, and the end times continue in earnest; the Second Signpost begins!

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18 replies

  1. Very good post here, Mark. I am surprised to not see in the post of how the chaos in Venezuela is playing a part in these alliances as well. Their missiles are closer to US when they have forces their in Venezuela.

  2. Hmmm…we are in the early stages of the US presidential election season (now getting earlier and earlier…ugh!) I’m sure Iran is well aware of this and why they are doing all the above in your post and with the sanctions back in place against Iran it is causing internal unrest and a plunging economy there. Trump has to know that IF he starts a war with Iran he can kiss away his bid for a second presidential term. China would like nothing better than to get rid of Trump as the current president.

    Trump has to do a delicate dance and thread the proverbial eye of the needle to look and act strong without playing into Iranian hands yet not be the cause and blame for starting another Middle East war if he wants that second presidential term.


  3. (correcting the motto)

    The motto of the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier, now in the Arabian Sea, is “shall not perish.”

    Iran’s military has submarines with torpedoes, IRGC speed boats loaded with missiles, and land-based cruise missiles and fighter jets, which could be used to disable and destroy the USS Abraham Lincoln. If that ship and its crew of over 5,000 were destroyed, the deep state and the Trump-hating media would scream, “Trump was wrong to abandon the Iran Nuclear Deal, and now we have over 5,000 dead Americans!”

    Because of President Trump, the United States embassy in Israel was moved to Jerusalem and the Golan Heights is acknowledged as belonging to Israel. If these good actions were done in fulfillment of Isaiah 45:3-4, the USS Abraham Lincoln might be eligible for divine protection: “No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me, declares the LORD” (Isaiah 54:17 NIV).

    The Prologue of “Chronicles of the End Time” speculated that an underground nuclear explosion might be detonated by Iran as a message. The USS Abraham Lincoln and other American assets might then be ordered to leave the Middle East, clearing the way for Iran’s great invasion.

  4. Unless God intervenes against the u.s.a even at this juncture Iran is in trouble,I do think it will require one huge black swan event to stop the Americans in there tracks,like Yellowstone exploding or New York hit by a nuke. Maybe a carrier going down would make them turn back or enrage them more.even antichrist was worried about the ships of kitum just before he takes the promised land. No doubt it’s in God’s hand one torpedo hitting the right spot on a carrier can bring it down just as what happened to Bismarck.I m more inclined to think before the ram gorges a terrible event will happen to u.s.a and then there departure from middle East will open there way to go wherever they want.but that is speculative and time will tell.come Lord Jesus Come…

  5. The references to China in Marks article and the comments are important. China is an ally of Iran. And USA is already at war with China: an all-out trade war about serious import tariffs, alleged large-scale espionage by Huawei etc. This will not make the Chinese and Americans more friendly to each other. It increases the probability of China backing up Iran against the USA just as China backed up North Korea against the USA. And let us not forget there are nuclear& rocket ties between North Korea and Iran as well. Taking all this into account, the tensions bigger and more widespread than they have been before indeed.

    All the governments involved know this as well. Each of them has to answer the question: shall we back of or shall we go for it? If only one of them wants to go for it, things will soon become VERY interesting. And even if they all want to back off, after all, if they do not do that soon enough, war may start by accident. Or even a rogue general or commander or faction of a secret service from whatever country might set it off for thier own particular agenda.

    It can all start together, making the USA have to fight at too many fronts to stop Iran, or else, as suggested above, the USA will soon be so distracted by the stuation in the far east that Iran will almost get a free hand, a temptation they might not be able to resist.

  6. Mark: Since the Ram will not be stopped I can understand the scenario on how our forces in the area will be defeated. Asymmetrical warfare, speedboats with overwhelming numbers, drone subs, etc. Can you think of why the U.S. would not for the first time since WW2 use nuclear weapons as retaliation for sinking our fleet?

  7. In the following translations of Daniel 8:4 I have put in capital letters key words that should be thought about:

    I watched the ram as it charged toward the west and the north and the south. NO ANIMAL could stand against it, and none could RESCUE from its power. It did as it pleased and became great.

    I saw the ram butting westward, northward, and southward, and NO OTHER BEASTS could stand before him nor was there anyone to RESCUE from his power, but he did as he pleased and magnified himself.

    “No animal” or “no other beasts” refers to the remnants of ancient empires of the Middle East. “Rescue” refers to the modern nation famous for rescuing other nations from oppression: the United States of America, which did not exist until 1776, when it had to rescue itself from oppression.

    Daniel 8:4, in predicting that America will not rescue, does not tell us why. Is it possible that America will not rescue because, by trying to do, the opposite would result: nuclear destruction in the very nations that America would want to rescue? What if Iran already has nuclear weapons and American intelligence knows they would be launched if America tries to thwart Iran’s coming invasion?

    Daniel 8:4 will be fulfilled as written. What if there are American military leaders who know that? What if an American show of force in the Middle East is only a display of America’s traditional rescuing function that will be withdrawn when a good reason for withdrawing becomes manifest?

    USS Abraham Lincoln

  8. Is there any indication of the length of time to these events – from Persia attacking until the little horn rises ?? If the second coming happens during the fall feasts, then the little horn must sit in the temple to show himself as ‘god’ during the spring feasts 1,260 days earlier – correct ??

  9. Steve,
    All we have in timing is Jesus telling us in Matthew 24 that all the events of the end times – from the rider of the white horse to the return of Christ – will be witnessed in one lifetime. The clock is ticking. It started in 1979, forty years ago.

  10. Mark I must be missing something what is the significance of 1979?

  11. Mark

    Why is this time in particular a make or break time for the regime? Why would it collapse if they came off worse in this confrontation, and not just continue as before?

  12. Gman,
    Its a make or break time for the Revolution, not the regime itself – “a make or break moment—does the Revolution die in Iran with the removal of the regime, or does it break out in force.” The “Revolution” originally conceived by Ayatollah Khomenei (ruling 1979-1989) will end if the regime ends or if the ruling kings die of old age. They are already nearing retirement age.

  13. Mike,
    The herald of the First Signpost to come (which occurred in 2003-2005) is the first horseman with the bow. He came to power in July 1979 (see Ch. 9 of Daniel Revisited). That same year was the year that the current Iranian regime (the kings of the ram) came to power. The second horn of the ram has been growing since it was formed in 1979 (see Ch. 10 of DR, or Ch. 4 of Iran’s Great Invasion).
    So, twice over, 1979 can be thought of as the start of the events of the end times.

  14. “2 “And now I will show you vthe truth. Behold, three more kings shall arise in Persia, and a fourth shall be far richer than all of them. And when he has become strong through his riches, he shall stir up all against the kingdom of Greece. ”

    This tells me there needs to be a few more pieces to fall into place. For the Second Sign Post (2SP) Iran to be the richest Persian kingdom something massive changes before the 2SP.

    1. Massive oil discoveries are found in Iran that make their oil worth risking sanctions or relations with the PRC are so bad they openly begin to buy massive quantities of oil.

    2. The Straits are closed or the threat of it causes tanker insurance to become unaffordable.

    3. Something happens to the gulf states oil supply.

    4. Regime change and Iran is brought into the world economy and enriches itself. If Iran became a normalized state it would grow extremely rich.

  15. Verse 2 of Dan 11 makes it clear to me that Iran is not quite ready for 2SP as it must gain great riches. Iran is extremely impoverished right now vis a vis real powers. Iran used to he the US of its time. This wealth change and new power can happen rapidly as it must happen to fulfill prophecy. But when we see Iran get very wealthy and powerful you know it is about to go down.

  16. This current conflict may lead to something gradual and ugly. An Iranian insurgency in Iraq could lead to the absorption of Iraq by Iran. This could lead to a malaise in the West and willingness to recognize Iran and stop fighting. It would also mean a leftward swing in politics here.

    Iran would get rich during normal trade, like they would be but for the current “revolution.”

    After they are rich Daniel 11 says they make trouble for Turkey. Left leaning politicians in America would probably prefer to strengthen Turkey to counter the Daniel 8 invasion by Iran. Why get Americans involved? We will accidentally create a brittle caliphate that will break in four pieces after it has swept Iran out of Syria and Iraq.

  17. W,
    There are a few holes with your theory:
    1) Daniel 11:2 may apply to the end times, but we do know it applies to the time of Xerxes.
    2) If we attempt to apply Dan. 11:2 to the end times, it might go a few different ways. Khomeini and Khamenei might be the first and second kings, and there might be a third supreme leader. See this post.
    3) MG Qaseem Soleimani may already be that king. He has the riches of the IRGC at his disposal. What riches? Half the Iranian economy which the IRGC runs and owns.
    It is the ideology of the supreme leader and the IRGC that makes them all want to invade the Middle East. Riches merely enable them to do so. The IRGC also likely has the military hardware necessary already at its disposal.

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