We May Yet See a Third Supreme Leader

The possibility of a third supreme leader appearing before the start of the Second Signpost, has been written about before on this site.

The current supreme leader, Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei, will be turning 79 next month. He has ruled Iran as supreme leader since 1989, at age 50.

Khamenei’s earlier bout with cancer, coupled with his age, tells us we may expect his successor soon. This article from al-Monitor shows us why the next supreme leader may very well be Ayatollah Mohammad-Mahdi Mirbaqeri, age 57.

Ayatollah Mirbaqeri, seen leading Friday prayers, may be the successor to Ayatollah Khamenei.

In my new book, Chronicles of the End Times, a case is made that Daniel 11:2 may very well be fulfilled here in the end times as well as ancient times. Daniel 11:2 says,

Behold, three more kings are going to arise in Persia. Then a fourth will gain far more riches than all of them; as soon as he becomes strong through his riches, he will arouse the whole empire against the realm of Greece [Yavan]. (NASB)

It is a curious way of stating there will be four kings—“three,” and “then a fourth.” Why the differentiation of the fourth? Assuming this verse applies to ancient times, one could have just stated there will be four more kings with the last being the richest. Cyrus was king at the time of the prophecy. The next three kings were Cambyses, Bardiya, and Darius I. The fourth king was Xerxes I, who led the invasion of the Greek states.

However, if the verse also applies to an end-time fulfillment, the three and the fourth are parsed out separately to fit the modern kings of Iran in Daniel 8:20. The three kings could then be the three supreme leaders, and then the fourth would be a top commander of the IRGC.

The al-Monitor article reminds us that there is a man waiting in the wings to possibly be the third king and supreme ruler of end-time Persia.

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  1. If Daniel 11:2 ties in with Daniel 8:2-4, the 4th king’s call for invasion in three directions must happen while the 3rd king is still active. When the ram is pushing it still has two horns. The coordination required for successful military operations would require that the 3rd king stay out of the way of the 4th king’s military decisions. When the 4th king arouses the whole empire against the realm of Yavan, that would include Iran’s network of terrorist organizations and Shia areas beyond Iran’s borders, which would require military coordination that religious supreme leaders are not skilled at.

  2. Prisms,
    Bingo! Your comment describes much of the current arrangement between Khamenei and the IRGC.
    And if Daniel 11:2 is being interpreted correctly, yes, the third supreme leader will be ruling when the IRGC invades.

  3. We don’t like to see bad things happen. But Bible prophecies have to be fulfilled. In 2009, due to election fraud, Ahmadinejad won a second term as President of Iran. Massive protests followed that might have vitiated Iran’s destiny to fulfill Daniel 7:5, 8:3-4, and Revelation 6:3-4. The Obama Administration did not support the protests, which had to fail.

    In contrast, the Obama Administration enthusiastically supported the Arab Spring beginning in 2010 in North Africa and the Middle East, where regimes were violently overthrown, and which resulted in massive Muslim migrations into Europe (encouraged by Erdogan of Turkey). Only recently have some European leaders finally moved to stop Muslim migrations into their countries.

    In 2015, the Obama Administration supported the Iran Nuclear Deal, which removed economic sanctions against Iran. Pallets of cash delivered to Iran by the Obama Administration cannot look good. But bad actors doing bad things can unknowingly prepare the way for Bible prophecies to be fulfilled.

    I am a follower of Q anon posts, which began in 2017. While I rejoice over the North Korea leader’s 2018 repentance, if the Q team thinks that the same thing can happen in Iran, they should read “Daniel Revisited” and realize that no plan can stop Bible prophecies from being fulfilled.

    Q post #1557 dated 2018-06-19 reads:

    Free Iran!!!
    Regime change.
    People have the power.
    We stand with you.

  4. Prisms,
    I removed the link from your comment because it was acting “funny.”

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