The Next Step in Erdoğan’s Ascent to Power?

For a few years now the leading candidate, I believe, to be the first and prominent horn on the goat in Daniel 8, has been Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. I wrote about his possible role as the goat’s horn here and here.

After having the Turkish constitution changed to give his position sweeping powers, he has been waiting for the election in November 2019. As president, he will not assume all these powers until winning the election. However, recently, he has called for the elections to be brought forward. I suppose he couldn’t wait for all these new powers.

Turkish president Erdoğan at a rally showing the sign of “four.” Though the sign is meant to show solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, in the long run it seems to me to be a sign of solidarity with the other three nations to form his confederacy coming in the Third Signpost.

The election is tomorrow. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been campaigning and looking to win the election.

Will this be the next step in his ascent to power? Or will he be defeated? We will find out by Monday. Chances are he would never let himself be defeated.

If Erdoğan is victorious, it is my belief he will be fully ready to be the goat’s horn when Iranian Shia forces, i.e. the ram, invades Turkish territory.

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  1. Any thoughts regarding timetable for this? Is this covered in your book (hopefully releasing soon!)?

  2. Only problem there is the goat represents Greece and this guy is turkish.

  3. Jim,
    Daniel Revisited, nor this new book, present times. Its all about the signs. But if Erdoğan is the horn of the goat, the Third Signpost must happen before he dies, and he is 64.

  4. Phil,
    You have read Daniel Revisited chapter 11, right? It explains the Hebrew word behind “Greece.”

  5. Phil,

    Daniel 8:21 mentions the king of “Greece,” actually “Yavan,” the “Javan” of Genesis 10:2. The New Moody Atlas of the Bible (2009) stated this about Javan: “This name occurs frequently in Akkadian literature from the 8th century B.C. onward as a reference to the Ionian Greeks of the western coast of Asia Minor.” The Holy Bible in Modern English (1903) by Ferrar Fenton translated Daniel 8:21: “And the He-Goat is the kingdom of Ionia, and the Great Horn that was between his eyes is the first king.”

    “Daniel Revisited” shows that the goat of Daniel 8:5-8 and the leopard of Daniel 7:6 are describing the same set of events. Although wild goats were native to both Greece and Turkey, leopards have never been native to Greece. But in the time of Daniel, Anatolian leopards were native to the Ionia region of western Turkey.

  6. That makes sense. Any update on publication date?

  7. Jim,
    It’s coming. Sometime in the summer.

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